Title: With You
Chapter 8: Sweet Chocolate
Author: Devylish
Genre: Romance/Humor
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Abby/Tony
Rating: PG
Summary: Vignettes on Abby and Tony's life together.
Disclaimer: I'm of the 'nothing ownage' world. Please don't sue!
Word count: 1182


"Have I mentioned to you recently that you're a sexy sexy woman?"

Abby looked down at her unavoidable, round, five months pregnant belly then looked at over a at Tony with a patented Sciuto squint. "Have I mentioned to you recently that you might need eyeglasses?"

"I'm serious."

"So am I." She put the last plate in the dishwasher, shut the door, pressed some buttons and turned the washer on. Drying her hands on a dishtowel she turned to find Tony still standing in the kitchen entrance... staring at her.

With lust in his eyes.

"Oh no mister! That look is the look that got me into this situation to begin with."

He laughed, "This 'look' is all your own fault. I mean I can't be blamed because you bring out the desire in me."

Abby walked up to him and stretched to put her arms around his neck. "What doesn't bring out the 'desire' in you?"

He placed his hands on her hips as he quickly spouted out: "Gibbs. McGeek, , Vance... d."

Abby smiled teasingly, "i notice there are no women on that list."

"I started at the top of the list... I'm working my way down..." he curled his lip and furled his brows... "I'm certain there's a woman on there somewhere."

Abby stretched upwards again, pulling at Tony's neck... making him lean down over her baby laden frame; she kissed him semi-chastely.

"now who's desirin' who? Whom? Whom? Who? Crap that always messes me up."

"Whom. And I'm not the horny one here." she blinked innocently, "That kiss was a plea for a foot rub."

Tony sighed mock heavily, "Like you don't already know that I'll touch any part of your body that you'll let me touch. C'mon." He pulled her arms down from his shoulders and led her past the living room into the bedroom. "Get comfortable, I'll get the lotion, and your hairbrush, and... a DVD? Everafter? Penelope?"

Abby wriggled out of her pants and offered over her shoulder, "how about 'The Rope?'"

Tony, who had been half way out of the room, came back to Abby's side and kissed her on the forehead. "I knew I loved you for some reason."

She held up her hand and counted on her fingers, "1) Carrying your child, 2) eclectic movie taste. I sure am a keeper!"

"I knew that the moment I met you." He rubbed his thumb across her cheek, "I just didn't think you'd let me keep you."

Abby smiled up at him, "and I thought the woman was the one who was suppose to get hormonal during pregnancy."

He blushed slightly (another thing that she loved about him) and let her go. "Yeah well apparently you bring out the lust AND the sentimentality in me."

She chuckled softly and gently pushed him off to get his 'supplies'.

Pulling her t-shirt off over her head, Abby put her hand on her back, it ached almost continuously these days... unhappy about the weight the baby – and her eating – was creating.

She glanced down at her tummy. "I know we only have a few months to go baby, but last night was it. No more midnight chocolate feasts. Mommy wants to be able to seduce daddy again at some point in the future. So... no more foodiness... 'kay?" The baby moved as if in response and Abby patted her belly. "Thank you!"

Climbing into their bed naked except for her panties, Abby moved to her side of the bed, shuffling the covers and pillows around until she found a comfortable spot. She then reached for the remote and flipped the tv on.

"Madam, I return bearing the movie classic, The Rope, lotion, comb and brush, and," he threw most of the items on the foot of the bed, "Oreos." He tossed the bag of cookies at Abby who's eyes lit up, happily ignoring her own discussion with herself to avoid chocolate.

"Have I told YOU how sexy you are?" She split her attention between opening the bag of cookies and watching him load the DVD into the player.

"It's the chocolate isn't it? You love me because I bring you chocolate." He picked up the rest of the supplies and walked to the head of the bed.

"Well, the chocolate certainly doesn't hurt your ratings."

He smirked, "Hair first?"

"Mmmm, yes please."

He motioned for her to sit up a bit and scoot forward, which she did willingly, although, somewhat cumbersomely.

When Tony had settled in the bed... his back against the pillow and headboards, Abby let her back rest against his chest... curving low against his frame so that he could easily access her hair.

He placed a hand on her to hold her steady as he leaned to the side and flipped off the light. Hitting the remote, he activated the DVD and then went to work on Abby's hair.

She loved it when he played with her hair, his fingers running through the strands to catch the tangles before he would move on to the brush.

Abby loved it, and apparently, so did the baby. She lowered her hand to her stomach feeling the baby's little kicks.


"mmm hmmm, loves the head massage."

Tony stopped brushing and placed his hand where Abby's was... "wow, she really is moving tonight."

"Yes, he is. I think he's happy that I'm off of my feet and I've got chocolate, and that daddy is doing mommy's hair." Abby tapped Tony's hand. "Get back with the doing of mommy's hair daddy."

Tony rested his hand against the back of Abby's head. He was a lucky man. Beautiful woman by his side, pregnant with his child. He wasn't an openly emotional guy... not most of the time... but Abby WAS emotional. She was all emotions and she brought the love out of him in waves. Her love had almost gotten him over his fear of being a dad. Almost....

Well, he was working on it.

"Have I told you how much I love you recently?"

"You have to say that cuz I'm starting to waddle now."

He used his hand to tilt her chin up, "I loved you before you created our little miracle. It took me a few years to get it through my thick skull, but I got it."

"It did take you a while didn't it?"

Tony continued, "...although, that waddle is damn sexy."

Abby mock glared at him, "You're lucky you've sedated me with chocolate and a head massage mister."

"I'm lucky I have you."