Title: What's Left of You

Author: Marshie-chan

Pairing: Implied Neji/Hinata

Type: Angst/Romance

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: I don't own NARUTO.

Author's Notes: Written in Neji's POV. I know I'm bad at writing his thoughts so please don't be harsh. This fic hasn't been beta-read yet.

How long had it been? Oh yes, ten years.

After ten years of exhausting tasks faraway from Konoha, I have finally returned home. Memories of the past still linger within me as I pass by these familiar places. Somehow, I made an effort to avoid reminiscing what had happened in the past though they are tempting.

My steps heading back to the Hyuuga house were firm and sure. I was confident that the past wounds I have were already healed by time. I can now accept everything that had happened… especially to the only woman I have loved in Konoha. However, I never showed any signs that I love her. I didn't even bother to fight for my own feelings when she was forced to marry someone else. What is there to fight? It's obviously a matter of unrequited love.

"Oji-san!" My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a child running towards me from the Hyuuga house. He was a young boy whom I guessed was around three or four years old. His innocent eyes were as white as mine, his long, raven blue hair was tied from the back and he was wearing the traditional Hyuuga clothes. He looked a lot like her.

Examining his obvious features, I had already figured out who the boy was. I kneeled down to face him, "You must be the new heir." The child nodded eagerly. Instead of disappointment, I feel an unexplainable happiness inside me at the sight of the child's face. It reminded me so much of the first day I met Hinata-sama. He also possessed that childish innocence that warmed my heart the first time I saw her. "How do you know who I am?" I asked him.

"I saw a picture of you in one of the clan's old photo albums so I recognized you right away," The boy replied proudly. "I was so excited to meet you, Oji-san!"

"Really?" I was impressed. Even for a tiny kid, he's got a great photographic memory. Is he going to turn out to be another genius in the clan?

"I heard a lot of good things about you, Oji-san," The child continues, "For that, I always look forward to meeting you in person."

What he said surprised me a bit. What are the kinds of things that he had heard about me? If I remember correctly… most of those memories I have with the clan were blinded by my grudge and unrequited feelings.

"What's your name?" I asked curiously as I pat him in the head, grasping the thin strands of his raven hair.

"My mother named me after her first love…"

I smiled. I already knew who it was. "Go ahead. Your mom is looking for you… Naruto."

The boy's eyebrows met in confusion, "My name is not Naruto!" He beamed, "Call me—"


My heart pounded when I heard the soft and feminine voice. I stood frozen on my tracks as I watch the boy who was now rushing towards the door of the house. Right there, he was met by the waiting arms of a familiar woman.

I never thought that the wounds from the past would still pierce through my heart at the mere sight of her. Though she had already had her own family now, she still possessed that beautiful and innocent face that had mesmerized me before. I was so amazed that it hasn't faded a bit after the long time we've been apart.

But more importantly, she called her own son by my name. That means—

"Welcome home…" She greeted me with a pleasant smile as she carried the boy tightly in her arms, "…Neji-niisan."