I know, I know, the dreaded author's note! I'm so sorry for any heart-attacks I may have caused with this, seriously. I am not abandoning this story, though so don't worry (if you were worrying in the first place, if not then I'm sorry for disappointing you). However, looking back on this I have realized that I love the concept and parts of this story to pieces, though I have to admit that after five years my writing has changed drastically. I myself have also changed, but we don't need to dive into the gory details of my personal life. So! In lieu of the fifth anniversary of It's Yours to Keep, I have decided to rewrite the entire story from the start. I will be keeping the same story with the same Link and Zelda, but writing to better suite who I am now, as opposed to the seventeen year old I was when I first started this.

If you would like to join me, I will now be posting under the username shiningbind. I am hoping to have my roommate reread the revised first chapter so that I can post it soon!

Thank you guys so much, it has been a wonderful journey, honestly. I never thought that this story would get the love it has! I sincerely hope that you're just as excited for the revamp as I am, because I really want to make this work! Regardless, I won't promise speedy updates at least until May. I am writing my senior thesis and I graduate college in May. So until then I will be stuck in a corner writing and stressing over the future. But that doesn't mean that you aren't free to message me! Seriously, I love hearing from you guys.

Thank you again! Maybe I'll talk to you soon?