Claddagh Ring

When Faust commented that his science equipment left him with the most junk of them all Ren pounced to get away from scrubbing the floors. Only as he headed to Faust's room did he realize it was the first time he hadn't had to make an excuse to spend time with the pale, brooding man that had so recently captured his attention.

So Faust organized the flasks and knives that had been sitting in boxes for weeks and Ren went through the trunk of clothes and other personal items that Faust owned. Faust had insisted that they wouldn't even fill the bookcase and dresser so it would be easy to make the little collection look neat.

Only thirty minutes later the clothes were put away and one shelf held Faust's book collection and a few pictures of Eliza. It had been strange to look at her pictures. Ren knew all of the other shaman's ghosts but Eliza never seemed to talk, she was so mysterious.

As Ren was putting the trunk in the closet he noticed a small box in the corner. Opening it he found a gold ring made of two hands clasping a heart with a crown. He took it to Faust.

Faust didn't seem to recognize it at first, but then he said, "Oh, it's a Claddagh ring. I'd forgotten I had it…"

"Is it German?" Ren asked. It seemed more European than Asian.

"Irish," Faust explained. "The hands, heart, and crown represent friendship, love, and loyalty. One of my friends at my University gave it to me when she heard that Eliza and I were engaged. Eliza didn't really like it so she only wore it a few times. I don't think I've unpacked this trunk all the way in a long time."

Ren held the ring in his fingertips, turning it so that the light made it shine. "So it's an engagement ring?"

"It can be," Faust shrugged. "But it's also worn to show one's availability in love. If you where it on the right hand with the heart pointing away from you it means that your free, no relationships. On the right hand with the heart pointing in it means that you are considering someone. If you where it on your left hand with the heart pointing in, towards your own heart, it symbolizes that your heart is spoken for."

Ren smiled lightly. "It's a nice ring."

"You can have it if you like. I'll just forget about it again." Faust offered.

Ren considered for a moment. It was obviously a woman's ring but his fingers were thin enough that it should fit. "Thanks." He said and slid the ring smoothly onto his left finger, heart pointing in.

"I didn't know you were in love."

"I haven't told you yet." Ren whispered, then left.

It was minute before Faust thought to go after him.


A/N The Claddagh Ring is part of Irish tradition dating back at least 300 years. The different meanings for the way it's worn varied a bit on different sites I looked at but the above seemed to be the most common. Feel free to correct me though.

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