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The Prologue: A Mystery Writer

Brock Yates sat back in his chair and took a second look at the envelope in his hands.

To Mr. Brock Yates

From: Jack Morris

Who is this Jack Morris? Yates wondered. He slowly turned the envelope over and began breaking the seal. He reached in and pulled out a folded piece of paper and began to read it.

Dear Mr. Yates,

I am offering you a great deal at this time. I want you to bring back the Cannonball Run road race. In return, I will personally hand 500 million dollars to the winner. You will also receive 100 million dollars to use for promotional and media use. If you chose not to accept the offer; I will go to someone else. If you accept, there is enclosed an account number and bank card.

Brock look down at the card and piece of paper with the account number on it.

Use these to obtain the 100 million dollars. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you at the finish line.


Jack Morris

P.S. Enclosed is a map I've outline with the road course I would like to be used. Please feel free to make any changes you wish too.

Yates leaned back in his chair and sat in silence for a moment. Well, if this guy wants a Cannonball, he is going to get a Cannonball.

Yates reached for the phone and dial a number.

"J.J?" Brock asked as he began looking over the map.

"We're back!"

End of Prologue