Hello everyone. this is my latest fan fiction. It's pretty cool actually...If only I could write like some authors I know of though. So yep this is chapter one. I even made a RPG website dedicated to this story! It's not finished yet, but your still welcome to join! (We're waiting for a few sponsors to reply so we can put youtube videos and games on my site so right now it's strictly role play.) Well I hope you enjoy this story!


"I'll GET YOU FOR THIS ZOGER! I SWEAR IT!" Boky screamed as the two guards threw her into an empty jail cell.

The alien known as Zoger smiled and shook his head while leaning on a door frame from across the room.

I thought I knew you.

I thought I loved you.

"I HATE YOU! I WISH YOU WOULD JUST GO DIE!" Boky screamed loudly while banging her fists against the solid concrete floor of her jail cell.

"Really Boky? You really want me to die?" Zoger mocked.

She stopped banging her fists and glared at him. "Yes..."

You understood me.

You befriended me.

Zoger laughed loudly. "Don't worry. You'll be deactivated soon enough." His eyes gleamed.

"I kill you Zoger...I'll kill you." Boky muttered while balling her hands into a fist.

I trusted you.

You gave me hope.

"ZOGER YOUR HEAD IS MINE!" Mar said screaming as she bashed open the door. Filled with adrenaline and rage she grabbed a bar from Boky's jail cell and ripped it off. she pointed the bar and Zoger and growled.

Boky slipped threw the opening that was left when Mar ripped the bar off. Then glared at Zoger.

You betrayed me.

You underestimated me.

The both charged at him but instantly...He was gone.

"Come on! We need to grab a ship and escape before anyone discovers that your free!" Mar said grabbing her sisters sleeve and leading them out.

The ran to the ship yard until they heard some noises from the conference room. They quietly stood by the door and listened.

"THEY CANNOT FIND HIM!" Red said bashing his fist onto the table.

"Zim is dangerous...Which is why we banished him to earth. If his sisters join him..." Purple stated.

"We'll be slaughtered." A third voice said nodding in agreement.

"Come on! Lets go!" Mar whispered. She grabbed Boky's sleeve again and lead them both to the ship yard.

Your a liar.

Your a deceiver.

" Isn't Zim that alien who can't escape earth cause he's so destructive?" Mar said ducking behind a crate. Boky sat by her side.

"Yeah." Was all she said.

"There! That ship!" Mar said point at a star cruiser.

He will pay.

He will pay greatly.

"So where to?" Mar said taking to the controls of the ship that she and her sister Boky just stole.

"Earth." Boky said pacing around the ship. "And as fast as possible."

"Why?" Mar said turning around to look at Boky.

He will be punished.

"To meet our brother, Zim." Boky said grinning evilly.

He's a traitor.


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