Wrath of Invierno Del Padre

Chapter 1: Spring Break In Miracle City

It was finally Spring Break for Manny Rivera and Frida Saurez of Miracle City. School was finally out as they were going to spend at least one entire week on vacation at the beach.

"I can't believe school is finally over!" cried Frida with quite joy as the bell finally ran for the end of the day.

"Yeah, I know" added Manny, "we should really try get there as fast as we could."

But as Miracle City's children and anyone else who were going to have Spring Break off, an icy dark figure stood looking over the outskirts of the city.

"Look at them, enjoying the last days of winter here in, what is this city?" asked the dark icy figure to himself to which he then notices the sign "Miracle City", "Oh, the citizens of Miracle City have had it too good for them. For I, Jack Frost the Father of Winter shall ensure that winter will stay winter no matter what season!"

Meanwhile, back at the Rivera house, Manny came right back to his own home and quickly was just about to change back into his swimming trunks to head toward to beach that's when his father Rodolfo stopped him right before he was going to do just that.

"Manny, just what are you doing?" asked Rodolfo to which he then showed Manny a long list of chores for him to do which was longer than usual, "Don't you remember you still have a list of chores to do even if this is Spring Break for you?"

"But Frida and I plan to go to the beach" protested Manny.

"Aw, come on, let Manny go to the beach" said the Puma Loco as he entered the scene as he came down the stairs overhearing the two argue.

"Look papa" said Rodolfo as he turned to the Puma Loco, "Manny must take responsibility no matter if he has to go to school or while he's on vacation."

"Did you know that you work too much?" asked the Puma Loco to Rodolfo.

"Please, we shouldn't bring this up again" sighed Rodolfo as he shook his head.

"Just let the boy enjoy himself, at least for one day or so, until Monday comes around" said the Puma Loco as he winked to Manny.

"Fine, fine" sighed Rodolfo as he put the long list away, "Manny can go to the b-b-beach with Frida, so long as he comes back around five."

"Yeah!" cried Manny as he was now had quickly changed into his swimming trunks, and raced right back out the door.

As Manny was heading to the beach to meet up with Frida, Jack Frost had arrived there first. He noticed that the weather wasn't suitable to his liking and he noticed that kids were just coming out from school just to enjoy themselves which he also hated.

"If there's one thing I can't stand" said Jack as he noticed that kids all over from Miracle City, "aside from children celebrating Christmas, is that they're having fun with other holidays like this, er." To which Jack then stopped a kid from heading to the beach, "say kid what's this holiday you call?"

"Spring Break, why?" asked the kid.

"Oh, no reason, just thought winter should stay here a little longer!" laughed Jack.

Jack then began to charge up his powers and began to freeze entire parts of the beach to which sent kids sending running away from the scene just when Manny and Frida arrived on the scene.

"Say, what the heck is going on?" asked Frida to Manny.

"I don't know" replied Manny as he then noticed ice on the snow, "but what's ice doing here?"

"You kids of Miracle City have it too good!" laughed Jack as he began to blast his ice powers, "I'll soon conquer this city and all of its inhabitants!"

"Uh, I think it might have to do something with that icy guy" said Frida as she noticed Jack.

"I say let's give him a taste of El Tigre!" cried Manny.

Manny then changed himself into his El Tigre suit and jumped right in front of Jack Frost.

"Halt icy villain, just who the heck are you!" cried Manny.

"I'm known in parts of the north as Jack Frost" said Jack, "but I suppose you folks may know me as Invierno del Padre, Father Winter. Now either you are going to get out of the way kid, or am I also going to have to go wait for October and ruin Halloween or Day of the Dead?"

Jack then fired an ice blast at Manny to which he was able to quickly dodge the attack. Manny then extended his claw and grabbed Jack. He then raced right toward him and gave Jack a good punch sending him flying right into the air and right into the sand.

"Impressive, say who the heck are you called here?" asked Jack as he managed to get himself up from the sand.

"They call me El Tigre around these parts, and I don't appreciate that you come here to Miracle City to ruin our Spring Break!" replied Manny as he gave a fierce roar.

Manny then raced right toward Jack and gave him a good slash with his claws and also a good kick sending him straight right into an open umbrella to which it promptly closed right on poor Jack trapping him inside.

"Wow, Manny" said Frida as she came toward him, "you kicked, this, er Jack Frost's behind pretty good."

"Well, I had some practice with other villains of Miracle City" said Manny.

Suddenly Jack used his ice powers to freeze the umbrella and break it into tiny pieces freeing himself.

"You think you can defeat me that easy?" laughed Jack and began to use his ice powers to shoot off, "Why don't you try to stop me from stopping your precious Spring Break, El Tigre?"

Jack then headed himself off right toward where Miracle City was. Manny knew, that his Spring Break would certainly be ruined of Jack ever had his way.