"Abby, Gibbs wants to know what you have on the dead girl's computer," Tony said as he, Ziva, and McGee walked into the lab.

"Not much, I haven't found any files yet, but I'm still looking," Abby said.

"What about internet history?" Ziva asked as she leaned up against Abby's table.

"Not much. This girl was obsessed with some actor though," Abby said, clicking a few times, bringing a picture up onto the screen.

"Who is he?" Tony asked as he studied the photo on the plasma.

"His name is Michael Weatherly," Abby said as she shrunk the window and brought up an IMDb history next to the picture. "He's been in several low radar movies and he was on a television show called Dark Angel."

"He kind of looks like you, Tony," Ziva said, smiling wickedly.

"Puh-lese," Tony said. "I am much better looking than he is."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that Tony. This guy, Michael, was engaged to Jessica Alba," Abby said. Tony's face brightened.

"Oh really?" Tony said.

"Yeah," Abby said. "She was his co-star in Dark Angel."

"How obsessed with Michael was she?" McGee asked.

"Well, I checked her history. She visits several fan sites several times a day along with your usual networking sites. She also wrote fan fiction for Dark Angel," Abby said.

"Fan fiction?" Ziva asked, confusion clearly shown on her face.

"When people have favorite books, movies, or TV shows they like to take it out of context and write their own story lines," McGee said.

"Oh," Tony said. "Like this site, I went there once; you would not believe the amount of fan fiction for Deep Six Probie. It seems like Agent Tommy and Officer Lisa really were a hit with people."

"What do you mean?" Ziva asked curiously.

"Well, let's just say that some people have a much better imagination than our little Thom E. Gemcity," Tony said, a wide smile on her face.

"Oh," Ziva said, a sly smile growing on her face. McGee just rolled his eyes.

"So do you really think he's better looking than me?" Tony asked, puffing up his chest. No one answered. "Come on guys, I'm serious."


"He's going to have a slight advantage over you soon, DiNozzo," Gibbs whispered into Tony's ear.

"What's that, Boss?" Tony asked, a grimace on his face.

"He's still going to be breathing," Gibbs said. "Now get back to work."

"On it, Boss!" Tony said loudly and he walked out of the lab. Gibbs turned to Abby.

"Did you really have to bait him, Abs?" Gibbs asked.

"Oh, yes," Abby said, a smile growing on her face.

A/N: So, a short little drabble that I wrote to attempt to get over my writer's block for Emergency! Hope you liked it!