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"Who's Jade?" Ginny asked, slightly stumped why a letter from this woman could be so important.

"My daughter," Snape snapped, turning his attention to Draco. "She has news on the progress with….is there something funny here, Ms. Weasley?" Snape's disdain was heard clearly in his voice. Ginny shook her head no, trying to contain her laughter. "Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, Jade has news on the progress with….oh, for goodness sake, Ms. Weasley. What is it that you find so funny?"

"Ehm," Ginny said, trying to stop the giggle forming in her throat. "Nothing, Sir…ahem…sorry." Snape paused so she could collect herself and then went on to continue. "I can't believe you had sex!"

Ginny slapped her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. Draco took in the look on Snape's face and was trying his hardest not to laugh. The older man's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his skull. Ginny swore he looked redder then Ron had ever been.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I don't know what came over me. Must be all these new powers and stuff," Ginny said, trying her best to look ashamed.

"And stuff?" Snape gritted.

"Jade…Severus," Draco said, trying to get the conversation back on track. "Tell us about her progress."

Snape glared at Ginny before he continued. "She was able to convince Potter we were traitors."

"What?!" Ginny exclaimed. Why on earth would they want Harry to think they were traitors? Just thinking of Harry got her mad. She gritted her teeth and growled causing Draco to look over at her.

"Good, so I'm assuming he took her offer to make her his wife?" Draco asked, deciding to ignore Ginny's slight outburst. She seemed to be having quite a few of those today.

"What?!" Ginny said again. She felt so lost. Obviously Snape and Draco had a plan she wasn't in on yet. The key word being yet.

"What's the matter, Weasley? Are you jealous Potter has moved on?" Snape asked nastily.

Ginny growled at him, crossing her arms across her chest. "Not at all. I'm just wondering how long this little scheme has been in play and why haven't I heard anything about it?" She raised her eyebrow pointedly at Draco, hoping he got the message.

"I'll explain later," Draco said. "Now, why don't you be a good girl and go for a long walk. Daddy Snape and I have a lot to discuss."

Ginny huffed at the little girl remark. "And since when could you and Big Daddy not talk in front of me?"

"When it concerns 'Big Daddy's' daughter," Snape snapped. "Now be a good little girl and do what Draco asked…before you're forced to do it."

"I dare you," Ginny growled, moving so she was standing face to face with Snape. Draco recognized her stance before Snape did. She was going to attack. Great, just what he needed right now. Before even thinking of the consequences, he grabbed her by the back of her shirt and tossed her out the room. He sealed the door quickly with non verbal magic.

"Talk fast because she will get that down soon and it would be in your best interest not to be here when she does," he growled at Snape.

"I said what I had to say," Snape sneered. "Jade said she missed you and couldn't wait to come home. Perhaps Ms. Weasley would be interested in hearing that."

"Perhaps you are mistaken," Draco said, taking a step closer to the older man.

"Are you threatening me now like your new mistress?" Snape said, drawing out the word mistress.

"You over step your boundaries, godfather," Draco said in a low growl.

"Have I?" Snape said with his eyebrows raised in mock shock.

"Leave me. Ginny is breaking through as we speak," Draco said, pinching the bridge of his nose. "One more thing, Severus," he said to his godfather's retreating back. "Tell Jade I miss her, too."

Lies will destroy us

Ginny growled. The nerve of that man. How dare he throw her out like a common whore? "Draco Malfoy, you will pay for this," she roared, slamming her fist against the newly replaced door. He used a special locking spell on it which meant no simple alohormora could open it. That bastard. She stepped back, throwing spell after spell against it. Still nothing.

She centered her power and concentrated on breaking the door down. She felt her body lift slightly the more she poured her power into her task. She felt her magic form a hammer. She slammed it against the door. She was satisfied when she saw the hinges shake. Laughing, she slammed it against the door again and watched happily as the wood splintered. She hit again and heard the door crack. Only one more and she would be through. Draco Malfoy didn't know what was about to hit him. A growl escaped her lips with the finally blow. The door blew down and she stepped in.

"Tell Jade I miss her, too."

"Why would you miss Jade?" Ginny asked, anger blazed in her eyes. She swung her magic at him, hitting him in the chest which caused him to fly backwards. Snape made a hasty retreat out of the room. He didn't need to be anywhere near these two creatures.

She ran to the bed where he had fallen and swung her magic at him again. He was prepared this time and quickly shifted his position. Then she felt it. His magic. It was like him: strong, silent, and very deadly. She felt as if the magic was getting choked out of her. Grabbing her throat, she dropped all thought of harming him. All she wanted to do was survive. She grabbed the book off the table behind her and chucked it at his head. Draco deflected it easily and snarled at her. He moved to her like a predator would a prey. Her eyes grew wide as she backed away from him.

Using the only weapon she had, she pulled her shirt off over her head. The Veela in him couldn't resist. She saw the lust forming in his eyes. Men, she thought rolling her eyes, so predictable. He was in front of her now, his eyes on fire. Ginny gulped, her eyes wide with fear. This was not so predictable. He grabbed and bent her over the desk. Pushing her skirt roughly up, he ripped her panties off. He pushed her hands over her head so they grabbed the other end of the desk. She heard him mumble a spell before he lifted his hands from hers. She tried to lift them but they were stuck to the desk. This was very unpredictable.

She screamed when he slammed into her. No teasing or foreplay, just straight sex. She wasn't prepared for this. He was much too big. Tears fell down her face; she hated this feeling of helplessness. It was Harry all over again, but yet so different. She had provoked this. Her inner beast purred with each stroke of his hips. Never before had such a primal feeling of lust filled her to her very core. All feelings of helplessness faded with each of his powerful strokes. She wanted this. She felt the muscles of her sex contracting; she knew she was going to come.

"Draco," she moaned, as her orgasm fell over her. Her hips shook and her body tensed as she felt him climax.

Pulling himself out of her, he whispered a spell and released her hands. "Never do that again," he growled before turning and walking away, leaving her there still wondering what was going on.

"You still haven't told me the deal with this Jade girl yet, you bastard," she shouted at his retreating back. Or why you would miss her, she thought angrily to herself.

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