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There was a 'CLANK' of an axe and a javelin hitting each other and a sound of a man growling.


More sounds of weapons upon weapons, and finally a shrill scream.

"LUNA!" Sherman screamed as the man grabs a little girl by the throat and laughed. He placed a knife to her throat and glared at Sherman. "What's the matter little brother? Can't choose the right path?"

Sherman looked at his older brother with tears in his eyes. "Brother...You don't need to do this.." He shivered with fear, being only 10 years old and being put on the task to kill his older brother isn't simple.

Sometimes Sherman hated being a paladin.

"Choose Sherman! The girl, or me." His brother pressed the knife harder, making a small truckle of blood fall from the girls neck. She started to cry and scream louder.

"So what did you do?" Boky said as she and sherman looked at the night sky.

"That doesn't matter..." Sherman shook his head. "What matters afterward is my brother killed me..."

Boky laughed. "But your right here in front of me." Sherman looked at her and frowned. "Yes. But I am not alive. I can't feel anything or eat...and I have no emotion almost."

Boky looked at him in wonder. "Then why are you here with me Sherm?"

Once he said that, he sighed. "Boky, you see...I sacrificed myself to save another...and then that blasted witch reincarnated me...and whom ever holds the sword you have now, has me as a slave along with my army."

"Oh..." Boky tapped her fingers in thought. "I see."

Sherman smiled. "You know, you remind me of Luna...Only she was much younger then you...about seven the last time I saw her.."

"Which was years ago huh?" Boky asked.

"Yeah. Pretty much. She was always getting into trouble with her curiosity."

"And curiousity killed the cat right?"

"Well...I'm not sure. I died before she did."

"Well...Who was she?"

Sherman chuckled. "Luna was an innocent soul..She wouldn't hurt anyone. She was my beloved sister. May she rest in peace."

She walked inside and Boky yawned. "Zim? By the way..." She started as she looked at her brother.

"Do you like Gaz?" She smirked.

Zim, who was drinking a glass of orange juice, coughed and spat out his juice all over mar.

"WHAAAT?!" He yelled as Mar glared at him and wiped the juice off her face.

Boky smiled. "Just wondering." She walked into her room and collapsed onto the bed. She fell asleep instantly, and Riah curled up by her feet and fell asleep too.

"Shadow, Status report." Reb was pacing slowly in her large bedroom, wearing a black robe with red trimmings. She smiled as Shadowed came into view of her large screen, and saluted Reb in greeting.

"Ma'am, the target has fallen asleep and the others are asleep as well." Shadow whispered as she put her hand down to her side.

"Excellent. Now do me a favor, and steal her sword for me please." Reb grinned.

"Ma'am we have a problem on that. That blasted zombie is guarding it." Shadow hissed.

"Well now that just wont do..." Reb growled, cracking her knuckles. "I don't care what you must do, just do whatever necessary to get me that sword."

The screen went static as Reb signed off. Shadow growled and walked to the tube to get out of Zim's lab. "Get the sword Shadow...Do whatever is necessary..." she hissed as she walked through the kitchen and into the living room.

All the furniture was in place, and she looked at Gir who was watching TV. She smiled wickedly.

"I know just want to do..." She walked up and sat by Gir. "Hey Giiir! Can you do me a favor?"

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