Vengeance for Two.


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Summary: After the Third Lord Hokage's death, Sasuke began to truly realize the suffering around him, and felt his own needs slowly disappear... Someone confronts him on the night of his leave... to find and kill --Orochimaru: The Giant Snake!


Three weeks, only three miserable weeks since the attack on Konohagakure. Sorrow was evident, you could practically see it floating around you in the air. Everyone tried their best to keep a cheery face and only a rare few could hold the illusion of content in place. The weather did not add to the mood, always cloudy and semi-dark, only a few spots where the sun really broke through to harrass specially selected portions of a few shattered streets, the rain never actually broke through though.

Uchiha Sasuke could tell the difference it made in his comrades. Everyone had tried to grieve on their own time, but every now and then Sakura let a tear escape or Naruto zoned out, though it didn't stop them from being a pair of loudmouths whenever something mildly interesting happened. Sasuke stepped out of the Uchiha complex, its dark halls and empty streets seemed to almost be haunted with the dark atmosphere of the Uchiha Massacre coupling with the Lord Third's death. He was glad to get away, it made him want to gag.

He was just on his way to the other side of Konohagakure, the Hyuuga estate to be more precise. Hinata Hyuuga had passed him a message through one of the Hyuuga messengers ; a request that he come see her because she had something to ask of him. 'Probably something concerning the village idiot.' he thought of Uzumaki Naruto, and his almost unbelievable density towards the Hyuuga heiress and her obvious affection for him, indeed, he had lost count of all the times he mentally slapped his forehead at his comrade's stupidity in her presence.

Sasuke glanced to the left at a nearby tea shop that had its entire roof and part of its west wall blown off, construction workers scurried around the ruin with blueprints and hefted lumber and bricks. A glance to the right made him take in another similar sight, this time an orphanage, almost completely ruined, the only part undamaged was ironically the front door. Apparently the second level caved in, making the other 2 levels fall a notch and completely destroy the one below it, the first level was wider then the others, and thus survived barely.

Another 10 minutes of walking and taking in the effects of war, he arrived in front of the Hyuuga estate. Sasuke raised his hand to knock when it suddenly opened right in front of him. Hinata stood before him, and managed to release the Byakugan just right before she opened the door. Having waited for about 20 minutes longer then necessary, she had gotten fidgety and slightly irritated, although she did not show it. Maybe his Kakashi-sensei's lack of punctuality was beginning to influence the young Avenger.

"U-Uh, h-hello Sasuke-san." she stammered, slightly red in the cheeks. Sasuke replied with his usual 'Hn' and patiently waited to hear the reason of his summoning with his hands stuffed down his pockets. So, just how was she going to ask him this? Hinata twiddled with her fingers, a bad habit that most people seemed to adore in the Hyuuga girl. There was no way she could just tell him 'Never mind' after dragging him halfway across the village, for HER personal reasons no less.

There was no way around it, she leaned forward slightly in preparation to let it all out in a small burst. "S-S-Sasuke-san, I know this is abrupt, but I request y-your assistance in training!" her hands hand clutched into fists before her chest and the heat levels in her cheeks were skyrocketing. It was insane, to ask someone you barely knew to train you for no feasible reason whatsoever, but thinking back to Team 8 and Kurenai-sensei, they helped a lot, but it wasn't enough, her father refused to train her, Neji still held onto his grudge, though a lot more loosely, the InoShikaCho combo was too busy training themselves, and Naruto… well… he was simply being Naruto, added with the fact that she would never be able to flat out ask something like that without falling over halfway through the first sentence.

Sasuke examined her coolly with an eye of expertise, she couldn't have found a better time to lay this one on him. With all the reconstruction efforts, and lack of a Hokage, missions were at an all time low, Team 7 didn't train nearly as much as he wished, and best of all, it gave him an excuse to stay away from the Uchiha complex for just a few more hours. Hinata turned another shade of red under his intense scrutiny and about another 10 seconds later he replied "Sure… Meet me at Training Ground No.3 by 2:00 p.m."

Hinata didn't expect him to actually accept her request, the look of surprise registered on her face, and was quickly discarded as she smiled, a very small one, and bowed repeatedly, saying "Thank you, Sasuke-san!" over and over again before disappearing back into the Hyuuga estate. "Hn" was all Sasuke had said, keeping his stoic face the entire time. Sasuke judged the time gap between when he woke and came over, it must have been right around 9:30, which meant he had to meet Team 7 in 30 minutes and train for about 2 hours. Afterwards he would probably skip lunch with his team and pick up something small to save time, probably get chased by his fan girls (and guys) for about half an hour, and when he had made sure he lost them all, he would finally go towards Training Ground No.3 to burn the rest of the time training solo.

Sasuke turned to go meet his team at Ichiraku… 'This is going to turn into a long day…' he mused.

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