Disclaimer I do not own Pokemon, by now you should know that

Disclaimer I do not own Pokemon, by now you should know that.

C. Cowboy: I'm back with yet another addition to my lil' epic. And as usual if this is your first look at the TOD series, start from the beginning to avoid getting lost. I like to think everyone who responded to me about the cameos, and I WILL fit everyone in. some people will have bigger parts while some will just get one phrase in. hope you guys don't mind, I kindda go a whole lot of replies and I really didn't expect that kind of a response! But anyway, I'm a cowboy of my word, and I said I'd work ya'all in if ya sent, so I'm just gonna work ya'all in! Now on with the prologue, it takes off right at the end of TOD3. Now my friends, the Classic Cowboy proudly presents:



"I-I can't believe…  there gone." Ash muttered walking toward the remains of Gym Leader Tower. "Pika pikachu." 'I know what you mean.' Pikachu agreed from his side. "Find anybody Mist?" Ash called out over the rubble. "Not yet! I don't think we'll find any one Ash!" Misty responded, "Togetic can't sense anyone either." "Damn." Ash growled punching the ground. "Need a hand Ashwy?" came a weak voice from behind him. Ash spun around to see Crystal smiling at him. "C-C-CRYSTAL????" Crystal just giggled at him, "Hi!!!" Ash and Pikachu then screamed as if they had seen a ghost. Misty and Togatic both came running and saw what had scared him, "Crystal! You're alive!" Misty yelled in shock, "You were shoot! I thought you died!" "Oh this?" She said taking her hand off her bandaged side. "It just barely made it through my body armor, just enough to break the skin!" Ash still looked concerned but Misty's eyes began to narrow. "But… you were coughing up blood…" Ash asked. Crystal just giggled. "OH that? When I got shoot I put a whole bunch of blood capsules in my mouth."

"Why?" Misty growled. "Hehehe," Crystal giggled with a stupid grin on her face, "I just wanted Ashwy to hold me just like he did! That's all!" Ash, Pikachu, and Togetic's jaws dropped in disbelief and awe of her selfishness, while Misty just glared, slowly her face began to turn blood red, while her shoulders went up and down with heavy breathing, "…you… you… you… I'm going to… KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Misty screamed at the top of her lungs as she gave Crystal a flying tackle and began to beat the living crap out of her. "Pikaa…" 'Ewww…" Pikachu said looking away from the violence while Togatic just jumped up and down and cheered, GO MOM! GO MOM! GO MOM! HIT 'ER AGAIN!!! HIT 'ER AGAIN!!! HAR-DER!!! HAR-DER!!!  

"Excuse us, are you the ones who stopped that thing?" came a voice that caused Ash to look up from the brawl. Ash saw Officer Jenny along with some people in suits. "Aren't you Master Ash Ketchum?" Jenny asked, Ash stood up and nodded, "That's me, can I help you?" "Yes, you can." Came a voice from behind officer Jenny. Then the President of Kento walked up to him. "M-MR. PRESIDENT!!" Ash said in shock, "Yes, that's me, may I talk to you for an second?" Ash looked back and saw the secret service men struggling to pull Misty off of Crystal, "Sure, why not, don't look like my girlfriend will be ready to go anytime soon." Ash and the president walked while being followed by S.S. men. "I'm sorry about what happened." Ash said sadly, "Don't worry son, even if you do blame yourself, I think I have a way to make you feel better." Ash looked at the Pres confused. "Huh?" Ash asked. The Pres then handed Ash an envelope with three pictures in it. "What is this?" "These are Star Angelic, Jimmy Reed, and Duplica Ditto. They are the runners up in the Indigo Tournament and have accepted the job of taking spots in the new Elite Four." Ash looked at the Pictures and then Back at the Pres, "I know Duplica, but I don't know the other two, what does this have to do with me?" Ash asked. We need four to make an Elite Four, so we thought sense you are the reigning champion and you seem to enjoy saving the world, we thought you might be interested in getting a pay check for your trouble. Would you be interested in leading our new group?"

Ash stared at him for a second. Then a smile covered his face, as Ash grabbed the President's hand and began shake it rapidly, "Mr. President, it would be an honor! It's always been my dream to be a Pokemon Master and be in the Elite Four!" the Pres smiled, Glad I could help, and I'm thankful you will help us."


C. Cowboy: well there's the Prologue for TOD4. And for once no cliffhanger! Not a big one anyway, the first chapter should be up tomorrow, until then bye bye! Read and review!