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Because I Love –To Torture- My Brother


He had already been in the city for two days, filching food from garbage bins and getting carelessly discarded scraps. Now the small form of auburn melding into crimson slunk down the alley as he headed towards where he sensed other animals.

Not quite like him. None were quite like him but they'd be good enough company. He sniffed delicately around the doorway of what he thought was a pound and finally sat before the door, cocking his head at it. Perhaps...he might have better luck getting in...

Three minutes later, he was on the other side of the door, dainty fox paws trotting him down the hallway. He would hide out in the back with the animal cages and make some friends before he moved on in the morning.

Little did he know his need for companionship for the night would change his life forever.

"What would possess you to believe I wanted a pet?" Sasuke Uchiha asked, voice acidic as he glared at his older brother.

"Well otouto, I was hoping some companionship might make you nicer but obviously I only succeeded in torturing the poor animal." His brother Itachi shook his head, unapologetic even as he lifted the large cage that had the small chinchilla inside, pale gray eyes darting from left to right as the creature huddled against the opposite side to Itachi's peering face. "I hope they let me return it. And it is such an expensive pet too. Hybrid chinchillas are not easy to find."

"Well no one told you to go waste your money on such a frivolous thing. To make matters worse Sakura was constantly complaining about how 'the rodent' must be contaminating our room –from in a cage mind you!- …and it was only here one night! She won't accept pets."

Itachi snorted, an amused smirk tugging at his lips. "As if she even sleeps in there." Shrugging and making a put-upon face, Itachi headed to the door. "It's too bad I guess. Little Hinata-sama will just have to go back to the pet shop. Pity, I did rather hope you'd like her…"A knowing leer took over his face. "After all she has eyes like Neji Hyuuga."

Sasuke's back stiffened suddenly and he bristled, anger making his voice tight. "Get out and take the animal with you."

"Sayonara otouto." Itachi lifted a hand to wave carelessly but the door had already been slammed behind him.

His little brother needed a little love in his life…even if it was from some overgrown dog or lower form of being. After all he was already married to the lowest form of being there was. Giving him a pet should be an improvement.

Itachi had never approved of his brother marrying that Sakura Haruno…but their father had been unrelenting in his praises of her family. And as Itachi was the heir to his business and therefore unable to be involved in such an arduous process as courting some woman and marrying her to father children, Sasuke took care of that area.

Sasuke for his part hadn't fought. Much. He had been married to her for four months now but that didn't change the fact he was gay. He continued his usual way of life…as long as their father didn't peer to closely into his personal business he would do as asked. After all, he felt he had to live up to Itachi.

He blamed their father for the way they both were. Itachi was cynical, cold and often cruel, not to mention he took ultimate pleasure in his brother's double life but as much of as bastard as he was to Sasuke he did somewhere, deep, deep, deep down care about the little bugger.

Hence, a pet. If anyone needed something fluffy and warm to tend to, it was Sasuke. He was already too far gone. If someone gave him a pet…well he could already imagine what he'd do to it. Dye it interesting colors…dunk it in water purposely if it was a water-hating animal…scare it constantly with its most disliked fear…and probably find the whole thing amusing. Yes, he was not a person to give a pet too.

'Though,' Itachi thought as he pushed open the door to the pet shop, 'The pets in here are so rare and spectacular if I could find something interesting enough I might be interested…just to see what a platinum blonde liger would look like."

"Ah? Can I help…? Is that Hinata-sama?" So the clerk recognized the chinchilla. "Oh my God! Why is she back? Is something wrong?" His voice raised irritatingly on the last word and Itachi cut him off with a raised hand.

"The chinchilla is fine. I simply wish to return it. It didn't go down well with the recipient." Itachi held out the cage to the man and watched as he sighed, relived, and took the cage from him delicately.

"I'm almost happy to see her back. She is so very rare our Hinata-sama…I'd prefer even to breed her first but…" The random man shook his head. "Anyway, did you wish to find something else or just the refund?"

That was the dilemma. If he showed up on Sasuke's doorstep with another pet he'd probably not let him in. Yet…a dumb dog would warm Sasuke's bed better than his cold-fish wife.

"Show me what you have in the bigger pet variety." Maybe Sasuke would like something that could stand up for itself better than a little chinchilla.

"Very good sir. Just hold one moment while I put Hin-hime away and I'll guide you to the large cage area. The man bowed shortly scurrying away with the cage.

Itachi looked around the store half-interested as he waited. Perhaps he could find his brother a cute,not so little,pet to make his life a little better in the mornings.

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