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Memo: Sorry about the long wait!!! My abuelita—grandma—DIED two months ago and I've been a mess ever since. I missed like two weeks of school RIGHT BEFORE FINALS and it took me FOREVER to get caught up! Not to mention PROM (WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO GO TO YET ANOTHER ONE) and GRADUATION…So I'm a little behind schedule lately. SORRY!!! I'll try to make it up to you guys, I swear. When I first started writing this (before my wireless connection went out and the monitor died on my other computer) it was 2 AM and I couldn't SLEEP so I was WORKING for you guys…UNFORTUNATELY, I haven't had internet connection for almost THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT!!! Oh yeah, AND I'm MOVING because the place I'm currently living at is being FORECLOSED upon. So wish me lots of LUCK!!!

Story Begins:

- Kyoko's POV -

"It always takes you so long to answer the phone."


"Still not use to using your cell phone?" the other voice laughed.

'WHAAAT!? T-This voice... C-Could it be...!!'

"Also... You count as an artist who has been on TV already. You should not walk on the streets with a scary face."


"No. My bad."

'Is he looking at me from somewhere!?' Kyoko wondered, desperately looking around.

"Even if you aren't an artist, a lady..."

'Eh!? Where!? Where is he!?'

Should not makesuch a scary face. Am I right?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Kyoko noticed something. She looked up, her expression happily surprised. 'Ah!!'

There was Yashiro, waving happily to her. She could almost hear what he was saying. "Hey, Kyoko. Long time no see."

(A/N in the manga, you see him waving and right next to him are these words, so I felt I should add them in there.)

She spotted Tsugura-san. 'Over there!! Tsugura!!' she thought happily as she took in his smiling face.

Sorry it's so short! I promise to write a longer chapter in a couple of days. However, now I have to run to my college campus or else I will be late to class. So, until we meet again!