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Chapter One: Deep Sleep

Six Million Years before the Battle of Yavin

Optimus Prime's blue optics gazed out across the blasted cityscape of Iacon and, as much as a large robot could, let out a sigh. The Autobots and Decepticons had been fighting for well over 602,409 vorns-and what had it gained either faction? Cybertron was a blasted wasteland of ruined buildings and crate-filled terrain. He turned back to the largest structure within ten kilometers; the launch pad for the Ark. He walked back to the structure, huge even by the standards of his species.

Prime walked up and was greeted his second in command, Prowl. The slightly smaller Autobot fell into step right behind Prime. "The Ark's just about ready for launch, but we don't know if Megatron knows about this."

Prime looked up at the huge starship and, beneath his faceplate, smiled. "He knows, Prowl." His gaze drifted up the Ark. "He knows." The two walked over to an elevator embedded in the launch gantry and rode it to the top. "Is everyone aboard?"

Prowl cross-checked the reference files in his hard drive and correlated that information with the link he had to the Ark's internal sensors. "We're the last ones." Prime nodded. The elevator door opened, allowing the two entrance to the Ark's bridge.

Bluestreak sat at the pilot controls, his hands twitching in either nervousness or servo misfires. "Where do you think we're going, eh? I mean, I know Prime's got a plan and all, but I wonder what it is, you know? And there's so many friends on board!" He leaned back and looked about the bridge. "Man, we've got Gears and Ratchet and Bumblebee and-"

A yellow Autobot next to him leaned over and swatted him on the head. "Will you shut up, Bluestreak?"

The mostly-silver robot rubbed his head and resumed his post. "Sorry, Sunstreaker. I guess I'm just a bit excited." Sunstreaker rolled his optics and settled back in his chair.

Prime walked up to the command chair just forward of the center of the room. He sat down and pressed a few buttons on the armrest, calling up a holographic image of the local area. He grimaced beneath his face mask as he saw something speeding away from Iacon. Well, nothing I can do about that now he thought to himself. Off to the side, an older warrior by the name of Ironhide looked over. "You okay, boss?" He drawled out.

Prime shook his head. "No, old friend. Still, we must continue on." We checked the display again and saw green lights across the board. "Launch in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two…ignition!"

The five main thrusters of the Ark ignited, sending the flattened arrowhead climbing out of Cybertron's atmosphere and into deep space. It would not be alone for long, however.


Megatron stood in the command center of Decepticon territory and observed Laserbeak's return. His three lieutenants, Starscream, Shockwave and Soundwave stood around him in a semi-circle as he planned his next move. "Prime thinks he can find new energy deposits on other planets, eh? All he'll find is a burial ground for the Autobots."

Air Commander Starscream crossed his arms and kicked at some errant dust. "Why didn't we attack the Ark while it was on the ground? We could've wiped out the entire Autobot command structure in one fell swoop!"

Starscream never even saw Megatron move. One moment, Megatron was standing stock-still, his servo-motors not even twitching. The next, Megatron's right hand had grabbed onto the air commander's neck and shoved him back. "And if we do that, then we'll never find out if Prime and his lackeys found any sort of new energy deposits." he let go and motioned to the walls of the room. "We need energy, Starscream. And we need it now." The leader of the Decepticons clenched his fist. "We launch now."


Prime let himself relax a bit after the first few breems of the flight. TheArk was humming along smoothly and Megatron was nowhere to be seen. Bluestreak turned from the navigator's station and spoke. "I think we're in the clear, Optimus. There's no sign-"

The relatively young Autobot was interrupted by Ironhide, Prime's trusted right hand. "Don't get yer hopes up, kid! Megatron knows we're off, and I betcha the Nemesis is on its way."

TheArk rocked as the Decepticon flagship Nemesis closed in behind it. Bluestreak glared at Ironhide. "Thanks, you tin-plated buffoon! You brought this on us!"

Ironhide shook a fist at the younger 'bot while steadying himself on the back of Prime's command chair.

Prime's blue optics looked over the sensor screens embedded in his armrest and silently groaned. "Bluestreak, evasive maneuvers. Sunstreaker, bring the main cannons online."

The yellow robot sitting in front of Prime nodded and his hands danced across the controls. A feral grin crossed Sunstreaker's mouth as the targeting scope came up. "This will be fun…"

Several hatches on the dorsal surface of the Ark opened, revealing wicked-looking laser cannons. They swiveled and peppered the underside of the Nemesis with sapphire energy bolts. The violet-colored warship shuddered under the impact, but it held its course. Megatron snarled and shouted over alarm klaxons and damage reports. "Close in! I want Prime's head on a platter!"

Even as the Nemesis drew closer, Bluestreak was determined to keep away. The younger Autobot sent the lumbering vessel into a series of maneuvers neither Wheeljack nor Ratchet had designed it to take. An errant hit from one of the Nemesis' missile batteries jolted Bluestreak, causing his right arm to hit a lever. He gasped as several screens lit up and the computer voice came over. "Transwarp drive activated. Wormhole opening." An alarm suddenly blared. "Warning. Wormhole not fully formed. Do not enter."

Sunstreaker glanced over from the weapons display and rolled his optics. "Bluestreak, what the Pit did you do?"

Prime leaned forward. "Sunstreaker, return to your post!" He then touched a button on his armrest. "Wheeljack, can you shut down the transwarp drive?"

Down in the bowels of the ship, Wheeljack and Ratchet, the two designers of the Ark, worked frantically at the controls. Wheeljack contacted the bridge. "It's no good Prime! Brace yourselves!"

Across the chamber, Ratchet sat down and grabbed onto a console. "It'll take me a month to fix everyone!" he complained.

Wheeljack shrugged, the missile launchers hooked to his shoulders bouncing along. "Well, think of the party after!"

A huge, roiling hole in space opened in front of the Ark. Within seconds, the yellowish cruiser tipped past the 'lip' of the white gap in the space/time continuum and vanished. On theNemesis, Megatron shouted. "Full reverse!"

At the helm, Thundercracker pulled back on the control stick, but to no avail. "We're trapped by the energy vortex!" He yelled. After a half-minute, the Nemesis followed the Ark.

An eternity later, a similar-looking hole in space opened up above a planet. There was no intelligent life here-yet. In time, the planet would be colonized and be used. But not now, and not for a long while. The Ark tore out of the hole and before Bluestreak could do anything, the cruiser was snatched by gravity and plunged into the atmosphere, leaving a fiery trail behind it. The silver-colored Autobot barely managed to activate the braking thrusters before the Ark slammed into the ground, leaving a huge furrow and ripping the landscape to shreds. The Ark finally skidded to a halt near a mountain, everyone aboard in a form of hibernation known as stasis lock.

TheNemesis appeared over another planet on the opposite side of the galaxy. Like his counterpart on the Ark, Thundercracker was able to activate the warship's braking thrusters before the bow of the ship slammed into the ground. The ship skidded a good two kilometers before finally stopping just shy of a desert, everyone aboard in stasis lock.


"The Celestials are attacking the hive! We must flee!"


"What's a good name for this planet?"

"How's about Coruscant?" She pointed to a grassy field over to her right. "Let's just have a few buildings, though. It's a nice place here."


"We now call ourselves the Order of the Jedi. What say you, Master Skywalker?"


"Forget the Light Side! I, Xendor, choose darkness! I choose power! I choose… the Dark Side!"


"I love the Republic. I love democracy."


"Tell your sister, you were right about me…"


"If sufficient candidates are found who have potential for using the Force, I wish to be allowed-with the New Republic's blessing-to establish in some appropriate place an intensive training center, a Jedi academy, if you will."


"Wanna hear a joke?"

"Yes, that is a fact."


"Vector Prime…"