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Betrayal Means New Beginnings?

"Please," she begged looking deep into his bright green eyes.

"Please what, Ginny?" he asked with a ghost of a smile on his lips.

"Please don't leave me," she whispered, clutching his arm.

Ripping his arm from her grasp, he threw her onto the hard cold floor and laughed. He brushed the hair from his face and glared down at her. "I left you a long time ago." Turning, he walked from the cell and stopping at the entrance, he threw her a parting look. Harry closed the door and began to walk away. "Crucio," he said over his shoulder, enjoying her cries of pain as he walked out the dungeons.


Ginny never felt so alone in her life. Her parents were dead, killed by the boy who lived, along with her brothers. She winced as she thought of Ron. How could Harry do this? Sweet Harry Potter, who defeated Voldemort, had turned into the Dark Lord himself. A shiver pasted through her body. It was so cold down here and she was covered in blood. Ron's blood. Closing her eyes, she tried to press the memories from her mind. Poor Ron, poor trusting Ron, she wept into her hands. Had he known Harry was evil and refused to admit it? His face still haunted her. He was so innocent, the look of shock on his face as Harry shouted the killing curse. She could still hear Hermione screaming.

"NOOOOOOO, RO…" her words were cut short as Harry performed the killing curse on her as well. She had been five months pregnant… their first baby. This was the reason why the family was gathered together… to celebrate the new baby and to announce Fred's engagement to Lola Free, a muggle-born witch like Hermione. Harry snorted as he realized how they were just sitting ducks, easy to pick off one by one.

Her brothers' shouts still echoed in her ears. They fought long and hard, but there were too many death eaters to fend off. Every time a death eater would fall two more would take their place. She curled into a ball on the floor, trying to erase the memories, but they just kept coming. Her mind slowly closed up, and her eyes drooped with sleep. Praying for a dreamless sleep, Ginny let her eyes close.


Harry sat on his throne. In a matter of months he had more followers then Voldemort had in twenty years. Even with the fifty he lost during battle with the Weasleys, he had over three hundred. He picked a goblet off the table next to him. Twirling the cup in his hand, he studied the crest. His crest… a lion crushing a serpent. Harry smiled to himself as he rubbed the spot where his scar had been. When he killed Voldemort his scar had disappeared. But something was different about him. It didn't take him long to figure out that Voldemort's powers were transferred to him. Smiling to himself, he remembered the nights he practiced using all his new founded abilities. HE was now the strongest wizard in the world and he knew no one would dare try to dethrone him. "Master, the new recruits are here to receive their marks," a small man with long grey hair said, kneeling before him.

Harry cleared his throated and asked for the list of names. He smirked when he saw that most of the Gryffindors from his class had joined and more were still coming. Looking over the names he noticed how even more Slytherins were coming over to his side after all. Still, no one had heard from Malfoy. Though he was Harry's rival, he would still be a good asset to add to Harry's growing army. Malfoy had certainly proven himself over the past few months… killing his father and taking out twenty death eaters by himself all in one year. Not to mention him becoming an Auror. Harry rubbed the mark on his left forearm.

"Smiggs, I think it is time for us to send a personal invitation to Draco Malfoy."


"A letter has come for you, Sir," a decently dressed house elf said, breaking Draco from his thoughts. He studied his reflection in the mirror as he passed it, walking over to retrieve the letter. He had grown into his sharp features. His once too long and pointed nose fit his face and complimented his high cheekbones. The famous smirk he always carried had disappeared. Now his lips were too full to pull off that smirk, or it could be that he had nothing left to smirk about. His long blonde hair was pulled back into a braid that ended by his waist. Many people told him he was the spitting image of his father, except he didn't act like his him.

"Who is it from?" he asked, as the elf handed him the folded paper.

"Harry Potter, Sir."


Ginny listened to the footsteps echoing from outside her cell. It had been days, maybe weeks, since she had seen Harry. All she saw was darkness. Only thoughts of the sun helped her through the long cold days. A plate of food was placed in her cell; she eyed it wearily, not wanting to eat the food made by his servants. A flash of pain shot through her. She thought about crying for help, but she knew it would be fruitless. The sharp pain in her lower abdomen was increasing by the minute. The baby, she realized… Harry's baby. Feeling warm liquid pooling between her legs, she moved her hand and felt the fluid. She brought her hand back up, looked at it, and laughed. Blood, her hand was covered in deep rich red blood. She threw her head back, laughing hysterically.

"What is the means of all this?" a guard called from outside the bars, opening the door and stepping in when her laughter got louder.

Ginny slapped the guard across the face with her bloody hand whispering, "Tell that to Potter," before everything went black.


Harry was pacing the floor of his office. Damn, did it have to take that man so long to reply? It had been a week since he sent out his official invitation to Draco Malfoy and the man had not even acknowledged it. He paused at the window, staring out to the servants working on the rose gardens. Ginny would love the gardens here. Soon, he thought, she will join me. He did miss her, everything about her. However, this was for the best. The Weasleys would have fought him if they knew what he had become, so he just made the situation better for her.

"Master, the Weasley girl has fallen ill," Smiggs said, bowing on his knees at Harry's feet.

"What has been done with her?" Harry asked carefully, not taking his gaze from the window.

"She has been taken to the hospital wing," Smiggs said, keeping his eyes on the floor.

"How is her condition?" Harry turned from the window and studied his servant.

"It would appear that the young girl was pregnant." Smiggs hated being the bearer of bad news and this felt an awful lot like bad news.

Harry stared at the man for a few minutes. Hoping that he misunderstood the man, he quickly turned and left the room, making his way to the hospital wing.


Draco scribbled his answer onto a small parchment. He whistled for his eagle owl and tied the note to its leg. He would join Harry's little group, but for a price. Smiling evilly to himself, he sat back into a chair and poured himself a cup of firewhiskey. It was going to be a very interesting year.

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