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Chapter Twenty-Six: Final Plans
Deep Space
Cyclonus dropped out of hyperspace with a flash of croneau radiation. His sleek, violet-colored hull blended in with the surrounding void as he coasted along. His powerful subspace transceiver quickly tapped the holonet and he began downloading vast amounts of data, looking for some way-any way-to cause as much havoc as possible before he was inevitably destroyed.

He harbored no illusions about a miraculous victory and annihilation of the galaxy at his hands. No, all he could hope for was to destroy as much as possible before the Cybertronians and organics melted down his chassis and snuffed his spark.

"Rebuilding of Duros' infrastructure continued, with a definite eye to conservation of their environment. One spokesman said it was the only good thing to come out of the Vong Incursions…"

"In a speech today, Chief of State Triebakk indicated that unless necessary, he'd only serve one term. The Wookiee disparaged Palpatine and Borsk Fey'lya, stating he'd step down when the time was right…"

"Rumors of unrest among Vong settlements on Dathomir persist. Former High priest Harrar dismissed such rumors, stating-"

Cyclonus' engines powered up and his navigational computer calculated the coordinates for Dathomir. He swung his nose around before his entire hull elongated, snapping forward with a flash as he entered hyperspace.

Dathomir, Vong Settlement 1138
They trickled in, in groups of two or three. Not all at once, thank the Gods-if they ever existed. The Leader did not take the word of some filthy Jeedai in matters of religion. His single eye looked out at the thirty of his brethren crammed into his small hut. "You all know why we're here," he began as they settled down. "We are the last true Yuuzhan Vong, the last true members of our race!"

He waved a scarred arm at the door. "Those traitors and cowards out there do not deserve the name 'Yuuzhan Vong, nor will they deserve our mercy when we overthrow the infidel government and wipe them from the galaxy!" He shook his hand, "Are you with me?"

"Yes!" the thirty shouted, standing up and snarling.

The Leader sneered, his twisted and pitted face even more ugly in the torchlight. He leaned forward. "Then we shall begin at Coruscant, Duros and a dozen other planets. And there we shall lay the foundation for our eventual victory."

Cyclonus exited hyperspace on the dark side of Dathomir, inserting himself quickly into orbit. Although security had been increased considerably over the past month, he still found it laughably easy to slide by two old Strike-class cruisers with his engines off, inertia sending him coasting by.

His sensor swept the frontier planet below, quickly picking out Vong life forms from the rest. The vast majority were concentrated near the foot of a rather imposing mountain. Mapping subroutines quickly identified it as 'Singing Mountain'.

The spawn of Unicron entered the atmosphere, leaving behind a fiery trail as he penetrated the layers of gas. The darkest void of space turned slightly lighter, the stars wavering as he dove deeper. He soared over darkened plains and herds of wild rancors until he approached the imposing edifice of Singing Mountain.

A short cry of surprise came from him when his sensors picked up five Cybertronians-five powerful Cybertronians. He transformed and touched down, his IFF transponder identifying them as Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop. He recalled his oxidizing laser pistol from subspace and grimaced, feeling that his final stand might be here and now…

Grimlock stomped, shaking the ground with every step. Swoop flew overhead while the other three Dinobots brought up the rear. "Cyclonus here," he snarled. The brutish warrior raised his energon sword and swung it, slicing through the air and leaving a reddish afterimage. He leveled it at the one of the three humanoids standing next to him. "Big problem for you, Nas Choka."

Nas Choka, former Warmaster, looked up at Grimlock before glancing at the village. "My task is more difficult, but if you think I'll falter, you're mistaken, Grimlock." He started walking to the Von village, but paused after a few steps. "Wait, what about this Cyclonus? Will you hold him at bay for me while I stop Czulkang Lah?"

Jaina Solo stepped forward and ignited her lightsaber. The violet blade washed out most of the color on her face. "We'll stop him for you," she said. "Right, Zekk?"

Her fiancé stepped forward, his own lightsaber also ready. "Oh, yeah. Spawns of Unicron are a Jedi's specialty," he quipped. "Now get going, Nas Choka. We'll watch your back."

The two Jedi moved forward into the night, swallowed up by the darkness save for their lightsabers. Both of them used the Force to enhance their vision as they bounded and leapt at the spawn of Unicron.

Nas Choka quickly entered the outskirts of the village, darting from house to house. He glimpsed his brethren hiding behind windows and peeking out from doors as he made his way to Czulkang's house. It wasn't hard to spot, being the largest one in the village. "Czulkang Lah!" he shouted, arriving at the stoop. "Come out and face me as a Warrior, not as a saboteur, slinking around in the underbelly of Coruscant!"

Silence reigned for a full minute before the door opened and the aged warrior, last of Domain Lah, stepped out. "So the traitor shows himself," he sneered. His followers exited behind him, streaming out of the house. Czulkang clenched his fist and shook it. "We will not be denied, for the Gods-"

"do not exist!" Nas Choka yelled, interrupting him. "Remember the images of the Dark God Unicron? I was there on Yavin IV when he attacked, Czulkang! I saw form afar his terrible visage, and I knew then and there our beliefs were false and that the Jeedai Revan was correct. And it didn't matter, because we are who we are."

A short bark of laughter came from Czulkang. "Does not matter? Of course it matters, Nas Choka!" He thumped his supportive armor, a dull thud emanating from it. "We must reclaim our destiny, our birthright!"

Nas Choka's feet slid apart and he raised his arms, his fists clenching. He and Czulkang circled each other as a crowd gathered around. "If you continue with this little rebellion, we'll be wiped out," Nas Choka hissed. "I will stop it here and now!" he yelled, lunging at the old warrior.

Czulkang grabbed his arms, hip tossing him to the ground in a fluid motion. "I saw that one coming a kilometer away, young fool. Did I leave enough Pits on you in class?"

The Warmaster rolled with the impact and sprang to his feet, charging Czulkang again but stopping just short of his reach. ""Oh, you left enough for me to learn from them, old master. I also learned some new tricks!" His hand flexed and a durasteel knife sprang out of his sleeve. He grabbed it from the sheath and threw it at Czulkang's right foot.

The knife embedded itself hilt deep in his foot and the ground, pinning the old warrior there. Greenish blood oozed from the wound and a snarl of pain escaped Czulkang's lips. He swiped at Nas Choka as he dodged in, escaping his grasp and tackling the elder warrior to the ground.

Spittle flew from Czulkang's lips at the impact. He rolled a bit, but the Warmaster was quicker. Nas Choka soon had his fingers around his throat. "Do it," he pleaded. "Let me see my son and grandson again."

A snarl came from Nas Choka's throat and he reared back before cuffing Czulkang across the face. "No," he snarled, his face twisted. "That is the easy way out, Czulkang Lah. You shall live." He sprang to his feet and advanced upon the crowd of rebels. They stepped back as he walked forward. "Leave. The War is over, and we lost. Now we learn to live with defeat-with actual peace. If you cannot do that…"

The rebels broke apart, melting into the crowd. Nas Choka walked over to a now-crying Czulkang and held out his hand. "Help me, Czulkang Lah. Help your people."

Czulkang Lah of Domain Lah, former Warmaster of the Warrior Caste, looked up and hesitated for the briefest of heartbeats before grabbing Nas Choka's hand and allowing himself to be helped up.

Jaina rolled to the left, narrowly avoiding a stream of energy from Cyclonus' weapon. "Little help, Grimlock!" she shouted.

A dozen meters away, Grimlock stood with his arms crossed, his mouth plate almost seeming to be in a smirk. "You big, bad Jedi! Surely you handle little Unicron spawn!"

Zekk leapt at Cyclonus, his orange-bladed lightsaber swinging and carving a shallow gash in his violet chest armor. "Hey, I wouldn't mind a few rockets here and there!" he shouted as he landed with a bone-jarring thud.

Grimlock sighed and hefted his double-barreled rocket launcher. "Oh, all right. Dinobots, cover fire!" He moved forward as Sludge fired his laser rifle and Snarl's missile launcher fired at Cyclonus, boxing him in on both sides. Swoop jumped up and transformed into hawkbat mode, his wing mounted missile launchers armed and ready.

Jaina and Zekk ran to Cyclonus' back, completing the enclosure. The air warrior had no place to go as the brutish Dinobot commander moved in, weapons ready. He fired off a burst from his oxidizing laser, but it glanced off Grimlock's golden-hued chest armor and bored into the ground. Grimlock's red-tinted visor glowed brightly as he swung at Cyclonus' arm with his energon sword, slicing through the shoulder armor and severing the limb.

Damage reports scrolled across Cyclonus' vision as he stumbled back. "N-no, you're an Autobot!" he shouted as Grimlock kept pace with him. He opened his mouth to speak again, but anything he might've said was cut off when Grimlock impaled him with his sword hilt-deep in his chest.

"There no Autobots anymore," Grimlock said as Cyclonus' optics went dim and his servos and motors died. "No Decepticons either. And now, no you." He lowered his sword and let Cyclonus slide off it. "We need trash removal."

Jaina shuddered at the inert chassis. "So, looks like it's finally over," she said to Zekk as he walked over.

The young man looked over as Nas Choka walked back to them. "Yeah, it does indeed."

One month later, Yavin IV Temple's healing wing
Tenel Ka glanced to the door and shifted in her seat. She turned to Jacen and shook her head. "I will not be ready for this, and that is a fact."

Her husband, lover and best friend took her organic hand in his and smiled. "You will be, Tenel Ka. And you'll be a great mother." He leaned back and grinned. "I have foreseen it."

She slid her hand out of his grasp and punched him in the arm-hard. "Don't joke like that, Jacen. I have my doubts about my suitability as a mother."

Leia leaned over from her chair across the waiting room. "Don't worry, Tenel Ka. I had the same fears when Jacen and Jaina and Anakin were born. It's actually-oh, Han. Will you stop pacing?" she said, looking and glaring at her husband at the far end.

Han stopped in mid-stride and shrugged. "Hey, I can't help it. Someone's gotta pace. It's the unwritten rule of waiting for news in a hospital. Right, Luke?"

The Jedi Master turned to face his brother-in-law and walked away from the balcony where he was talking with Optimus Prime and Elita One. "I wasn't aware of that," he said. "Did you download anything like that, Optimus?"

Prime's head tilted slightly and he rubbed his mouth plate, producing a slight scraping sound. "No, Luke. I don't believe so." He looked over at a door to his left. "Are all organic birthing procedures this laborious and painful? I can feel Bastila's pain even without the Force."

Elita nodded. "I'm glad Cybertronian reproduction's so much simpler than this. What agony she must be going through."

Mara waved her off. "Oh, it's not that bad! And she's probably-"

All Force-sensitive beings glanced to the door as it opened, allowing Jedi Master Cilghal to exit. The Mon Cal healer nodded slightly. "Mistress Bastila has given birth. Please, only a few at a time. And my apologies, Optimus and Elita, but there's no window for you to look into."

Prime held up his hand. "Thank you Cilghal. I have an appointment with Tionne anyway." He nodded to everyone before turning away and taking a few steps from the building before transforming into his juggernaut alternate mode. The Matrix Bearer sped off, turning a corner and vanishing.

Elita watched him go before speaking up herself. "And I have to head back to Cybertron, myself." She smiled at everyone before dashing off herself, transforming into speeder mode.

Luke saluted Prime before he, Mara with Ben, Talo and Brianna entered the room. They found Revan sitting next to an exhausted-looking Bastila, who had a tiny little baby in her arms.

Talo grinned and patted his old friend on the shoulder. "Well, this is a joyous occasion!" He leaned over. "Hello, Conner. I'm Uncle Talo."

Mara shot him a look while Ben fussed in her arms. "You two are brothers?"

The Jedi Master shrugged. "Well, close enough."

Luke's eyes seemed to glaze over. "He shall be powerful, and a great Jedi." His words caught in his throat as he noted everyone staring at him. "Sorry, but I think everyone knows how visions just creep up on you."

Bastila chuckled weakly. "No problem, Luke." She looked down at Conner and sighed. "Hello, my son. I'm so happy you've arrived." A sigh of contentment escaped her lips. "Now, hopefully, things might settle down for a bit."

Revan nodded, his fingers entwined with Bastila's. "The Force and Primus willing, my love. It will be.


Space yawned open, a jagged tear ripped through the fabric of reality. An onyx-colored... thing from a time before tumbled through, flames all around. It stood up, blood-red optics surveying the still-scarred metalscape outside the former Decepticon stronghold. "My master lost," The Fallen said. His form wavered, bulk flowing around him as he transitioned between modes. Soon, he hefted a much-thicker arm, one tipped with a long blaster cannon. "Still, I can cause much damage, much misery here..."

His head canted up to the sky and the worlds beyond. "It is time, Jedi... to Fall."

The End... for now