Chapter Seven

As he watched the breeze blow through the leaves, he closed his eyes. It was finally peaceful. No doctor yelling at him for doing the wrong thing, even though his own father said that he was doing the right procedure. No mother urging him to go and find himself a wife. No friends trying to get him to go to clubs and find himself the wife his mother asks for. He was free of their repetitive urges.

However, he really did feel empty. He felt like he was missing the most important part of his life. It was true - he was missing a companionship he yearned for. Maybe if he followed his mother's words, he could find what he wanted. Sighing, he stood and thought that he should go to the library. As he reminded himself of the library, his face lit up.

It wasn't the thought of peace and quiet he hoped for for the next few hours. No, it was the book he wanted to find and read. A notebook. An exchange of letters with a mysterious and yet charming woman, Isabella. Edward found himself smiling as he recalled his and her letter chains.

Standing up, he was excited, now more than ever, to go the library. Who would of that, Edward Cullen, would be excited to go to a library?

He was walking up the stairs absentmindedly when he bumped into a petite frame of a woman. "Oh, I'm sorry," Edward apologized as he looked down at who he had hit.

Looking up at him was the most gorgeous woman he had met. She had chocolate brown eyes peering up at him as her brown luscious hair cascaded down her neck. She seemed flustered as she tried to explain what had happened. "I am so sorry. I was in a rush and I didn't see where I was going..."

"It's alright. It was an accident. Happens to everyone," Edward managed to reply at the cuteness in front of him.

The woman smiled up at him as she replied, "I think I'm the most accident prone woman out there."

Edward chuckled as he helped the woman up and with her books. He looked at the title curiously and his nose wrinkled in disgust, "Wuthering Heights?"

Offended, she demanded, "What's wrong with Wuthering Heights?"

"Um, I don't know...just something about it - I don't believe it is a great book," Edward pondered as he tried to figure out what to say to this very determined woman. To this very determined and beautiful woman.

"Why don't we have a talk about it?" the woman asked, all of a sudden.

Edward smirked as he replied, "It's a date."

The woman's eyes widened as she nodded, "How about a few blocks from here, there's a Starbucks."

Edward replied, "I have to do something now, but how about in a few hours, say 7?"

Her eyes twinkled as she smiled. Edward almost melted at the genuine smile she formed with her perfect lips. "Sure, so I'll see you around?"

"Sure," Edward replied. The woman smirked as she walked down the stairs and stopped as Edward asked her, "I forgot to ask...what's your name?"

She didn't bother to turn around as she continued to descend the stairs, "Bella!"

Edward was left on the stairs, looking like a love smitten idiot as he exhaled, "Bella."

He walked into the library, not knowing what to do about the relationship he had with Isabella. However, as he recalled, she fell in love already and had thought of him as a friend. He sighed and continued anyways to where the notebook was normally shelved.

He found the notebook in between Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and MacBeth, its usual hiding place. Smiling to himself about the woman he had just met and how excited he was to tell Isabella about Bella, he sat down and opened to the recent page. Just as he began to read the response, he felt his heart tug and stomach churn in a way he had never thought possible.

Dear Edward,

Thank you very much for your response, even though I do not have the courage to do what you have asked. I am not the type to go for it; I am very shy when it comes to these things. However, I know when I want something to happen I will make it happen.

Edward, I like you. There, I have plain out said it. As you have said yourself, you like girls who are bold, and you are no other man. I want to meet you and see if I can pursue this relationship further. I am very positive that we can make this work. Would you like meeting me and be together as friends, at first - of course? I would love to meet you.


Edward was simply flabbergasted and surely had no idea how to respond to that. How, in the world, was he supposed to tell her that he met someone and that he wasn't interested?

Thinking that he simply could reply later after a well thinking period, he took the journal with him as he circled the library, trying to find a new novel interest.

As he checked his watch, he noticed it was nearing 7 and he had to meet Bella.

He sat down at a table and finally figure out what he was going to reply.


I am truly surprised by what you have written to me, but I would love to meet you. Just tell me where and when and I will pick you up.

Looking forward to getting to know you.



There, he said. He felt guilty for accepting Isabella's invitation right after he asked another woman out on a date. He figured, if one or the other worked, he would just have to say no to the other, without hurting someone's feelings. Isabella would understand, he figured as he could simply say it was better on paper.

He smiled to himself knowing that he was putting himself out there and maybe, he might find the one.

His watch chimed at the 7 o'clock mark and Edward readied himself to go meet Bella. He put the notebook back into its place, and hoped whatever came out of today was going to be what he was yearning for all his life.

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