Flight of the Bumblebee
Part One

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Enjoy the first chapter of my latest story!

Sixteen year old Trowa Barton glanced at his more-than-incredulous boyfriend, then back to Sally Po. She shrugged at him, as though to let him know it wasn't her idea to have his DNA tested for possible matches between the earth and the colonies. Since the last war, it had been mandatory for people to have their DNA catalogued so relatives could be found for the thousands of war orphans left from the past several years. Since the orphanages were overcrowded, children were being forced to leave earlier and earlier, and everyone knew there would be a meltdown of the current system if something didn't change. So DNA tests were forced and family located for the orphans.

Trowa had never suspected that any of the Gundam pilots would be forced into the system. Not that they'd been given a choice, of course. They had all been unconscience or asleep, and the doctor had claimed to need their blood for other tests. Une never would have allowed the tests otherwise. It had only a year since the Mariemaia uprising and none of the pilots were comfortable with the idea of having their DNA in the system. Not that they ever left it on missions, but they were still trained terrorists, people meant to work in secret. Having their DNA known was not a good way to work in secret.

"I gave no permission for this!" Une roared, and Sally shook her head with a sigh. She already knew it wouldn't get anywhere with the doctor who had insisted that Trowa needed to go to his family, despite his part-time job with the Preventors and part-time job with WEI. He even worked with the circus some, still, but not very often. He did keep in touch with Cathy, though.

"He's still underage. They're all still underage." The doctor crossed his arms. "They deserve to meet their families."

"Their families are better off thinking they're dead," Sally snarled, and Trowa was glad someone was standing up for them. Une's face was set in a scowl, her brown eyes flashing angerly. "They're theGundam pilots!"

"He's still only sixteen--" The man began, but Une held up a hand.

"What have they told you five?" Une ignored the doctor to talk to the pilots.

"I still have family," Quatre's dry reply made Une snicker. "Obviously."

"He said no one found any family of mine," Duo shrugged. "But I doubt they'd find anything on L2's systems anyway. I mean, all things considered." Duo, sadly, made an excellent point; though several people had made L2 their personal mission in life and the colony was slowly loosing the stigma of being the poorest colony, it was still very poor econimcally. Quatre alone had donated millions to orphanages and schools, and all five pilots had done gang sweeps, picking up street kids and sending them to other colonies for schooling. They kept in touch with nearly half of whom they'd found, and made sure to keep an eye on their well-being. Many of the Preventors, who had discovered soft spots not only for the Gundam Pilots but also the street kids, helped out, taking orphaned children under their wings and acting as parental figures for them. All five pilots were grateful for it.

"My family is clearly all dead." Wu Fei offered, rolling his eyes. "Any relatives I have are too far removed for this testing to be conclusive." Quatre moved to rub Wu Fei's back, face soft with sympathy.

Hiiro could only shrug. They'd all had some genetic manipulation, but only Hiiro's was too extensive for the tests to be accurate. If he had family, it wasn't likely they would ever be able to find out. Hiiro was personally grateful. He didn't want to know if he had family, didn't want to forced them to accept him with so much blood on his hands. The doctor seemed extremely put out by it, but could do nothing more extensive without permission there was no chance he'd receive.

"And Trowa?" Une gave the last pilot a look.

"Has family on Earth. In England." Quatre frowned. "His father had two sisters, one deceased, one alive. The deceased one married and had a son. The husband is also dead, and the son is in the care of her sister. The living sister is married with one child."

"Your network is so much faster than mine," Une complained, making Quatre laugh. He always shared the intellgence he got with her, but it was always a sore point that Quatre could get results in minutes where it might take her hours or days. "What about Cathy?"

"We aren't related." Trowa looked morose. That news had been a heavy blow. "I am just a coincidence of fate, nothing more than a cosmic twin to her brother. If we're related, it's very distant."

"And Cathy said that some things were stronger than blood, you goof," Duo broke in, rolling his eyes. "You two are still related, just not by DNA. She still called you little brother when she hung up, remember?"

Trowa shrugged, but managed a small smile. The year the five pilots had spent away from war had been good to them. They all looked much the same, of course, but had lost the last remenants of baby-fat that had clung stubbornly to their bodies, though age had still not hardened them completely. All five were still extremely fit, still excersizing to use their gundams, just in case. What Une knew, that most did not, was that their Gundams hadn't been destroyed. The appearence was there, but Quatre had hidden them away, just in case. They had trust in the system, but the bout with Mariemaia taught them there was still a long way to go for peace. Even so, the Gundams were not readily accessible, even if they were available. It was the best option, all five had decided, and Une agreed.

All of them had grown, Trowa was the tallest, he'd shot up over half a foot over the last year. An mere inch under six feet, Trowa was the tallest of the pilots. Still built like an acrobat, Trowa had grown accustom to his height and often used it to his advantage. Especially against the small, slender Quatre that was barely five feet four inches and hadn't grown a bit in six months. The small-statured baby-blond constantly argued with his boyfriend that he was not "short" he was "vertically challenged" and always huffed loudly when one of the pilots teased him about his height. Not that Hiiro could, or did, since he was only an inch taller, but Hiiro didn't care if people called him short. To his thinking, in his rather straightforward manner, he was and that was really all there was to it. The genetic manipulation seemed to have messed with Hiiro enough to prevent further growth, since he hadn't grown for as long as Quatre, but only one pilot dared to tease him for it.

Duo, who enjoyed using the Wing pilot for an armrest, had shifted from the half-starved street-rat to hit a height just an inch under Trowa's. The thief was still thin and lithe, but his height made it possible for him to tease the now-shorter Hiiro. Duo seemed to take great delight in it because he'd been shorter than his boyfriend much of the war. Hiiro always ignored the exchange, though all the pilots had to wonder if Duo wasn't going to loose a limb one day from his playful teasing. Wu Fei was just waiting for it. He might want to take the revenge on his own, but watching Hiiro rip Duo's arm off--and probably beat him with it--would be worth the loss. Wu Fei had grown quite a bit as well, to five feet eight inches, and also seemed like his growth spurt had ended there. He couldn't say he was disappointed, since it was the perfect height to snuggle up to Zechs with, but Duo being taller than he was a source of contention.

Though Duo had stopped when Zechs had taken him aside and probably threatened him with something bloody and painful. Hiiro had even stepped in at one point, but Duo had learned to keep his mouth mostly closed. Une smiled at her pilots. They weren't children, and hadn't been for a long time, but she still protected them against what little she could. The five pilots had a lot of people that attempted it.

"Now what, then?" Duo finally asked Une, rubbing his face. Hiiro moved to embrace his lover and rest his cheek against Duo's back.

Quatre's eyes shimmered, and his voice hitched a bit. "I don't want to loose him!"

Trowa wrapped his arms around his little lover, pressing a kiss to Quatre's hair. "I'm not going anywhere."

"By law you have no choice, really," Une glared at the doctor. "Since we've located your family. But there isn't a reason it can be for just a short visit. There is no need for you to stay indefinately. Besides, Quatre, the rest of you could just go with him. Surely you have a house near-by. And I know they live near London, so you can run your company from there for awhile."

Quatre perked up. "That is true, of course," He agreed. "You'd give us leave that long?"

"No, but I'll transfer the lot of you down there," Une's smile was a relief. "I'm not going to force you five apart. You still need each other." Une was accutely aware of their nightmares, and just how difficult it was for them to sleep with one or more of their number on a mission. She and several of their other friends had often forced the pilots to stay with someone those nights.

Quatre's bright smile made it worth it, of course, and Sally couldn't help breath a sigh of relief. "We can visit Relena while we're there, too. I'm sure Zechs will be glad to see his sister. Besides, I know Noin has wanted Zechs to go for awhile, now. Being Relena's bodyguard has severely cut into her social life."

"Being around Relena cuts into one's social life no matter what," Hiiro deadpanned. Duo snickered. Hiiro's cynical and sardonic sense of humor, while amusing, tended to get him into trouble. Especially with the girl he affectionally called his sister.

"Trowa will be leaving earlier than you," Une reminded them. "But I'm sure you'll make it down there fairly quickly. I'll go start the paperwork, and I'll leave you to Sally's tender mercies."

Sally had begun medical school again, which meant the pilots didn't see her a great deal either, and would be finished in another two years. Quatre had paid for her schooling, to her relief, and Une had already promised her a job at a Preventor's hospital. She was the only person the Gundam Pilots really trusted their health too, since she had worked so closely with them during the war. That and she was somewhat of an expert on them because of that contact. Even though she had only been a field medic, she'd often been forced to take care of them since no one else could. Her knowledge of their medical background was extremely important.

Sally looked them over. "You want to tell me more about this so-called 'family' of yours, Barton?" She finally asked, checking them over one last time, telling the doctor they could be released, and forcing him to go get their paperwork. "And how you ended up here in the first place?"

"Kidnapping," Duo grumbled, looking annoyed. "They took some kid and demanded ransom, then used her as a shield and sprayed this gas at us. We were fine until after the mission, but we were fighting the affects so they dragged us here and drugged us, because you weren't here and they were too stupid to check our med files, and here we are."

Sally snorted. "Sounds like great fun."

"You have no idea," Wu Fei muttered in reply. He had been hanging around Duo far too long.

"And where is Zechs?" Sally raised an eyebrow.

"Well, he was the only one not hit by the gas, so he had to return the kid, then go report, and he should be here soon, but he's probably been waylaid by a few marriage proposals." Duo snuggled against Hiiro, resting his cheek on the other pilot's head. "Or something like that."

Zechs choose that unlucky moment to enter the room, looking slightly dazed. Une had explained what had happened, then ordered him in to see his younger lover. "How the hell are you five so unlucky to get shit like this to happen to you, but lucky enough to survive a few wars?" He demanded.

"Karma's kick-me sign," Hiiro quipped, and the others rolled their eyes. Zechs moved to check Wu Fei over, then sat down next to him, sighing in relief when he discovered the Chinese pilot in one piece.

"Anyway," Quatre glared at them both. "The doctor ran these tests and found out about Trowa's family. His father was English, his mother was Latino. And before you ask, no, we don't have a clue how they met. Or her specific ethnicity. We think she was from Mexico, but there's no telling. His real name is Hugo."

Zechs and Sally bit back snickers. Duo didn't bother. Every time he heard Trowa's real name, he laughed. It never failed. Zechs finally gave in. "They called you Hugo?"

Trowa rolled his eyes. "It's not like it was my choice," He grunted.

"He's still Trowa," Quatre informed them. "Trowa Triton Barton-Bloom."

"You know what?" Duo finally managed amidst his laughter. "I think I'll just call him Trowa."

Quatre pouted a little, but Trowa shook his head. "I'm only Triton Bloom to Cathy, but I'm Trowa to everyone else. It's a good name; I'll just keep it."

"You're no fun," Quatre ribbed, but let the matter go. Trowa would always be Trowa, to him, and Quatre absolutely refused to start calling him Hugo. Trowa just smiled at his lover and shook his head, ruffling the baby-blond locks. Quatre made a face at him.

"When do you leave, Trowa?" Zechs looked at the teen.

Trowa frowned. "A week."

"That's not much notice."

"Stardard procedure," Quatre explained bitterly. "They didn't even take into account he's not like the other kids they send off, because Trowa's not actually part of an orphanage, and he's not exactly normal, and we have to plan for his jobs, and plan for him being on his own like that without anything familier around. . ."

"I'll be fine, Quatre."

"Yeah, if you don't sleep." Quatre's upset was clear. It was also kind of selfish on Quatre's part, too. He never slept well without Trowa around. Trowa shook his head and turned to the door as the doctor returned, telling them all they were free to leave. The other pilots just sighed and gathered their things to head out. If Trowa really was due to leave in a week, they all had a lot to get done.

Nine year old Harry Potter perked up as he heard his aunt approaching his cupboard. He really, really, really had to go to the restroom, and he couldn't leave his cupboard because Uncle Vernon locked him in every night. He was really bored, too. They locked him in at exactly eight o'clock at night and refused to let him out until half past seven the next morning, and Harry was always awake really early. Besides, he still had homework left to do, and chores too. If he worked it right, he could finish his homework while he cooked Dudley's breakfast.

Aunt Petunia shoved the door open and glared at the child, dragging him from the cupboard. "Hurry up, you lazy boy!" She snarled and Harry hopped to attention, running to the kitchen to start the bacon, then running to the loo, then hurrying to get his homework, and then checking the bacon. He had breakfast down to an absolute art form, but his aunt never seemed pleased with it. Harry frowned slightly and rested his head on the counter while he continued to cook.

"Boy!" Uncle Vernon's annoyed voice made him jump. "Get me my paper and the mail!"

"Yes, sir!" Harry called, jumping off his stool and heading towards the front door. He was lucky to have the stool; Aunt Petunia had finally let him use it after he'd burnt the bacon too often because he was too small to look into the frying pan. Adjusting his cheap, black framed glasses, Harry grabbed the mail. Green eyes flicked expertly over each name and return address, sorting it for Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.

The Preventors seal made him start, and rush into the kitchen. "Government envelop!" Harry called, knowing that he needed to announce it even if it made Aunt Petunia slap him. She'd be really angry if he didn't. She did slap him, but Harry was glad it was fairly light, and handed her the envelop. Aunt Petunia ripped it open, her blue eyes growing wide. Harry almost laughed at the look on her face. Petunia had perfectly cut and dyed blonde hair, and blank blue eyes, as well as a long neck and horse-like teeth. Her reaction to the letter had made her look even more horse-like, with her jaw dropped and eyes wide.

Harry had to run back to the kitchen to keep from laughing.

"Vernon!" Aunt Petunia shouted, slamming the letter onto the table and running up stairs. Harry tilted his head at her action and frowned, looking at the letter.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursely:

We are pleased to inform you than we have found one of your relatives thanks to the newest DNA data bank. Hugo Evans was discovered alive and well Monday afternoon in our esteemed hospital and will be sent to you for your care. He is sixteen years of age and the son of your now-deceased brother Adrian Evans and his wife Adela. He will be arriving at your house next Monday from the L3 colony X-19375. We hope you will welcome him into your home. . .

The letter continued on for some time in a similar vein, relaying the hospital's hopes "Hugo" would be treated like their own son. Harry nearly snorted. The Dursleys didn't want him. Why would they want someone else to mooch off them? But the letter also said Hugo would have some kind of support from the government, too, though Harry wasn't sure if the Dursley's got that for him as well. Surely they did, since he was an orphan as well.

Harry turned the days over in his head. He'd get to meet his new cousin in less than a week! It was already Wednesday. He grinned for a moment, excited, then felt his stomach churn. What if Hugo was really mean? What if he bullied Harry because Harry was little? Maybe the Dursleys would actually like Hugo and they tell him how bad Harry was. Harry chewed his lip, removing the bacon from the pan. What if Hugo hated him? The rest of his family did, so Hugo shouldn't be much different, but what if Hugo was really mean?

Harry really didn't want Hugo to be mean, but what if Hugo was just like Dudley, only bigger? Dudley was really big and he hurt Harry a lot already. What if Hugo was worse?

But Aunt Petunia hadn't seemed very happy about having someone else live in the house. Maybe they'd hate Hugo too. Harry felt really bad for that thought. He didn't want them to hate Hugo, just because he was a freak like Harry. That wouldn't be fair to Hugo.

Putting breakfast on the table, Harry let his mouth water at the sight of bacon and eggs and went to get some toast instead. Uncle Vernon didn't like it when Harry ate their good food. He was only allowed the day-old bread in the pantry. Maybe he'd have to share that with Hugo, too! Then he'd get even less to eat! Harry wasn't sure how he felt about that. Maybe Hugo would be nice to him, but Harry was always hungry already, and he was really skinny, so sharing food would be bad.

Sighing, Harry glanced at the letter again. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. . . but what if Hugo was terrible and mean? What if Hugo hurt him too? Harry bit his lip and turned to get his school things. Hugo would be nice, he was just sure of it!

Aunt Petunia kept Harry home from school the rest of the week, making him clean the entire house top to bottom. Harry even had to clean out the basement and attic and greenhouse! He cleaned out Dudley's second bedroom, hoping that Uncle Vernon would finally let him sleep in there. Uncle Vernon never said no when he asked, and Harry cleaned with vigor! He was finally going to get his own room! Maybe they'd put Hugo in the cupboard, since Harry had lived there longer. Or Hugo could sleep in the guest room, but they had to save that for when Aunt Marge came to visit, so Harry doubted it.

Harry scrubbed and scrubbed Dudley's second bedroom, and threw away all the broken toys like Petunia told him too, and made sure all the books were nice and neat. He helped set up the new bed and put together the new dresser, and even make the bed. Harry nearly squirmed in excitement. He was going to get new sheets to sleep on too!

Once the furniture was all nice and the walls were clean and the floor was scrubbed, Harry waited to be told he could move in. Uncle Vernon smirked at him, and Harry straightened up. "Hugo should be comfortable in here, shouldn't he," Uncle Vernon offered, cruelly.

Big, green eyes blinked in surprise, and Harry sagged. All that work. . . and Hugo was going to get the bedroom? "Yes, sir." Harry told him, exhausted, and felt his hope of getting the room shatter. Harry should have known he wouldn't get the room. Hugo was special, and Harry wasn't. Or maybe it was because Hugo was old. At least Harry wouldn't have to share the cupboard with Hugo. That thought relieved him a lot. Not that Harry was going to admit it.

When he finally finished cleaning the house Sunday afternoon, Harry was exhausted. He crawled back to his cupboard to sleep, collapsing into dreamless sleep almost immediately. Only Aunt Petunia's screeching woke him later so he could wash up, then he was sent right back to the cupboard. They didn't even feed him supper. Apparently Aunt Petunia had to go over some of Harry work because he was sloppy. That wasn't much of a surprise, but Harry was really hungry. His belly grumbled and growled, and Harry longed for a single piece of bread until he fell asleep for the second time, still exhausted.

But it was almost time for Hugo to arrive! He was so excited, he could hardly wait!

Smiling into the darkness, Harry wondered again what Hugo was like. Maybe he was really, really nice and he'd take Harry away from the Dursleys to a brand-new home with people that wanted him and gave him a room all to himself. Giggling to himself, Harry began to dream of flying motorcycles and the best cousin in the world.

Harry had been dressed for hours when Aunt Petunia finally pounded on his door and told him to get out and start breakfast. Harry began most of his normal routine, but he was very excited. He and Dudley didn't have to go to school because Hugo was coming! Making breakfast while he was almost dancing was kind of hard, but Harry was too excited to walk normally. He just had to make extra sure he stayed out of the way. Hurrying to get the paper and the mail, Harry was only just putting breakfast on the table when the doorbell rang.

Aunt Petunia, dressed in one of her prettiest dresses, hurried to answer the door. Harry peeked out of the kitchen, waiting for his first glance of his new cousin.

"You must be Miss Forrite," Aunt Petunia simpered, inviting the tall woman inside, then smiling at the youth behind her. "And you must be Hugo!"

Miss Forrite's only remarkable feature was her height, the rest of her being extremely ordinary, with her curly brown hair and brown eyes. She was dressed in a Preventor's uniform, which Harry found rather odd, but maybe it was normal for the Preventors to deliever the orphans. Harry had never seen one to know. It didn't matter, though, as Harry passed her over. She wasn't who he wanted to see. Then his eyes fell on the young man behind her. He was on his mid-teens, and stood just an inch under six feet. Light brown hair glinted in the morning light. It was strangely cut, Harry noted, but it suited the stranger anyway. Despite being short in the back, the boy had one, long sweeping bang in the front that covered half his face at any given time. The stranger blinked, then turned to look directly at Harry, making the child pull back into the kitchen after a moment. Harry smiled to himself. Hugo had green eyes, too! Just like the ones Harry saw every day in the mirror, even if Hugo's eyes seemed darker, somehow.

"You must be Adrian's boy, Hugo," Aunt Petunia offered, and Harry could almost hear the big, fake smile on her face. Since Harry didn't hear a reply, he could only assume Hugo had nodded.

"I suppose we'll leave him in your care, for the moment," Miss Forrite's voice was deep, for a woman's voice, and Harry nearly laughed. She sounded almost like a man! Aunt Petunia had to be mortified.

"We'll be sure to take excellent care of him," Aunt Petunia told her.

"I don't think it'll take much," Miss Forrite replied, and Harry heard the rustle of cloth. "He won't be staying here too long, just until some things are straightened out at the capitol. Trowa is very high-priority."

"Trowa?" Aunt Petunia sounded confused. "I thought his name was Hugo."

"Whatever," Miss Forrite waved a hand. "Call him Hugo if you please. He doesn't care."

Harry blinked. Why would Miss Forrite call Hugo "Trowa"? But Harry had to admit that "Hugo" didn't seem to fit the tall youth, and resolved to call him "Trowa" like Miss Forrite did. It fit him better. And Harry like the name "Trowa" a lot better than the name "Hugo."

"Thank you for bringing him all this way," Aunt Petunia smiled. "He's early, so my son and husband aren't up yet, otherwise I'd introduce you to them."

"It was nothing." Miss Forrite replied, and Harry could hear her shoes click against the floor as she made her way to the door. "Before I go, who was the little boy in the kitchen?"

"Just Harry," Aunt Petunia waved it off. "He's my nephew. I don't expect him and Hugo to get along well; he's a terrible child. Misbehaves all the time."

Harry blinked back tears. He always tried to be very, very good. He just. . . wasn't. He didn't understand why, because when he'd tried to act like Dudley he'd been beaten, but when he tried to be good his Aunt and Uncle laughed at him or ignored him or told him he was worthless. "He has my eyes." A deep voice Harry hadn't heard before offered.

It had to belong to Hu--Trowa. Harry smiled. So Hu--Trowa had noticed him! He was excited. "Your father had the same eye color," Aunt Petunia dismissed it. "So did his mother."

"I see." Harry could almost see Trowa nod, even though Trowa was in the hallway and Harry was facing the stove. Moments later he heard Miss Forrite call out her good-byes to Trowa and the door opened, then closed.

"Make yourself at home," Aunt Petunia told Trowa. "I'll go and get Vernon and Dudley up."

"Thank you." Aunt Petunia's footsteps faded, but Harry didn't hear Trowa move. "You must be Harry." The voice was a lot closer than Harry had thought.

Harry yelped and jumped, nearly knocking the bacon pan off the stove. Cold green eyes regarded him closely, and Harry shivered under his scrutiny, not wanting to look at Trowa, fearing Trowa would think he was bad, just like his Aunt and Uncle. Trowa gave a small snort, backing away from Harry and taking a seat at the table to wait for Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Harry felt his heart sink. Trowa didn't seem to like him at all.

Was is possible that Harry was just. . . was just. . . unlovable?