Disclaimer: This is an original story based upon the characters of Battlestar Galactica

Disclaimer: This is an original story based upon the characters of Battlestar Galactica. No profit will be made from this story and no copyright infringement is intended.

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She woke up early and reveled in the luxury of Saturday morning. She had forgotten how much she loved Saturdays. Growing up as the child of two teachers, Laura had come to love Saturdays because it was the one day that the Roslins could spend all together. Sunday was for lesson plans and grading papers, but Saturday was for picnics, kite-flying, walks in the park, and even just reading together. As a young teacher, she had learned to treat Saturday as a day of rejuvenation, a chance to regroup before the week started. As a politician, Saturday became like any other day of the week. She lay under the covers for awhile and played with her hair. She had almost convinced herself that he wasn't coming. He was the admiral still after all. Delivering school supplies probably wasn't high on his list of priorities. However, there was still a little silly girlish hope in her that she would see his tall, rugged form come off the transport. She smiled to herself as she thought of his eyes; those eyes could be blazing, make you feel as though you were disintegrating right before him. Those eyes could also be kind, tender, and so loving that you felt like you could melt like butter under his gaze.

She decided to still take her walk that morning. If by some strange chance Bill was on the transport, she didn't want to appear as though she had been waiting for him. She had been walking every morning since she got to New Caprica. She liked being out among the people, liked to let them know that she still cared. After a walk through the city, sometimes she would walk further, relishing being alone. It was so nice to not have military guard within ten feet of you at all times. Laura decided to do a little exploring today, heading outside town in a different direction. It was a surprisingly warm day, and even though it wasn't earth--the air was fresh. She walked along, gazing up at the sky and wondering if Bill was on his way down to the planet. It almost startled her; during the month they had been away from each other, how much Bill occupied her thoughts. Last week during a history class, she had been giving a lesson on the first settlers of Tauron when she thought of the first time he had put his hand on her back to lead her into a room. Another time, she had been holding a parent teacher conference and thought about a joke he had told her. She had giggled shamelessly and had been terribly embarrassed. The month apart had shown her something, it really was no use. As much as she tried to deny it, she had fallen for Bill Adama.

Laura wasn't exactly sure when it had happened. She had certainly always respected him, since the first day they had met. But...when was it that her heart started to flutter when he touched her arm, or smiled he smiled her? Was it when he had asked her dance and she experienced his gentleness the first time as he swayed her to the music? There were so many moments that had changed her initial impression of him. She had loved him when she saw him pull his son into his arms on Kobol, in the way he looked at her after Kobol. She had loved him when he sat next to her bed and held her hand, when he had tried to hide his tear from her. It was a thousand different moments, a thousand different tender glances that had made him what he was to her. It was a hand on her face, a sweet and gentle first kiss, having someone she could giggle in front of, (Richard had told her once that her giggle annoyed him) having someone she could just be Laura in front of.

She walked up a little hill she hadn't been before. At the bottom of the hill there was a little stream. Laura closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the water.

"Laura! Laura come on sweetheart, Grandma and Grandpa are here."

She could not be pulled away from the water. She sat in the sand, letting the waves gently roll over her. "Laura! Laura Roslin get out of that water and come inside!

"Just one more minute Mommy!"

She had often wondered over the past year what had become of their summer home by the ocean. After her mother had died, Richard had suggested she sell it, but she couldn't bear the thought of someone else being in the vacation home her father had built. It was there her grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. It was there that a very sick Bridget Roslin had discovered she was pregnant with Cassandra, and there twenty-two years later that Cassandra Roslin had become engaged in front of the entire family. It was there that she and her mother had escaped after the tragic death of her father and sisters, and it was there that Laura's mother had asked to spend her final days. The sound of water always brought her back to that place. The sound of the water was playful, and suddenly she felt herself giggling. It was wonderful to be doing something spontaneous, something didn't carry careful consideration. She found herself near the bank of the stream, taking off her shoes and stepping into the cold water. It was delightfully frigid and it made her feel alive. She thought about the last time she had stuck her feet in water. It was the day that everything ended. She had come from the doctor's office where she was told that she would die. She had just stuck her toe in that day, wanting to feel the comfort of the memories associated with water. It seemed so strange to think that had been less than a year ago. She had lost and found so much in that short time. She had been asked to resign from her job, only to find herself in a new one. She had lost Richard, and found Bill. She had lost her death sentence and found life.

Bill Adama grimaced as he walked through the small city of New Caprica. He hated getting old. He wondered what the pilots he used to fly with would think if they knew transport ships made "Husker" a little queasy. He had almost lost his nerve when he realized how disappointed he was that she hadn't met the transport. He had been looking out the window, wanting to catch a glimpse of her before she saw him. When the transport opened, he had tried not to hurry out, he didn't want to draw attention, but his heart sank as he finally came out, looked over the crowd and didn't see her. He helped unload the supplies, more than occasionally looking up for her. After the supplies had been unloaded, he had waited for a few minutes and then started in the direction of the tents. After finding which one was hers, he had turned back about five times. He had been on the run so long, been the admiral for so long, that he had forgotten how it was to simply like a woman.

Of course he had never really been very good at this to begin with. He had been so young when he joined the military, and there had never been time for girls after that. He had fallen hard for Carolanne, and when he married her, the thought of ever being with another woman simply didn't even occur to him. He glanced down at his wedding ring he still wore on his left hand. Maybe in a way, it still didn't. He could live out his life very easily running his ship, taking out the wedding picture once a year and listening to Carolanne in his head. He could be satisfied knowing that he had had it once, for even though it ended the way it did, he was certain he did have it once. He didn't need love...not again. But...those eyes, those beautiful green eyes that crinkled at the side when she smiled. That beautiful, sweet smile that lit up the world. Her laughter, her beautiful infectious laughter that could always relax him. Since their new existence had begun, she had become his partner, his companion in the journey and even...his best friend. It had taken a long time, but she had won his heart. There were things that he could tell her and a part of himself he could be with her that he couldn't be with Saul or Lee. And that was why he continued towards her tent, and why when Tory found him and told him what direction Laura had gone, he followed her.

He walked along for awhile, enjoying being outside again. Cloud 9 had never really meant anything to him. Even though it was brilliantly synthetic, it was still just synthetic sunshine, grass, and blue sky. He had always been a child of the outdoors. When he was a boy he would go on camping trips with his uncle David and his cousins. One summer, to the great chagrin of his mother, he had decided to sleep outdoors every night for the entire summer. He loved it. It was that summer that he had decided that what he wanted to be more than anything was a viper pilot, careening around the stars he loved to look at. When his boys were little, he had taken them on camping trips as well. Lee had loved every minute of it, becoming his daddy's shadow the entire time. Zak never cared for it, preferring to curl up in the hammock and read than track animals.

"Zak, Zaky come on son, we're going on a hike to the lake."

"You go ahead Dad!"

His daydream was broken by a sound as he came to a hill. It was the sound of laughter: wonderful, beautiful laughter. He smiled to himself and his heart pounded as he walked up the hill. When he reached the top, he saw her. The former President of the Twelve Colonies, Commander and Chief of the military, leader of the human race, was below him, dancing like a little girl in a stream of water. She was barefoot, her hair was loose and falling in brilliantly sun-kissed curls about her face. She was dancing to a melody heard only by her, and her laughter… that lovely wonderful laughter, made him want to cry and laugh himself at the same time. It was then that he knew it. He knew it in the core of everything that made him who he was. He loved her. He was in love with Laura Roslin.

Laura wondered what the press and her military detail would think of her if they saw her now, dancing in the water like a child. She threw back her head and laughed as she thought about it, kicking up a fresh spray of water. She didn't care what the press or marine detail would think of her, and it felt absolutely wonderful. It was only a moment after that, however, that she realized she wasn't alone. She turned and was startled at first to see a man watching her at the top of the hill. She was frightened only for a moment, until the man walked towards and she realized who it was. Her heart beat wildly as he came towards her.

"I didn't mean to startle you. I'm sorry," he said.

"Bill..." she said in surprise. She then realized she was barefoot, standing in the middle of a stream, with dripping hair. "Oh no...you didn't startle me," she said, hoping she wasn't turning as red as she felt. She moved to walk out of the stream and he unconsciously offered her his hand to help her. Her fingers touched his and both felt the jolt of electricity pass between them.

"Hello," he said grinning when she stepped out of the stream.

"Hello," she replied, smiling at him and he wondered how he had ever gone through the past month without seeing that smile. "You'll have to forgive my appearance...it's just..." she pointed to the water. "It's been a long time."

"You look beautiful," he said gently. He had said it without thinking, without carefully checking his words like he always did. He didn't think, however, that he could have held it back had he tried. Just as she was, standing before him right now, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She more than rewarded him for his compliment with her radiant smile that burst on her face.

He called me beautiful...he thinks I'm beautiful.

"How...how long can you stay?" she stammered, embarrassed at the silly grin she probably had on her face.

"Only about an hour and part of that is a meeting with Baltar," he said.

She tried not to show her disappointment. Now that he was here, she wanted to keep him longer.

"Walk back with me?" he asked gently.

"Sure," she said, and quickly put back on her shoes.

They talked about Galactica and school as they walked. He caught her up on the crew members she asked about, and she told him about some of the students in her classes. Sometime during the walk, a slender soft hand found its way into a large calloused one. Bill had almost forgotten how nice it was just to hold a woman's hand as they walked along together. They were almost to the outskirts of town when she stopped him.

"Bill," she asked, "Why didn't you write?"

"Just busy I guess," he replied.

"Bill..." she said again more firmly.

He looked up at her eyes, such beautiful eyes, "I..." he kicked some dirt around and shrugged shyly."I wasn't sure if you wanted me to."

She squeezed his hand and then reached up and kissed him on the cheek. "I do." she said and then smiled. "Promise?"

He nodded, "I promise,"

"Good," she said and then looking into his eyes, she brushed a soft hand down his cheek. "Have a good meeting with the president," she said and then walked towards the tents.

He watched her go until she was lost in the crowd of people. She turned back once and offered him a beautiful smile.

He smiled back and then turned towards Colonial One.

He heard absolutely nothing in that meeting.