Harry was at his wit's end. He'd thought about mailing Sirius, but decided that it was too embarrassing. The same was decided of talking to Dumbledore, McGonogall and Remus. He couldn't even approach his best friend about it! Ron would either hit the roof, or faint dramatically, probably both in that order.

He chewed on the end of his quill while he stared out of the window of the library, Malfoy was mad, that was the only explanation, maybe he should talk to Madame Pomfrey instead… But then he'd have to admit that Malfoy had been jumping out of blind corridors, from behind statues of armour, even lurking outside the Gryffindor commons, and snogging him! The amount of times it'd happened now, she'd probably think that Harry was getting caught on purpose, and he wasn't. Definitely not. Nope.

"Bugger." Fingers pulled a piece of feather out of his mouth as he bit the end off the quill. He flipped a few pages of the book in front of him before Hermione could tell him off for daydreaming. She sat studiously at the table next to him, quill racing across the parchment that lay before her, two books acting as paperweights, or was that parchment-weights..?

"Harry, do you intend on doing any work today?" Hermione's voice sounded amused as she peered over at his blank parchment. "I mean, I know Ron's not interested in study, but you're the one who wanted to come to the library today. Or maybe you had something else planned?" She gave a knowing smile that made Harry blush, though he wasn't sure why.

"What? No, of course not, just wanted to… get some study done, you know. Why are you asking so many questions? It has nothing to do with how quiet the library is, and how many hiding spaces there are…" he trailed off. Realising that he may have given away more than he wanted to, he immediately stood, disrupting his books and knocking his chair backwards, "Oh look!" he pointed in the direction of a group of first years, "There's… that person I wanted to talk to! Roger, no, Donald, that's it."

Hermione just watched, bemused, as Harry strode over to the first years' table and sat down with them. Two of them stared at him in fright, and the third sneered, baby-slytherin that it was. Her gaze followed Harry as he stood up almost immediately and wandered over to the stacks in the back corner. She squinted as she saw shadows move within the aisle, and gasped as said shadows leap upon her friend. Swallowing a cry of fright, she immediately ran to Harry's aid, pulling her wand out of it's pocket as she reached him.

"Petrificus totalis!" she pointed the wand at the shadows and watched a frozen Draco Malfoy fall to the floor with a thump.

Hermione stared at the boy on the floor. She stared at the boy standing upright, and he stared back, Draco stared at the ceiling.

Carefully enunciating every word, she spoke, "Just what exactly is going on here?"

Harry gulped, brushing his sleeve over his mouth, "Er…"


"Er, I think Malfoy's insane."

He watched her reaction carefully.

"A..and I think it might be contagious?" he added helpfully.

Hermione just stared at the well-snogged boy. "Well, obviously."