Title:Devil's Night Lazarus
Author: Whisper2AScream
Disclaimer: The Crow concept belongs to James O' Barr, and also Kitchen Sink Press who had published the original comic, and Miramax who distributed the first film that was the inspiration for this poem.
Rating: PG-13, violent themes, and graphic language. No profanity though.
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Dark angel, soars through the inferno night;
Feasting on pain and venegeance;
A spark from Hell's furnace, burning through the abyss.
Opium eyes spy upon Evil's apostles,
Kneeling on barbed wire in the Church of Sorrow.
Their morphine hearts bleeding bile in screaming chalices,
Where the innocents' bones lie, their souls' remnants still weaved in,
Glistening spider webs.
Justice's warrior comes to harvest the goats for Armageddon.