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Chapter 6: Epilogue

2 hours later

Lucas smiled as he gave the letter to the messenger. He was so happy that he was finally free from the all the drama. He was so glad that he was free from the indecision. "Will you make sure this gets to Haley James Scott," he ordered as he thanked the messenger, handing him a twenty dollar bill.

"Are you ready Lucas? The plane is here." Brooke let out as she wrapped her arms around the man that she loved more than anything.

He chuckled. "I've never been more ready for anything in my life."

2 hours earlier

After he ran out of his own wedding he ran straight outside stopping Brooke just before she pulled out of the church parking lot. He had stood in front of her baby blue bug like a maniac, his arms waving this way and that signaling her to stop. It had worked. She slammed on the brakes in fear of running over the man of her life and he took this opportunity to hop into her car, closing the door quickly behind him.

"Drive," he let out as he gasped for breath. Brooke had obeyed him even though she was confused. She had no idea what Lucas was doing in her car. He was just getting married to Lindsey. Did he not go through with it?

"Lucas wh-"

He interrupted her before she could even get her question out. "Let's get out of here first, and then I will explain." She frowned but then nodded her agreement. He relaxed after that.

They drove on the road for at least 45 minutes before Brooke pulled to the side of the road thinking they had gone far enough. They sat in some more silence after that. She had chosen to take a back road so naturally there were no other cars around. The only sound around them was the chirping of some birds nearby.

Brooke sighed as she turned her whole body toward Lucas, her side resting on her seat. "You wanna tell me what's going on?" she whispered as she searched his eyes for any emotion.

It wasn't there. His blue eyes were glued to the window in front of him never once leaving it. "I couldn't do it," he let out in a monotone voice. "I couldn't marry Lindsey."

Her heart skipped a beat after hearing this. Of course she had always thought that this could of happened since she had walked out of the wedding and he was there to stop her before she even left the parking lot, but it was something else hearing it from Lucas himself.

"But why?" she let out in disbelief.

"Because," he started off shaking his head in amazement. "It's you."

"What's me?" she asked. This was unbelievable. Never in Brooke's wildest dreams did she ever think that Lucas would run out of his wedding and be sitting with HER in HER car no less, especially after what had happened yesterday night.

"I love you." He had finally said it. The words that Brooke had been dying to hear and as his eyes finally met Brooke's she could see the truth in them.

"Please say it again," she whispered as she closed her eyes allowing a small smirk to creep up on her face.

He smiled at her request, his hand finding its way to her cheek. "I love you, Brooke Davis. I'm the guy for you and you're the girl for me." Her eyes fluttered open smiling at him lovingly.

"It took you long enough."

He chuckled but only for a moment as he grew serious once more. "I know," he paused shaking his head in shame. "I was so foolish Brooke. I let you go for Peyton and I NEVER should have done that." He paused. "And you…you let me go just so you wouldn't hurt your best friend. You let me go so she could be happy with ME. And you were going to let me get married to Lindsey. You're always sacrificing your happiness for others."

His fingers caressed her cheek. "I don't deserve you Brooke and I know that."

"Yes you do," she protested, bringing her own hand over his to hold it on her face. "You do."

"I know I don't," he persisted, shaking his head. "But, you want me for some reason….and as long as you want me, I will be there."

"Is this what it feels like to finally get exactly what you want," she whispered, a single tear sliding down her cheek and he couldn't resist a minute longer. His lips met the Brooke's finally. It had seemed like it had been forever when it was really just yesterday. They both needed this kiss and expressed their need openly, letting their hands run freely over the other person just enjoying themselves. After all, they had waited so LONG for this.

When they finally broke apart Lucas smiled at her, kissing her once more. "Yes," he let out exasperatingly. "This is how it feels to have everything you ever wanted."

"Well then you better get comfortable because you're going to be here for a long time," she replied leaning up to whisper in his ear, "forever maybe."

"I like the sound of that."

4 hours later

Haley stared at the letter that lay before her on her kitchen table. It had been delivered to her about an hour and immediately after receiving it called up Skillz, Mouth, Rachel, Millicent, Karen, Lindsey, Peyton, and reluctantly Nathan. Now all of them were seated in Haley's dining room around the table waiting for someone to make a move.

Peyton tapped her fingers impatiently, "Will someone just open the damn letter, gosh! I'll do it," she snapped reaching out to grab the letter but Haley quickly snatched it up.

"Don't you dare," she let out through clinched teeth. "The letter was addressed to me, it just told me to get all of you here before I read it, so keep your paws off!" She turned away from the blond on her right and was now facing her husband. She quickly turned to the front realizing that she didn't want to be in contact with either one of them right now.

"Will you please read it Haley," Karen let out sweetly as she wiped at her tears. She was worried about her son.

"Yes, please Haley, I'm dying to know why Lucas left me on OUR wedding day," Lindsey squeaked as she too wiped at her tears.

"Ok, I am going to read it." She took a deep breath before tearing the envelope. Truth be told she was worried about Lucas he was missing and so was Brooke. She wasn't sure if she was ready to read what he had to say.

"Hey everyone," she read…….

If you are reading this by now I am probably on my way to New York or I am either in New York right now. Brooke is fine as well. Don't bother following me. I want to be left alone for the time being.

I know I have a lot of explaining to do and I am so sorry that I left the way that I did. I apologize especially to Lindsey.

Lindsey tensed up at the mention of her name.

I am so sorry for leaving our wedding like that but I realized something today……my heart belongs to someone else and I am sorry that it took me so long to realize it. I'm not the one for you Lindsey.

Her heart sunk at these words.

You will find that guy soon Lindsey, I just know it. But in the mean time, why don't you find your brother in Georgia and patch things up with him. There is nothing more important than family. We will see each other again. I know it. I just hope by then you won't want to kill me like I am sure you want to now.

Now I am not going to be around for a while and so I feel as if I have to get something's off my chest.

To Mouth: Let Millicent know that even though you are good friends with Rachel, you would never hurt her.

Millicent smiled at this.

To Skillz: I'm not going to be around for a while so please be a good uncle to Jamie while I am not around. I love you man.

To Rachel: Stay away from the drugs and I am positive a modeling contract will be coming your way very soon.

To Haley: Don't be so stubborn, let Nathan back in.

She paused after this a blush creeping on her cheeks.

We all make mistakes, Lord knows I have. Forgive and love, life is too short and you are not guaranteed another day. Make every minute last.

Nathan: When Haley takes you back, never let her go, man. She is something very special.

Nathan's hand found its way to Haley's and surprisingly she didn't protest.

Mom: Take care of Lily and let her know how much I love her. Also, it's ok if you marry Andy. I don't know if I ever told you that, but you can. Keith would have wanted you to move on.

And lastly to Peyton: I am sorry that I could not love you like you wanted me to.

"O my gosh," Peyton let out in disbelief as she listened on.

My love was never supposed to be given to you. Go back to Jake, try to work things out. He loves you. As for my love, it belongs to another.

"Who?" Peyton let out in frustration as she ran her hand through her blond curls.

"Brooke," Karen let out suddenly.

Brooke. Brooke was always the one for me and I was blind and I couldn't see it for a while but I can now. We have wasted so much time together but we won't waste anymore. I know you all are very surprised by this bomb that I have just dropped and I know you probably want more of an explanation but what more can I tell you other then 'i love her and I want to be with her.'

Best wishes to all of you and we will try not to be away for too long.

All our Love,

Lucas and Brooke

"Lucas and Brooke?" Peyton let out.

To say they were confused would be a complete understatement. This was definitely not expected. And it would definitely take a while to get use to but Brooke and Lucas did not care because they had each other and that was all that mattered.He had finally chosen and he had chosen his pretty girl.

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