That Scowl

A/N: This is just a collection of ShikaTemas that I think are too short and more pointless than my usual stuff to merit being posted as an actual story. So here will go weird meaningless drabbles, short oneshots, and other interesting ShikaTema idea I get that don't fit in anywhere else. This will not be updated reguarly, instead updated whenever I get an idea. With that said, hope you like these short little things. :D

She stomped up to him furiously. "Ahem."

Shikamaru dragged his eyes from the fluffy clouds to the fiery beauty standing above him. "Yes?"

She scowled. A horribly dangerous, incredibly irritated, astonishingly marvelous scowl. "Could you be any more annoying?"

He started blankly at her. "I suppose I can try to be more annoying. A bit difficult thing to ask, though." He knew it was a stupid thing to say as he said it, andTemari's foot kicking him roughly in the ribs only confirmed his thought. Temari plopped onto the floor beside him. The scowl still settled nicely on her devilish little lips. Her lips were starting to haunt him. He was having dreams about them for goodness sakes! He used to avoid this creature because she was just so much trouble. Now he avoided her because she was an unbelievable amount of trouble and he LIKED it.

He was going mad, that was, if he wasn't mad already.

"I'll have you know, Nara, that because of you, I can't stand to look at the clouds anymore."

"Oh really? How's that my fault?"

She glared daggers at him. "I'm only going to say this once."

"Good, I'd probably only listen once anyway."

He didn't even see the blonde move an inch, but the next thing he knew she was sitting on top of him.


He was having trouble thinking, because really, when she was involved he always had difficulties thinking clearly. All his mind could process was that she was sitting on him, her lovely legs were on either side of him, her teal eyes were looking down at him in severe annoyance, and her lips were twisted into that gorgeous and troublesome scowl of hers.

"I can't," she begins slowly, "look at the clouds anymore, because every time I try, all I can think of is you. Do you know how damnably frustrating that is?"

He swallowed. "I can imagine." He probably wouldn't be able to look at clouds anymore either. Now all he'd be able to think of was this moment right now, and that just wasn't something he wanted to bother pondering about in public now was it?

"I really, really despise you, you know. In the beginning, you irritated me, because of your stupidly chauvinistic attitude. Then you charmed me with your even stupider noble crap. Then, you just wormed into my damn head and made me like you with your – your – No one treats me like I'm me. They treat me like I'm worthless, they treat me like I'm the princess of Suna, they treat me like I'm a psychopath's sister, they treat me like I'm just a freaking bitch. BUT NO ONE EVER TREATED ME LIKE ME until you. AND I HATE THAT. I hate you, because I can't stop thinking about you. Do you know how badly I want to kiss you right now?"

He pulled her forward and covered her lips with his. "You talk too much."

"Idiot." She mumbled against his lips.

"For the record." Shikamaru muttered. "I hate you too."