Coexistence: Chapter 4

A couple of weeks later, Captain Cold, Trickster, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang were sitting at their usual booth in the crowded pub where most of Flash's rogues gathered. Trickster was playing around with the straws and was attempting to build a tower with the bendable sticks, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Captain Cold and Mirror Master were listening to Captain Boomerang brag about his latest conquest.

"…and a whole fleet of cops were there, right? So I just threw a couple of boomerangs at 'em and all of their cars exploded!" boasted Boomerang, leaning back with an arrogant smirk on his face.

"That's nothing Digger. I once froze the entire city in a block of ice for two weeks," retorted Captain Cold before taking a sip from his glass of milk.

Mirror Master was about to reply with a deed of his own, but before he could, Trickster interrupted by shouting, "Pick me! I got something evil and dastardly to share!"

"Alright James, so what's the best you've done?" asked Cold.

"O.K, so I once threatened the mayor's life by using teddy bears," explained Trickster.

"Teddy bears?" said Mirror Master, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

"The acid-spewing kind," replied Trickster huffily after seeing the look that Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang exchanged with one another. Cold just shook his head sadly while Boomerang snickered.

"Anyways, so how are you Sam? After what those punks did to you, I'm surprise you can walk without any crutches," commented Captain Cold to Mirror Master.

"Well you know us rogues heal hellavah fast. We have to so we can keep up with Flash," replied Mirror Master, shrugging.

All the rogues nodded in agreement with that statement. Trickster saw Mirror Master fiddling with something underneath the table and asked him, "What cha got there Mr. Reflective?"

"Huh? I don't have anything!" answered Mirror Master hastily.

"It don't look like nothing," grinned Trickster mischievously. Before Mirror Master could react, Trickster grabbed the object from his hands.

"Ah it's a letter!" exclaimed Trickster as he observed the scarlet envelope in his hands. "Is it from a secret admirer?"

"No! Give that back James!" growled Mirror Master as he tried to grab the letter from Trickster's nimble hands. Trickster wormed his way out of Mirror Master's grasp as he opened the letter, laughing.

The Captains were watching the scene with amusement; however Captain Cold was ready to step in if anything got out of hand.

"Let's see who this is from…" trailed off Trickster as he ripped the envelope and grabbed the letter.

He read the card quickly, his eyes getting bigger the more he read.

"Sam got a 'Get well' card from…The Flash," stated Trickster in shock, rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn't imagining The Flash symbol at the bottom of the card.

"What?! Give me that!" shouted Captain Cold. Trickster handed the letter to him and Cold read it, while Captain Boomerang read behind his shoulder.

After he finished reading, Captain Cold put his hand to his forehead and sighed in exasperation.

"Len, I didn't ask for the card! Flash delivered it to my house, I had no choice!" claimed Mirror Master.

Captain Cold raised his hand to stop Mirror Master.

"I understand. Flash likes helping people, even us rogues, although I have no idea why. It's best we just ignore what he did and move on," explained Captain Cold.

"Hey, we still hate The Flash no matter what he does, right?" said Captain Boomerang encouragingly.

"Ya," muttered Mirror Master, looking down at his cup of coffee.

" 'course I do," replied Trickster unconvincingly as he fiddled with the straw wrappers.

Captain Cold just sat there in silence. Captain Boomerang looked around the table and then threw his arms in the air, saying "What the 'ell? I don't get you blokes sometimes."

Captain Boomerang got up and muttered, "I need to get myself a drink." Before he could move, however, a red blur ran into the pub, scattering dust everywhere. When the dust cleared, the Scarlet Speedster himself, The Flash, stood in front of the rogue's booth.

"Uh-oh. We're in trouble," said Trickster, looking up at Flash.

Captain Cold quickly whipped out his freeze-gun as Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang took out their own weapons.

"This ends now Flash!" shouted Captain Cold, his finger pulling the trigger. He then realized that his freeze-gun wasn't there and then said in surprise, "What..?"

Captain Cold was then punched in the gut and toppled to the floor. He swiftly got up and gritted his teeth in anger when he saw Flash had his gun, along with the other's weapons in his hands.

"Looking for these?" asked Flash, grinning.

"Flash, get lost!" yelled out the now powerless Mirror Master.

Flash shrugged remorsefully after he said, "Sorry guys, but I can't. The rogues are all wanted by the police. I'll have to send you guys back to Iron Heights."

The rogues looked down at the floor in defeat and Flash added, "But, instead, I'll give you guys a ten minute head start."

The rogues looked up in surprise and Trickster said, "You're letting us go…?"

"But you guys have to be quick. There's a reason why they call me the fastest man alive," smiled Flash.

Wasting no time, the rogues all shot out of the pub. Flash then went to the bar and sat on the barstool, waiting until the ten minutes were up. The bartender, an older man in his late forties, was cleaning glasses with a rag. He adjusted his specs and walked to where Wally was sitting.

"Want something to drink?" asked the bartender.

"No, thanks," replied Wally.

The bartender nodded and went back to his work. There was a long period of silence before the bartender inquired, "Why do you do it?"

"Huh? Do what?" asked Wally.

"Being kind to the rogues. They've hurt you and this city," said the bartender.

"Well I'm just a guy who believes in second chances, that's all," shrugged Wally good-naturedly. "I have a feeling that someday, if I try hard enough, they'll see that being good isn't so bad after all."

Wally then looked up at the clock and said, "Oops, gotta go. See ya!"

And with that, Wally West was gone in a blur of red and dust.

The bartender watched the dust settle as he cleaned the same glass. He didn't know what to make of The Flash; only that in his lifetime he had never met anyone as optimistic as the scarlet speedster and that alone made him hopeful.

Author's Note: I want to thank everyone that took the time to submit a review for my story. As a side note, if you're interested in reading comic books about Wally West and his rogues, I highly recommend "The Flash" series by Geoff Johns. I just finished reading it and its wonderful how he writes Flash and his rogue gallery.