Chapter 16

Here is Chapter 16. Huge thanks to Amberglow for her beta. I truly want to thank each of you who have been following the story. I hope that you enjoy 16. I promise you'll get Edward back in 17. Oh and BTW I have not added this in but I have been told I should…..I do not own the characters, only the Queen Mother Stephenie Meyer can lay claim to them!

Annya/ Seth Continued

I wrapped my hands around the bars that made up the door to the cage and let my head and eyes drop to the floor. Slowly I pushed the door open, inviting him out. Fearful that he would once again reject me I could not meet his gaze. A low guttural growl irrupted from Seth and in that moment felt the fear welling up inside of my body. Even if I were allowed to be with him for just a moment for him to hold me in his arms as he killed me I would be happy. To feel his teeth tear my hard skin, hearing the ripping, feeling the pain. As long as I could feel the heat from his body I would welcome whatever he would do to me.

His arms were quickly around my body pulling me into him, kissing my neck, pushing me against the wall, wrapping my legs around his back. His heat engulfed me, I felt as if I were on fire, burning. I gasped with pleasure, feeling his moist tongue lapping frantically at my neck. His heart beat wildly against my chest, the blood coursing through his body was so erotic, as if it were teasing me. I clutched both of my hands into his hair pulling his face up to mine. Our lips crushed together violently, tongues searching, finding, tasting each other. The room was filled with the sounds of passionate, fervent gasps and moans. The air seemed thick, hard to draw in. The further we pushed the more his body burned. My hands flailed to his back feeling his exquisite musculature under my fingers as his hands explored under my shirt.

This was nothing like my first kiss this was infinitely more than that. I could feel everything he was feeling I could see and hear everything he was thinking. His people, I could feel them and the love that they shared, their closeness and tradition. I could see his pack, his brothers, his past. Not only his past but his entire packs past, the dances, the chants and rituals. The father, the great spirit warrior, his name Taha Aki; it was as if I knew him. The whole thing was playing out like a movie in my head. Then I saw myself. I knew it was me but I was different somehow. I looked the same but I didn't feel the same. I stood atop a large cliff, my red hair dancing in the wind. It whipped around me, to and fro, clouding my vision at times. My hand reached out away from me as if beckoning for something or someone, but no one came. I stood naked and vulnerable and knew I was going to jump. Would he follow me?

Heat blazed through my body sending a torrent of convulsions though my spine. I realized that Seth and I were no longer separate but one. I could feel him inside of me. The clothes that once covered my hard, pale skin were now ripped to shreds on the floor. I moaned loudly as he thrust himself once again inside of me. My mind blanked out as my eyes lulled shut. The visions returned. This time I was not alone. I stood with Seth, my naked body intertwined with his. I snaked my body from his taking only his hand, pulling him, beckoning him to come with me as I inched closer to the edge of the cliff. Below was a torrent of waves, thick and crashing. His voice jerked me back to reality "I will go wherever you want me to go." he said feverishly. Was he seeing what I was seeing, was he feeling what I was feeling?

Then I jumped, but not alone, he was beside me. Blood, blood covering my entire body, I was drenched in blood. "Seth!" I cried a bloodcurdling scream. "No!" I wailed loudly. The waves had turned into a sea of thick, bright red blood. It crashed against the gray rocks tarnishing their color. I could taste the blood as it filled my mouth, blurred my vision. I could smell it all around me. It was his blood, Seth's blood. I watched as a clear, mucus substance began to ooze from the rocks and mixed with the blood, though it didn't seem to ever really mix only pool on top of one another. It was like a vinegar and water reaction. Lightning crashed and thunder roared. A torrent of fresh blood rained down from the sky, once again drenching my face. The sun which was covered by the clouds turned black and seemed to stare at us without pity. He held me to him "I will go wherever you want me to go," he repeated, his voice warm a loving.

I felt my body fall to the floor, landing with a hard thud against the cold stone floor. Reality set in quickly as I saw the blood, tasted it in my mouth. Seth's naked body lay before me writhing, convulsing. "Seth!" I screamed, throwing my hands and body over his. "No, Seth. Oh my God!" I cried out "What have I done?" If tears could have fallen from my eyes I would have drown myself in them. I knew from experience there was nothing that could be done. I just hoped I hadn't drained him to the point of death. "Stay with me Seth, please don't leave me," I whispered in his ear.

He reached around me pulling me tighter to him, his body shaking violently "I'm going to phase Annya, I cannot stop it." His voice shaking with pain and fury. I could feel his powerful heart pounding against his rib cage like a ferocious animal waiting to break free. His body trembled and jerked then under me lay the most exquisite creature, he was breathtaking. I braced myself for the attack that I thought would come, but it never did. He lay on his back panting loudly, then rolled over onto his belly and whined. I could see the wound I had inflicted as there was a large patch of fur missing under his right ear. I touched it and he winced letting out a growl, but there was no blood, no bite mark.

"Seth, I am so sorry. I didn't…didn't know…think that would happen." I confessed. He only whined again, moving slowly to get up on all fours. Finally he stood, only to fall back onto his side and lay quietly against the outside of the cage. His eyes searched mine for an answer. "No." I replied "I have never really met many werewolves, much less one who had been bitten by a Vampire." I ran my fingers through his thick fur "Does it hurt much?" I questioned sadly. He snorted and rolled his eyes. I gathered from his mind that it didn't and that he was a mighty warrior. He seemed insulted by my question. I also gathered from him that this sharing of information between us was a part of imprinting as well. "Before, when you were in the cage, I couldn't read or feel your thoughts then?" I questioned. His eyes were full of honesty and only two words filled his mind "blood exchange?" it seemed to be more of a questioning than a factual statement. It was hard to communicate in this form.

I moved closer to him so that his large head was positioned about a foot from my body. I let my back and head fall back against the cold bars. I was afraid to get too close, to touch him. I feared that his teetering anger would well up and then he would have no one to forgive later. I did hope that he would forgive me for damning him to this life, for changing him. That was another thing I was completely in the dark about. I wasn't sure what would happen, I wasn't sure that he would change. For all I knew he could die lying on this cold, dank floor and that would be unforgivable. I could never live without him nor would I want to. Then his head was in my lap and he nuzzled my hand with his warm nose. I let my fingers run through his beautiful, thick fur. I could feel his breathing slow and his heart beat drum to a steadier, less violent pace. His eyes began to lull shut and soon he was sleeping deeply.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before Jane would return, it was unavoidable. I had to protect Seth until he was able to do so for himself. Since I did not know what was occurring within his body I wasn't sure when this would be. The change was normally so painful, falling in and out of the burning pain and sleep. For him, he was simply sleeping very peacefully, minus a snore now and again. When I blocked out my thoughts of him I could still taste his blood on my tongue, it was sweet like the taste of honey suckles. There was something else though, something I couldn't put my finger on. It felt as if the cells in his blood were dancing inside my body rather than absorbing it as a food source. When I sat very still I could feel my body tingle, from the tips of my fingers down to my toes. As much as I was enjoying the sensation my mind continued to flicker back to Jane.

I'm not sure how long we sat like this but it was long enough for Seth's body to phase back into the once innocent boy. I had barely noticed until I went to run my fingers through his fur which had been replaced by his tepid skin. I loved them both, the boy and the wolf. No matter what else he turned out to be I would love that part too. I just hoped he would still love me as passionately as he had earlier. It was all so quick and violent, but amazing. I had never been touched like that before. No one had ever wanted me like that and it felt good "boy did it ever." I sighed out loud.

I knew it was time to go, I couldn't continue to get caught up and lost in my lusting thoughts. Where we were supposed to go though I didn't know. What I did know was that she would track us down. I wiggled out from under his large naked body, then scooped him into my tiny arms, even his weight was like lifting a feather for me. I moved quickly up the stairs and to my bedroom.

Day had transformed into night and from my window I could see a million stars coating the sky with their twinkling light. The moonlight shown brightly on Seth's sleeping body as I lay him on the large round bed in my room. I dressed quickly but stopped short of closing the last button on my shirt. Staring back at me was the woman from the cliff. It was me, but the different me. Something had changed inside and out. I still looked the same, young, red hair and yellow eyes, but not quite as yellow as usual. There in the mirror was a hint of my green eyes hiding behind the yellow hue. Even my cheeks looked less pale. I was staring at someone I had all but forgotten. "How is this possible?" I whispered to the reflection in the mirror. I held my finger tips to my lips to feel that they were not as cold as usual. The blood, it had to be. I turned toward Seth and stared in wonder. I knew it would never be possible to be human again, but was there a chance I would harbor the wolf gene from his blood, was Seth right about the blood exchange? Is that why I could marginally read his thoughts now? This was definitely one for Carlisle's text book. That is if I ever see him again.