Hi there to all of you! This is my first La Corda fic, though I hope it won't be that last. Anyway, basically, this is a oneshot about the junior's prom! One year has passed and Tsuchiura, Tsukimori and Hino are already juniors. Of course, Hihara and Yunoki are seniors and Shimizu and Fuyuumi are sophomores. Well, anyway, now, who would take who to the prom? Let's start the story already! Though, just a request, please review per reader! Thanks!

It was in the middle of the year, and all the girls of the junior year had been excited for one particular thing. The thing that they'd been planning for since they understood what it meant. No it wasn't their own debut or wedding. They were still planning those things in their heads. After all, a woman's three most important life events are this event and the debut and wedding. Now, what is it, you may ask. It was something that would happen earlier than those two. It was…


It was such a big deal to the ladies, and all they could talk about was the upcoming Promenade, and of course, Yunoki-sempai. That topic would never fade away.

Anyway in class 3-5, three particular students were talking about the topic and the issues concerning it. Who to bring; what to wear; how to act and WHO TO BRING. Yep, that was the important question.

"Kaho-chan, who are you going to bring?" Mio enthusiastically asked with a big excited grin.

Hino Kahoko suddenly flushed. Various image of hot guys subsequently flashed inside her head. "Iie! Why did I think of Tsukimori-kuni, Tsuchiura-kun, Hihara-sempai, Yunoki-sempai and Shimizu-kun?" she asked herself, totally shaking her head.

Her two friends, Mio and Nao could just watch at this funny sight. It was if Hino was losing her mind.

Though, she finally stopped when Mio and Nao were laughing hysterically. She flushed some more. "Don't laugh like that!" she exclaimed.

Nao couldn't stop laughing but tried to speak. "But you looked so funny, Kaho-chan. What were you thinking!?" she said, wiping the tears of laughter that came from her eyes.

Hino blushed once more, and this time, even more- and yes, that was still possible. Now, she looked like the reddest of the red tomatoes.

"Ah, you must have thought of who to bring, huh?" Mio stated. She abruptly afterwards laid her hands hard on the table in emotion. "Violin Romance is coming true! I knew it!" she enthusiastically said, with eyes twinkling from the excitement.

"Iie!" Hino said, waving her arms in denial. Suddenly, she saw the time. "Oh, I have to go now, guys! I have to buy some things for my violin," she said then stood up and fixed her things. "See you guys later!"

"Bye!" Mio and Nao answered in unison.

And as Hino was about to exit their classroom, she then bumped into a classmate that came in. It was Tsuchiura.

They had been classmates for this year and it was usual for her to see him. But after that whole scenario of him being one of those she thought of to be her prom date, she became really nervous and felt really awkward. "Hi, Tsuchiura-kun," she greeted with a tint of blush, yet still trying to be her cheerful self.

Mio and Nao heard this and decided to watch the two talk.

"Hi, Hino-san," he greeted as well. "Are you going home now?"

"Yeah, I'm going to Minami Instruments to buy some things for my violin," she explained.

"Can I go with you there? I have to stop by there and practice the piano, too."

"Okay," she answered.

Tsuchiura just got his things.

While this was done, Mio and Nao made weird and taunting looks to Hino. Mio even mouthed 'violin romance' once more to her.

After a while, Tsuchiura was all set, and he and Hino were off to Minami Instruments, leaving the Seisou School Campus and Hino's seemingly annoying friends.

Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard as they walked outside the campus. He was joyfully screaming, 'Kaho-chan and Tsuchiura-kun' over and over. Such a distinct voice it was, and the two knew what it meant. It got to be only one person.

They looked back and they were right. It was Hihara, the very happy-go-lucky sempai.

"Hey, where you two headed?" he asked, still joyful.

"To Minami Instruments, you want to come, Hihara-sempai?" Hino answered.

"Sure!" he said, jumping.

Tsuchiura and Hino could just break a sweat. He was really too excited, even if it was nothing to be excited about. He had gone there a couple of times already.


On their way, Hihara suddenly saw some juniors pass by. And he heard that they were talking about the upcoming prom. This lead him to be curious and ask, "Kaho-chan, by the way, who are you bringing to prom?"

She blushed again. Seriously, how often did she do that today? "Uh… I don't know yet. What about you Tsuchiura-kun-"

Hihara jumped to conclusions too fast. What he thought was not what Hino was about to say. "WHHHHAAT? You're asking him?" he exclaimed, obviously jealous. "But Tsuchiura! You told me nothing was going on with you two! The rumors of you two going out aren't true, right?"

Hino blushed even more. "No, no! That rumor isn't true! And I'm not sure yet of who to bring. I'm just asking him who he's bringing," she explained to the tortured guy.

Hihara gave a sigh then laughed. Boy, was he wrong. "Oh, okay…" was all he could say. He was totally embarrassed. Good thing Hino was too dense to figure out why he acted that way.

"So, Tsuchiura-kun?" Hino repeated.

Tsuchiura looked away from her and just looked directly in front. "Uh… no… I still have nobody to bring," he hesitantly answered.

"EH!" she sounded surprised. "Really? Nobody has asked you yet? Funny, I've been hearing a lot of our classmates wanting to ask you out. I was actually curious who you would pick."

He looked down on the ground. "Yeah, I know. Many did ask me out."

"You said no to all of them?" she asked, her eyes widening.

He then looked directly at Hino, blushing a bit. "Yeah, I just didn't think they were my type. I mean… prom is an important day. You have to bring someone who you're at least comfortable with."

Hino blushed as well. He was looking at her right in the eye. "What did he mean by that?"

Although, Hihara couldn't take that they were ignoring him. "Hey, let's go!" he interrupted the two who were staring at each other. "Minami Instruments is right there!"

He afterwards pulled Hino and ran to the music store, leaving Tsuchiura. He could just follow. "What were you thinking of telling her that?"


Soon after, they entered the store and Hino found the things she had been looking for. New set of strings, cleaning aids, and even new pieces and CDs. Tsuchiura in the other hand got to practice his piano playing. Today, he practiced a new piece he got from school, Dance of the Demons, by Eduard Holst.

Everybody became captivated and engulfed by his music. Tsuchiura's oji-san, Hihara and of course Hino as well. It was beautiful, intimate, yet joyfully beautiful.

And as the day ended, they all parted their ways. However, Tsuchiura walked Hino home, his house being in the same direction as hers, unlike Hihara's who was at the opposite direction.


Hino then became silent the whole time they were walking. She was thinking of who to ask to their prom. She recalled the ones she thought of, and thought of the positive and negative aspects that may happen if she would choose them. In the end, she realized that the best choice seemed to be the person right beside her. The others may have been her friends, but she was closest to Tsuchiura. Besides, it would be less complicated if it was him. They were classmates after all, so it was easier to communicate with him about prom… stuff. "So, Tsuchiura-kun," she finally spoke. "I was wondering… uh… if, it's okay with you. Uh, would you-"

But then she was cut-off when Tsuchiura stopped walking and was apparently not listening. Hino saw that he was staring at Tsukimori who was right in front of them.

"Ah! Konbanwa, Tsukimori-kun," she greeted with a smile.

"Konbanwa," he answered back in a monotone voice.

"So, where are you headed to?" she innocently asked, not noticing that Tsukimori was right in front of her house.

"Yeah, where are you headed to a this time of the night? Your house is a bit far from here," Tsuchiura asked sarcastically, and kept directing his eyes from Tsukimori to Hino's house.

Tsukimori broke a sweat. He didn't want to tell them why he was there so he decided to lie. "I'm here to ask Hino for some… pieces and… my CDs back. She didn't return them from last year."

"Ahh! Oh yeah! I'm so sorry, Tsukimori! I really enjoyed the CDs! Why don't we all get inside? I'll find it," she said then pulled the two inside. They both just blushed, feeling the soft touch of her hands on theirs.


Inside Hino's house, Tsukimori and Tsuchiura just sat by the couch, leaving a very big space in between them. It was obvious that they still hated each other, even though the concours was a long time over.

Out of the blue, as they were waiting, Hino's mother came to the living room and saw the two handsome men. "Why, hello there. Who might you two be?" she asked respectfully.

Hino entered the room and saw her mother talking to the two. "Oh, mom! This is Tsukimori and Tsuchiura, they're from my school, and also my batch mates."

"Nice to meet you, Tsukimori, Tsuchiura," she acknowledged with a smile.

"Tsuchiura here walked me home since it was on his way home, and Tsukimori came to get his CDs that I borrowed," she explained. "By the way, here you go," she continued as she gave Tsukimori his CDs and some of the pieces he wanted to borrow.

"Uh, thank you," he said, nodding.

"So, Hino-chan, who are you bringing to prom? It has got to be one of these two, since you seem to be close friends with both of them," her mother asked, totally not realizing what an awkward situation she put Hino in.

"She did not just say that!" Hino blushed so much. "Uh, I don't know who to bring, mom. Uh, anyway, you two should go. It's late and your parents must be worried sick," she stated, as she pushed Tsukimori and Tsuchiura to the door. "It was a nice day. I had a fun time. See you two tomorrow!" she said quickly then let them out.

The two were just perplexed. They were instantly kicked out of her house and were given the slammed door. Although, afterwards, they just eyed each other like rivals, as usual, then left separate ways.


The next day, Hino came to school, looking really worn-out. She still didn't know who to bring for prom, and that kept her awake the whole night. Her mother also added to the tension by telling her about her entire love story when she was about her age. And that was a LONG story.

While walking, she saw Yunoki's limousine from a distance. She tried to hide from it, thinking that she didn't need Yunoki to annoy her even more. In truth, sometimes, she finds him annoying as he finds her annoying. It was mutual.

But to her dismay, Yunoki had already spotted her, and ordered the driver to head near her. She was afterwards pulled inside the black limousine.

"Ohayou, Kahoko," Yunoki greeted in a soft yet friendly tone. This just caused Hino to be scared once more of him, recalling his real colors.

"Ohayou… sempai," she answered in hesitation.

"So, how are you now? I heard that your promenade is coming close by. Who are you bringing?" he asked.

"Not this question again!" Hino then turned her head slowly and looked at Yunoki. "Uh… I'm not sure on who to bring yet…"

"Then I could be your date," he lightly presented.

Hino didn't expect that. She blushed madly. "Iie, iie, that can't be. A lot of juniors want to ask you out, sempai," she politely explained.

"I know. Though, think about it Kahoko. Think about the best choice," Yunoki said in a soft and gentle tone, totally meaning that the best choice was himself.

Fortunately for her, they were in front of the school already.

"Uh… hai," she said then opened the door to let herself out. After that, she ran away as fast as she could. "Being in there sent shivers in my spine. I can't believe Yunoki-sempai would just pull me in there like that and ask if he could be my date."


After catching her breath after a minute or two, Shimizu then passed by her, carrying his cello. "Ohayou, sempai," he said in a monotone which he usually does.

"Ohayou, Shimizu-kun. Ah, I see you're reading another book while walking. You know that's dangerous," she scolded as if she was his mother.

"Demo, I really wanted to find out more about the cell-o," he started but then fainted. Luckily, Hino caught him. He just fell on her arms, and slept there peacefully.

"He didn't get much sleep again," Hino thought. "Well I didn't get much sleep as well."

Unexpectedly, Hihara happened to pass by and so the position Shimizu was in. He was so near Hino's chest and she couldn't help but nosebleed. "Kaho-chan!?" he asked all scared to find the truth, blood still coming out from his nose. He was a jealous wreck.

"Ah, ohayou… Hiharu-sempai!" she greeted then pointed to his nose.

"Why is he… there?" Hiharu pointed loudly and weirdly. It was his jealous self again showing.

"Ah, Shimizu-kun got sleepy. He's always tired from practicing the cello and doesn't get that much sleep," she explained. "Poor kid. Though, sempai, you're nose is bleeding,"

Hiharu's jealousy finally calmed down. He wiped the blood and it had stopped flowing. "Oh," was all he could say. He was again really embarrassed.

Shimizu woke up after a few seconds. "Huh? I slept again? Gomenazai-sempai," he said then stood up. He after that, bowed to Hino and Hiharu and went to class.

By no time, Hino and Hihara had left each other for classes too.


As Hino walked by the corridors of the school off to her classroom, she was still very much confused on whom to bring to prom. And it was but a week away.

She might have thought that Tsuchiura would be the best choice but it all changed when she saw Tsukimori last night. "Why was he there last night? Would he really go to that trouble just for his CDs? Well, he does love music. Then he may really go to that trouble,"she thought to herself. Because of this, she didn't notice that she was about to bump into someone. It was no other than the person she was thinking about, Tsukimori.

She fell on her butt and injured one of her hands yet again since it got scratched from trying not to fall down.

Tsukimori saw this and gave her a lending hand. She accepted it and stood up. "I can't believe how accident prone you are. Come on, let's get you to the nurse," he calmly stated.


They headed off to the clinic and got some bandages. Tsukimori put it on her hand gently, as if treating his own hands. Hino could just remain silent and blush so much. After he did so, that was the only time she could speak. "Arigato… Tsukimori-kun."

"It's nothing. Though, I told you to be careful. Why were you spacing out?" he asked.

She shook her head. "It was nothing."

"Well, I guess I don't need to know, do I? It's none of my business, anyway. Well, I have to go," he said as he headed for the door.

"Wait!" Hino found the urge to say.

This caused Tsukimori to look back. "What?" he asked emotionlessly. That was absolutely typical of him.

"Do you… have a date for the prom already?" she asked, blushing immensely.

Tsukimori got shocked by her question. His face had shock written all over it. This made Hino think so stupid of herself. "I shouldn't have asked that… Now he thinks I'm a weirdo."

"Why are you asking that? It's not of your business, right?" he coldly answered.

"Uh, yeah. I'm sorry," Hino stated and looked down with a sad face.

"Great, you just made her sad," he thought all guilty. "Although… if you're still wondering, I still don't have a date," he said seriously as he stared at her.

She acted surprised. "EH? That's impossible? I'm sure a lot of girls had asked you. I mean, with your looks, you-" She stopped upon realizing what she was starting to say. She flushed so much in crimson.

He was still staring at her and continued explaining. "Well, I rejected them. I didn't even know anything about them. I would at least want to go to the prom with someone I feel comfortable with."

Hino wondered as she was still blushing,"He almost said the same thing as Tsuchiura."

"Anyway, I have to go now. Don't be clumsy anymore."

She nodded with a smile in affirmation.

Tsukimori left the clinic afterwards.

"Hmm… I shouldn't be thinking of who Tsukimori or Tsuchiura would bring to prom. I have to decide now who I'm bringing to the prom. It's in only a week, and I still have no date," she said to herself, being alone already.

Outside, there was then two quarrelling sounds made. Hino decided to have a look outside. It was Tsukimori and Tsuchiura.

"You'll never understand," Tsukimori stated obnoxiously.

"What did you mean by that?" Tsuchiura asked, obviously raging in anger.

Hino had to do something. She had to stop them. And she did. She went in between them and stopped the fight. "Stop it! I'm sick and tired of you two always fighting. Why don't you two just make peace with each other? What is it this time? You insulted each other's music? I don't understand it. Why do you always have to fight?"

"Hino…" Tsuchiura said, wanting to say something, but couldn't. He couldn't tell her that the fight started because of her. Tsuchiura knew exactly why Tsukimori went to Hino's house, and he wanted him to back off. His reason may had be a lie to Tsukimori and even to himself-- because he knows he could hurt her like before, but he just had to let Tsukimori know how much he didn't like him near her.

"Hino, if you were to choose, would you go with Tsuchiura or me to the prom?" Tsukimori straightforwardly asked, keeping his cool, yet sweating a lot. It took him a lot of nerves to ask that question.

Hino backed out. "If you two would continue fighting like this, then I'll choose neither of you," she answered then ran away.

"Nice going, genius," Tsuchiura said to his rival and faked a punch to his head.

Tsukimori closed his eyes to calm down and opened them again. "It's your fault we fought. Why are you so steamed up when it comes to Hino, anyway?" he asked. This was the second time he did actually.

Tsuchiura looked away to hide his blush. "It's none of your business," he answered then left him.


Hino kept running, even if she reached outside. She still couldn't understand why they were always fighting. And worse of all, she got in the middle of their fights every time. She was sick of it, just sick of it.

Unexpectedly, she then tripped from thinking of all the drama. Shimizu was sleeping on the way she came by.

"Ouch!" she said as she tried to stand up. But she couldn't. She stayed on top of the sleeping Shimizu. Well, almost sleeping, since Shimizu woke up when she fell on him.

He rose and helped Hino out. "Sempai, you tripped again. You really should be looking on where you're running or walking. Someone may be sleeping."

Hino gave a bow to the sophomore. "Gomenazai, Shimizu-kun, I didn't mean to run you over."

"Why were you running in the first place?" he asked out of curiosity.

"It was nothing. Don't mind about it," she said, shaking her head.

"Hey wait… I still have nobody to bring to prom! Great. Well, I can't bring Tsuchiura-kun or Tsukimori-kun after that incident. Hmm… what if I ask Shimizu!"

"Shimizu-kun, I have a question. It may be totally out of the blue, but I really have to ask it," she started.

Shimizu focused his attention to her.

"Will you go to prom with me? You know, just as friends? I mean, one should be comfortable with her date, and I'm comfortable with you, right?"

He neared her then whispered. "I'm sorry, sempai. I decline."

That surprised her a lot. "Eh, it's okay," she said with a frown. "Though, it's only as friends, Shimizu. Are you busy? Why can't you come?"

"I know. But I think that day is special for girls," he started, and just by that statement, caught Hino's attention. "Girls want to be with guys they really feel comfortable with in that special event, even someone they really like. And Hino-sempai doesn't like me that way. No, I want you to enjoy it, Hino-sempai. You may not choose the one you like, since I think you don't know who that is now, but I want you to choose the best choice for you, the one you think who's the best choice," he continued, as his eyes trailed on a one passing Fuyuumi Shouko.

Hino saw this and smiled. "I think I know who Shimizu-kun will be asking to prom next year. Aww, it's so cute. I never realized it, but they make such a cute couple." She then hugged Shimizu as soon as Fuyuumi was out of sight. "Arigato Shimizu-kun. I think I have a clue on who to ask out."

Hihara saw this in the distance and got really jealous again. This time, he cried of sadness. "I knew something was happening between Shimizu and Hino! I can't believe it!"

Yunoki heard his friend cry and approached him. "What's wrong Hihara?" He acted concerned.

He made a sigh. "Nothing. I just knew I should have asked someone for our prom last year."

Yunoki just stared at his dear old friend in his own depression and looked around to see what caused it. Then he saw Hino hugging Shimizu. "I see."


After the whole day, Hino walked home all alone then saw Tsuchiura on the way. She made a small smile, and he did too. Though, they as if still didn't want to talk to each other. It was still awkward. "You have to do this, Hino."

She walked forward to Tsuchiura, to talk to him, but then, fate had other plans because Yunoki then pulled her to his limousine for the second time today. That was totally unexpected.

Tsuchiura was left with a raised brow. "What just happened?"


"Yunoki-sempai? Why did you pull me here?" Hino asked, all irritated.

"I wanted to clear something to you. Is there something happening with you and little Shimizu-kun?"

"Where'd he get that idea? He must have seen us talking." That came out from nowhere and Hino had to defend the truth. "What? Iie! Iie! Nothing's going on with us. We're just friends."

"Really? But Hihara saw you two hugging a while ago. I did as well,"he explained.

She shrugged. "That's because I thanked him for giving me good advice."

"Ah, I see."

"Listen, Yunoki-sempai, why would you care if something was going on with Shimizu-kun and I?" she asked seriously.

He made a chuckle. "You're so shallow aren't you, Kahoko? Try to see the feelings around you, not mine, but the others. Maybe that way, you'll know why I wanted to find out."

The limousine stopped. "Here's your house, Hino. Think about what I just said."

Hino then bowed and stepped outside of the limousine. "Arigato, Yunoki-sempai," she answered in deep thought. "What did he mean about the others' feelings?


It was the next day, and Hino still didn't get what Yunoki had said to her. She was just rather too confused again. Though, she was sure of one thing. She knew who to ask for the prom.

She sought the school for that person, and tried to ask around where he was. Then she came upon the presence of Hihara who was sulking by a corner.

"Hihara-sempai, are you okay?" she asked all concerned.

Hihara looked at her still depressed. "I'm not."

Then an idea flashed to her head. She kinda realized what Yunoki was telling her. "Others' feelings… what about Hihara's feelings?"

"Hihara, you want me to help you out in your problem?" she asked.

He cried some more. "No, I think you're busy with Shimizu-kun."

"Don't tell me, you're thinking the same thing as Yunoki-sempai? There's nothing going on between us. I mean, I asked him to be my prom date, you know, as friends, but he declined. He likes somebody else. And I'm sure he's gonna ask that person to next year's prom."

Hihara's mood instantly changed. It was from moping to hopping in joy.

"So, that's the reason you're depressed?" she asked.

Hihara blushed once more. Again, he was embarrassed. It was such a trait of his.

"Anyway, I have to find somebody. I now know who I'm going ask to prom," she stated then gave Hihara a kiss on the cheek so he could cheer up.

Hihara was just left dumbfounded by what she did. When she was long gone, that was when he just realized what she just said. "She already knows who she's going to ask for PROM!"

And he went back to his own sad self.

Yunoki saw this and it made him laugh a bit. He then approached his friend. "Now, now, Hihara. There are still other girls for you."

"But Hino… she was different."

"Well, it's only prom. It doesn't mean she likes her date. It just means that he's the best choice."

Hihara smiled. "I guess. Maybe she thinks that being a sempai, it would be too weird for me to be her date?" He now tried to be optimistic. His old smile was back.

Yunoki knew that wasn't the case but he went along with it for the sake of Hihara's happiness. "Exactly."


Hino kept on running and running around campus, but still couldn't find that person. Suddenly, out of the blue, Tsuchiura came and surprised her from behind. "Hey there."

She jumped in shock. He surprised her. "Tsuchiura-kun, don't frighten me!"

"Gomen," he said with a bow. "Anyway, you seemed like you need to talk to me."

"Actually, I do. Uhm… about that question Tsukimori asked me yesterday…"

"Forget about it. Besides, we haven't fought today, have we? No need to worry."

She founded it hard to speak. "Demo… I just wanted to ask…"

"Ask what?"

"If you would go to prom with me…" she asked blushing.

Tsuchiura was startled. She never thought that Hino would ask her to be her prom date. It's because he knew her feelings. He knew that she didn't like him that way.

He gave out a snicker. "Why did you pick me?" he asked, thinking it was just a joke.

"Because… I think you're the best choice. We're classmates, aren't we? And I know you the best. And you've always been there for me. Why can't I pick you?" she stated. "Besides, I was about to ask you the same thing that night we ran into… Tsukimori."

He sighed with a shrug. "But you didn't. Hino, how naïve can you be? I'm not the one you like."

She blushed and stuttered. "Wh-what?"

"If you asked me that night, I would have said yes. But you saw Tsukimori-kun and hesitated, and I think I know why. He's the one you want to ask out. You're just confused, and I think that's the case."

Hino looked down on the ground. "Demo… will he say yes?"

Tsuchiura began, "Want to know what we fought about?"

She nodded shyly.

"I started the fight. I knew he lied about the CDs. Tsukimori came to your house to ask if you could be his prom date. And I asked him selfishly why he lied. One thing lead to another and we were screaming our heads of," he stated and sighed afterwards.

He continued, "You should go and find him. After that incident, I'm sure he won't ask you again. He's too shallow to find out you like him as well. He must have done a lot of conditioning to have been able to go to your house that night as well."

Hino blushed even more. "Tsukimori-kun... likes me? That's impossible!"

He slowly explained. "Think about it, he gets nicer when you were around. He helps you out with your violin playing and whenever you injure your hands. He invited you to his mother's concert on his own will. And yes, I figured that out, too. He's a whole different person when it comes to you, Hino-san."

She gasped. Tsuchiura was right.

"I think you see it now."

"Demo… why would you two fight about me?" she asked.

He made a chuckle, trying to hide it. Though, he didn't want to lie to her or himself anymore. It was enough. It was time to tell her the truth. He then became serious and said, "I don't know. Maybe because I got to like you too."

This made Hino to just flush even more and more as the seconds passed by. "Tsuchiura-kun… you're a very nice person. And, I'm sorry that-"

"Just hurry up and look for him."

"What about you?"

"I'll be okay. I plan to just ask out that pianist of yours in the concours. She seemed like a pretty nice person. And we seem like we have a lot in common," he stated, since that girl was the first person he thought of.

"Arigato, Tsuchiura-kun," she said then gave him a peck on the cheek. Afterwards she ran off and went to look for Tsukimori.

Tsuchiura was just left with a smile on his face. He may had lost to Tsukimori, but at least his friendship to Hino wasn't broken. It may had even improved to the better.


Tsukimori in the other hand was obviously still troubled about what happened yesterday and it effected his violin playing. He kept on practicing, but couldn't get the tune he wanted. Something was missing, and his frustration that appeared didn't help one bit.

Suddenly, a knock on the door disturbed him. He looked really irritated and opened the door, to see that it was Hino, sweaty and out of breath. "Hino?" he asked.

"Tsukimori-kun! I knew you were here! Listen, I have something very important to ask you."

He entered the room, and left the door open, signaling her to follow. "If it's about the fight yesterday then I'm not speaking a word. That Tsuchiura is just one big pain in the neck," he said then took his violin to practice.

She made a big breath and said, "I asked Tsuchiura to be my date for the prom and he declined!"

Tsukimori stopped moving upon hearing that. He was absolutely sure that Tsuchiura had feelings towards Hino. "Why did he do that? It isn't like him."

"Because he knew he wasn't really the one I wanted to ask. He gave up his feelings."

He put down his violin and looked at her straight at the face. "What are you implying?"

She made another big breath as she closed her eyes. And when she opened them, she went nearer to Tsukimori and asked, "Tsukimori, will you be my prom date?"

He closed his eyes and gave out a small smile. Then nodded, "Yes."

And all that was said, but all was understood. They were going to the prom together.

And that made Hino Kahoko totally happy, as well as Tsukimori Len.

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