Remembering Me
by pari106

Disclaimer: Cameron…Eglee…FOX…you know. Don't sue.

Rating: PG-13? There's some "not nice" language in this one.

Summary: Max learns that even the best intentions can go very, very bad.

**Warning: This includes major spoilers for Season 2. So don't read unless you really want to know.**

A/N: Okay, this is my response to the latest spoiler about Season 2. This story occurs six years after the events of the episode
that inspired this.

A/A/N: I'm offering the first of this as one chapter just to build the suspense :) When I write the rest of it I'm just going to reload it all as one story, no chapter divisions. If you want to know where I got this spoiler from, e-mail me and ask. (You can send your reviews via e-mail, too, if you'd like. I'm not getting review notices from FF.Net anymore, so if you e-mail them to me I can respond much faster. Whatever. Just read and enjoy!)

Remembering Me
by pari106

It's been six years since Max escaped Manticore for the second time.

As Max walked the dark, quiet streets of Seattle that night, she thought about all the changes that had
occurred over the last six years. But mostly, she thought about one thing. One man. Tonight was the
anniversary of a decision. A decision Max had made for someone she loved. The decision that had
changed one man's life forever, and had been on Max's conscience ever since.

Had she done the right thing? Would she ever know? If everything went as planned, she never would. She
would spend the rest of her life wondering what he was doing; how he was doing. Was he happy? Would
she ever see him again?

Max asked herself this last question rhetorically. She knew she would never see him again. Not unless she

No. She wouldn't try and look him up. She couldn't do that. Partly because she knew she couldn't risk
being seen with him; being seen by him. And partly because she wasn't sure she could handle it.

She missed him. There, she admitted it. Of course she missed him. She loved him. He'd been a very
important part of her life. And now he was gone.

For all intense purposes, he was gone from her life. He was as inaccessible to her as if he were dead.

'But he's not dead, Max,' Max told herself, making that last corner towards her apartment building. She
told herself this often – to keep the pain and guilt at bay. He wasn't dead; he was alive. He was living the
normal life he would have wanted for her if he'd been able to give it. He was living the sort of life he never
would have had if Max hadn't made her decision.

The thought was cold comfort. It didn't really help Max overcome the uncertainty she still harbored over
her decision. But she had done what she'd thought was right at the time. She'd done what she'd had to do
to secure the best possible future for someone she loved. And she'd done it to ensure that he survived. No,
not just that, but that he lived. And that was all that mattered.

Or so Max hoped.

She was just about to pass through the shadow of the stoop of her building, and into the main entrance,
when she became suddenly aware that she was unalone in the darkness.

She didn't even have time to react.

One moment her nerves were tensing in awareness, and the next she felt strong arms come closing around
her in a vice-like grip. Her attacker wrapped one arm around both of hers, and pulled her back against the
wall, deeper into the shadows. The other arm went around her neck and one hand clamped over her mouth.

She hadn't even had time to scream. Just like that, this stranger had the best of her.

"One wrong move, and I'll snap your neck," came the stranger's threat, his voice low but firm, his breath
hot against her neck.

A thrill went up and down Max's spine, and her eyes widened in shock and sudden recognition.

"But then, you know what I'm capable of? Don't you, Maxie?" the man continued.

But he wasn't an attacker. And he certainly wasn't a stranger.

The man Max had been thinking about all night had come to find her. The man she'd never thought she
would see again. The one whose life, along with hers, had been changed, so irrevocably, six years ago by
her decision.

Max reeled.

It was Zack.