I have been dying to write a Zelda fanfic for the longest time, but I have never been able to find a storyline that intrigued me. Until now! I wrote the first chapter in about fifteen mintues, just letting the words take over. I might actually enjoy writing this one! It's slightly AU, meaning that it takes place in the same time period with the whole "Hero of Time" thing still in its rightful place. Only, the situations are a little different. R&R

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It was a bright, shiny day as Zelda walked in her private courtyard. The peach trees that were beginning to bud were beautifully blending into the falling sakura petals, matching her dress perfectly. It was much warmer out than it had usually been, causing the seventeen-year-old princess to let her hair down and leave her golden headband at the foot of the courtyard stairs. It really was a nuisance having to wear that thing all the time.

She stopped by the large, ornate fountain in the center and ran her fingers along the cool marble, feeling the tiny water drops smear from her touch. It was a good day indeed when she could go outside and enjoy the sole company of the late spring weather.

Of course, all alone time is soon spoiled for Zelda, it always is. This time, it was by a young messenger coming to the door to the courtyard and pushing it open gently.

"Princess," he said loudly. "You are needed in the throne room!"

Zelda sighed and looked over at the messenger. "Yes, I'll be right there."

He nodded and shut the door again. Something or other was always ruining her beautiful days. What could it be this time?

She walked slowly back to the door and slipped her gold headpiece on before lifting up her dress and walking back into the castle.

'If this is Ganondorf again…' she thought to herself as she walked down a large, red carpet corridor to the main throne room. She entered and Impa, her private right-hand woman stood waiting.

"Where are my parents?" she asked Impa.

Impa smiled. "This is for you only. A visitor."

'Yep, it's Ganondorf.'

Zelda nodded and sat on the throne that was to the left of her father's large, plush chair. To its right sat her mother's, slightly smaller but just as embellished. Hers was the smallest and least ornate, but she didn't mind too much. She wasn't one for over the top things.

"You may enter, sir," Impa called out to the main doors of the throne room. Zelda nearly sunk down in her chair as they opened and a large man entered the room. He wasn't ugly or anything of the sort, no, not by far. His hair was red, matching his beard perfectly. His nose was a little large compared to most, but it was what balanced his face out. What got Zelda every time she looked at Lord Ganondorf were his golden eyes. They were naturally that odd color and it baffled her every time she looked at them.

"My dear princess," he said to her, his voice deep. "I have brought a gift for you…"

Zelda sat up slightly. A gift? Well, this was new. Ganondorf rarely brought her gifts, merely flowers, saying that regular gifts were too inferior to her beauty. It made her want to throw up.

"Bring him in," Ganondorf called out to the hall behind him.

'Him? What could he possibly mean…?'

Suddenly, one of Ganondorf's men came walking in, dragging someone along with him. Zelda's eyes went wide in horror when she saw that it was a boy.

Ganondorf smirked with pride at Zelda's expression. He took the rope that bound the boy's hands together and pulled him closer to the princess.

"This is Link," he said with a smile. "He's nothing, I can assure you. No family, barely any money to keep the clothes he has. I figured I'd do him a favor and bring him to you."

Zelda glared. "And what do you expect me to do with him?"

He laughed. "He will be your new servant of course, princess. What else did you expect?"

"My lord," Zelda said, unsure. "I can assure you that we have plenty of servants here…"

"But none that will work directly for you and you alone. He is yours to keep, yours and only yours."

'What could I possibly need a servant for? I'm far from high maintenance! And besides, I have Impa if I need anything!'

"It's a kind gift," Impa said, looking curiously at the boy. He looked as though he had given up. His dull blue eyes looked at the floor and nothing else as Ganondorf began to untie his binds. "Thank you, Lord Ganondorf."

The man smiled and his eyes met Zelda's. The young woman did not feel any comfort from his smile, no love or warmth. It made her feel uneasy if anything, so she looked down at the boy whom was now free.

His hair was long and a bright shade of blond. It flowed freely into his eyes, obscuring most of his face at the moment. She saw earlier, however, that his eyes were a very dark blue, standing out in comparison to his straw colored hair. His skin was tanned from the sun and his palms slightly callused from God knows what. There was something intriguing about him, she saw.

Ganondorf noticed the princess examining her gift with mild curiosity on her face, which made his smile widen. He had hoped that an added servant, one that was solely loyal to her, would help her warm up to him as her husband. Of course, he did not really need her consent for marriage, her father did. But he was classy and he would like Zelda to fall in love with him too before making her his wife.

He approached the throne upon which Zelda sat and took her hand in his much, much larger one. He pressed his round, pink lips to the back of her hand and locked eyes with her.

"Enjoy your gift, my lady," he whispered gently before backing away.

'I hate you,' Zelda thought as he backed slowly away. He was about to turn and leave when suddenly he turned and gave the boy a good kick in the ribs. He grunted and fell to the ground, clutching his stomach.

"Ganondorf!" Zelda shrieked, jumping up. He chuckled as he bowed and left the room for good.

She picked up her dress and trotted over the boy. She knelt beside him. "Are you all right?" she asked him benevolently.

The boy made another grunting noise but nodded. "Yes," he told her.

"I'm sorry, I did not catch your name…" she began.

"Link," he choked out. "My name is Link."

Zelda nodded once and helped him to his feet. "Hello Link, I am Zelda."

The boy named Link nodded. "Yes, I figured as much."

"Shall we show the boy to his room?" Impa asked, taking a step toward the two teenagers. Zelda looked up at her and nodded.

"Come with us, Link," Impa said kindly, leading them out of the room.

Link lagged behind both the princess and her assistant as they left the throne room. He did not see the point in walking beside a princess, especially one as beautiful as Zelda. It didn't seem right.

Twice Zelda turned to make sure that Link was still behind them, afraid of what Ganondorf had done to him prior to their meeting. It frightened her to think of what that man was capable of.

They reached a hall that was only two away from her own quarters. Impa smiled and said, "I'll go and fetch the boy some clothes."

Zelda nodded and opened the door for Link. "Here you go…" she said softly, stepping aside for him.

Link gingerly walked into the room and looked around. It was clearly much larger than he had been thinking. It had a twin sized bed with a nightstand beside it, a small dresser and window. It would suite him just fine, he figured.

"Thank you, princess," he said quietly.

"Oh please," Zelda began, "don't call me princess. Please. Call me Zelda."

"Zelda?" he repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, you are my servant and you will call me what I ask," she said, using her authority. Then her features softened. "Of course, Link, I am sorry to say that I don't typically order people around, especially the servants. That's my parents' job. You won't have much to do for me, I'm afraid. You will be free to do what you what ninety percent of the time."

Link tried to hide a small smile. He wondered if this girl really meant it that she wouldn't force him to work? The possibilities were endless!

Then, Impa came back with a handful of clothes.

"Here." She placed them in Link's hands. "These should fit you fine, even if you grow a little. You have three tunics, two long sleeve undershirts, and two pairs of pants. There's also a belt there and a cloak, too, as you can see. I'll have to get you shoes as soon as I can, but they should do you fine."

Link nodded at the pile of clothes. "Thank you."

"No need, no need," Impa said, waving him off. "Just…make yourself comfortable. I doubt that Zelda will have you working at all!"

Zelda put her head down and blushed slightly as Impa kissed her forehead.

"Such a kind child, you are, my dear," Impa whispered. "Well, Link, good luck!" She turned walked away down the hall she came.

"I hope that you'll be all right here," Zelda whispered as Link mechanically put the clothes in a drawer of the dresser. "I am sorry about this."

Link shut the drawer and looked at the princess. "You don't like that man, do you?" he asked.

Zelda bit her lip and flushed but nodded. "I absolutely can't stand him! And father wants me to marry him when I'm eighteen!"

"I could see. He likes you quite a lot."

Zelda snorted. "Please, he likes my money and power, that's what he likes."

Link smiled slightly. "I hope things work out for you."

Her face softened and Link felt his heart skip a beat. This girl was much too beautiful. It was dangerous. "I hope that you are happy here."

The boy shrugged. "Anything is better than what I have now, which is a resounding nothing. I don't think I could get any worse. This is a new beginning for me."

"Still, if you…you know, need someone to talk to…"

Link smiled. "You don't have to be so kind, princess."

"Zelda," she said in a fake harsh voice. "Call me Zelda."

He finally let out a full-blown smile. It took her breath away. "Zelda…"

"Yes?" she asked.

"Why in the world do I need a cloak?"

The princess smiled brightly and shrugged. "You never know when you're going to need it," she said cryptically. She made her way to the door and took the golden knob in her hand. "Goodnight, Link."

As she shut the door, Link stared after her. "Goodnight, princess."

"ZELDA!" she heard him shout.

Just so you all know, I changed Ganondorf's appearance just a little bit for this story. It just skeeves me out to have him look all big and be like a creeper for this story, so imagine him a little more on the handsome side! Plus, this story is centered on OoT, not twilight princess, so the only characters mentioned will be from the former. Really, it's mostly a Zelink fic, anyway, so I really won't go into too many more character details. I might bring in Malon or something later, but we'll have to see how this one goes with you guys.

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