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Pogue's Ascension

"Reid!" Tyler called, "Come on, give it back!"

"You're gonna have to catch me first, Baby Boy!" the blonde laughed.

Normally, whenever Reid took his jacket, or any other item for that matter, Tyler would be annoyed as all hell. However it was March second, three days before spring break and Pogue's birthday, so Tyler was in a good mood. He laughed and chased the boy who was like his twin down the two flights of stairs. By the time they made it to their room, both of them were panting for breath; Tyler more so than Reid.

"Damn man," Tyler wheezed, "Ever since you gave up magic, you've been this ball of energy."

"The magic's my life force, but I won't make it my life like Chase did," Reid intoned for the millionth time. He pulled out his keys, but dropped them. Stooping down to get them, he saw the Dean of Student Activities walking toward them with a blonde boy.

"Who do you think that is?" Tyler asked.

"Hell if I know," Reid shrugged. He was about to open their door when he heard,

"Reid! Tyler!"

"Yes si—" Reid started. He cut off midway, because he noticed the boy to the left of the Dean. He had blonde spiky hair, and blue-grey eyes. His face was round, and he wore a very smug smirk.

"This is Hagen Matthews. He's just moved here, and he'll be living on your floor," the Dean said. Tyler was the first to recover…

"Nice to meet you man," he said with a smile, "If you ah, need anything…" he nodded toward their door.

"Thanks," the boy said in a deep, even voice.

"Well," said the Dean, "seems you three will get along just fine. Come along now Hagen, I'll show you the rest of the school."

"Bye guys," the new boy said, following the Dean. As he made to follow the administrator down the hall, he turned to look at the two warlocks. His eyes went from the cool blue-gray gaze, to a hard black stare lined with fire. Tyler and Reid felt a rush of magical power crawl through them. Both glared at the boy.

Once he had left, they rushed into their room. Diving for his desk, Tyler pressed and held the number 2 on his phone.

"Hello?" said a voice.

"Caleb, dude, we just fucking saw Chase!" Tyler said.

"What?" Caleb nearly shouted.

"Reid's calling Pogue and Kate. Get Sarah and meet us at Gorman's place."

"She's with me now. We'll go straight there."

"See ya, man," Tyler said.

"I'll see you in a little bit. You and Reid be careful, alright?"

"We will. Later."


"What's up?" Sarah asked.

Caleb sighed. His hands shook at the prospect of seeing Chase again.

"We've got a problem."

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