Dear Dark, Dead Diary,

Life nothingness. Atleast for me. Ever since he said that he didn't want me, I've been empty. Bella Marie Swan has gone, and Isabella Marie Swan Volturi has taken her place.

Why can't life be simple? Why does it have to be so twisted and hurtful? Why can't life have an easy button? What's with all of life's twists and turns?

Why did I ever fall for a vampire? If I hadn't, I would probably be sitting in Charlie's kitchen right now, feeding Jacob and our kids, 'cause I know that we would've ended up together.

That's probably not true, though. He would probably have imprinted on someone else, his true love. I might've been sitting in a house somewhere, feeding kids, or a husband, or maybe both. Or maybe, as much as I hate to say it, I would be alone. Maybe this was the best way. Maybe I'm glad that I fell for him.


But I can't make up my mind. But I know that I'd probably be happier, probably eating human food.

Not draining the life out of innocent animals.

This is the diary of Isabella Marie Swan Volturi.

Where life is a darker shade of Black.