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Into the another World – Chapter 1

- "Who are you?"

Said a girl in a whisper to the figure standing in front of her; she couldn't see the features clearly, yet she could see how the figure turned around to face her. Only then could she see that this person, who was most likely a girl, had something beautiful coming from her back.

- "Those are…"

At that moment an alarm sounded, waking the girl from her light slumber but deep dream. Opening her ruby eyes she sat on the mattress as she brushed some of her chestnut bangs from her face.

- "That dream again…" – said the girl sighing, rubbing her eyes slightly. – "Who can be that…girl?"

She'd been having the same dream for almost six months; she couldn't explain the reason. Was it a premonition? An illusion? Or merely just that, a dream? But the truth was that it didn't bother her; in fact she always hoped to have this dream again at night, because she had fallen in love with this mysterious person of her dreams.

Getting off of the bed she went to the bathroom to take a shower, and then she got ready to go to school. After some minutes she left the dorms and headed to the main building. On the way, she couldn't stop thinking about that dream. She wished that it would come true someday, however it'd be quite impossible, given the fact that the girl in her dreams had…she was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard someone calling for her. Well, she knew it was her, because only one person called her that way.

- "Bubuzuke onna!"

- "Ara, Suzushiro-san. Good morning." – looking at the person beside this loud girl she said – "Good morning Kikukawa-san."

- "Good morning Fujino-san" – replied a girl with glasses.

- "Now Fujino, would you stop expanding out and…"

- "It's 'spacing', Haruka-chan"

- "That's exactly what I said, didn't I?"

- "Don't worry Suzushiro-san" – said the chestnut haired girl, interrupting the loud blonde girl – "I'll be sure to have them by the end of class hours."

- "Fine, then you can leave everything to me."

- "As always Suzushiro-san, you're very trustworthy."

They kept walking for some minutes until they made it to their respective classrooms. The blonde girl was in the same class as the chestnut haired one. They were the first ones to arrive, leaving both of them alone. The blonde one saw the other girl sigh a bit.

- "Is anything bothering you, Shizuru?"

- "Not at all Haruka."

The girl said smiling a bit; they only called each other this way when they were alone.

- "You know that's not true. Is it…….because of that dream again?"

- "What made you think that?"

- "You've been like this since I asked you 5 months ago. I might not speak correctly, but I can tell that your behavior hasn't changed since then."

- "So you noticed…"

- "Yeah, after all I'm quite perspective in this stuff."

- "You mean 'perceptive'?"

- "Whatever…" – Haruka looked at Shizuru and asked – "So, what do you plan to do?"

- "About what?"

- "Your dream!" – said Haruka shouting but miraculously not in her usual level.

- "What can I do? Is just a dream, isn't it?"

- "Maybe. But it is always said that if you wish it with all your heart, it'll come true, right?"

Shizuru was about to reply when someone slid the door open. Before Haruka got away from Shizuru she whispered in a very low voice, that no one would have thought Haruka was able to do.

- "Whatever you decide, I'll back up your decision… okay? No matter what it is."

Some minutes passed; more students arrived, soon filling all the spots left in the room, and the bell announcing the beginning of class rang. The classes passed without trouble until lunch time. Haruka left the room when Kikukawa Yukino came to pick her up. Shizuru went to the council room to have her lunch and finish her work; also in there, no one dared to disturb her; not even her rabid fan girls. She was fed up with them; she had many since she could remember, and it seemed that the number increased with the years; and not only the fan girls or admirers, also the responsibilities and what everyone expected from her too. Was this what she really wanted? Even if she had a whirlpool of doubts in her heart by that moment, she did her work at the council and finished before the end lunch break bell rang. She returned to the classroom and sat on her place, ready to take the rest of the lectures of that day.

Finally the classes ended. Shizuru gave Haruka all the finished work; Haruka took it and said.

- "Thanks Fujino. Now you can go and sit your tea"

- "'Sip', Haruka-chan"

- "That's what I said Yukino."

- "Ara, I think I'll take your word Suzushiro-san."

- "Yeah, yeah. Come Yukino." – said Haruka walking in the direction of the council.

- "Alright Haruka-chan. See you tomorrow Fujino-san." – replied the girl walking behind her friend.

Shizuru gave a small nod and, taking her belongings, she left the classroom and then the building. She was about to start walking in the direction of the dorms but she decided to go to the tea ceremony club house. It was almost the end of the school year, so luckily, no one was there, however she, being the Student Council President had unlimited access to any building or room in the school. Taking the master key from her pocket she entered, but instead of going to one of the rooms to prepare her green addictive substance, she went to the stone garden that was in the back yard of the house. Standing in the middle of the garden with her bag in hands she closed her eyes and thought about the words Haruka had said to her earlier that day.

- 'But it is always said that if you wish it with all your heart, it'll come true, right?'

- "Could that mean that…I haven't wished enough for it to come true?" – said Shizuru in a whisper. – "But I do wish to meet you. No matter where you are or who you are. I want to be there with you, because I've fallen for you."

It was dusk, but the moon was already out. In that moment, the clouds that were covering the moon moved to the sides, letting the silver rays of the moon fall on the chestnut haired girl, standing in the stone garden in that moment. The rays of the moon were more sparkling than ever, and were shining in an unseen way; creating a pillar of light; it involved the delicate frame of the girl. It lasted just a couple of seconds but when it dimmed, there was no one standing in the garden.

A girl was walking in the halls of an abandoned building that looked like the ruins of an old temple from an ancient culture. With weapon in hand and a torch she made her way thru the halls. She had to make sure that nothing that was left was useful, also if she found something, she had to retrieve it. She couldn't let anything "like that" to happen again.

She entered a room; this one had more decorations than the others, this only meant that this one was a ceremonial room. At the sides there where monoliths with some symbols written on them, they were aligned making a path that led to the end of the room, where an altar, or what was part of an altar stood. Getting closer with careful steps, the raven haired girl approached to the altar. She saw more inscriptions carved on the stones. Placing her hand over one small stone she tried to read the strange symbols but then the symbols began to shine. Not only had the ones from the altar, but also those that were on the monoliths; a powerful and shining light covered the altar in just a second. The torch fell from her hands as she gave some steps back a bit startled. This had not happened the other times she had been here. She took her weapon with both hands and took her fighting pose, ready to attack to whatever came to her from that light. When the light faded, she was more than surprised to see what was standing there: it was a girl, and a beautiful one nonetheless; who began to fall to the ground. In a swift movement she ran to the girl and caught her in her arms before she hit the floor; apparently the girl was unconscious.

The raven haired girl didn't know what to do with her; but she didn't have much time to think. As soon as she caught the girl, the entire temple began to shake violently, the roof was about to collapse over them. She quickly put her weapon away and took the girl, lifting her, and ran to the exit as fast as she could. Some small rocks hit her on the face and in her body, but she didn't care, she made sure to protect the girl in her arms with her own body. After she crossed the entrance, the temple collapsed. Dropping herself on the ground she let a relief sigh come from her lips.

- "Phew…that was close…"

She looked down at the girl in her arms. The girl moved slightly and half opening her eyes, she looked at the raven haired girl, staring at emerald eyes.

- "Beautiful…" – mumbled the girl, passing out again.

- "Oi! Come on! Wake up! Are you o.k!" – said the younger girl shaking the other girl a bit.

- "Natsuki!" – a voice shouted.

Turning her head to see the owner of the voice she replied.

- "Mai…" – and looking at her companion she said – "Mikoto…"

- "Natsuki, are you alright?" – said an orange haired and busty girl.

- "Yeah I'm fine. Just a bit dusty"

- "Thank goodness."

The other girl, Mikoto, who had black spiky hair, was kneeling by Natsuki's side, sniffing the girl Natsuki had in her arms.

- "Natsuki, who's this?" – asked Mikoto.

- "Who?" – asked Mai looking down.

Mai and Mikoto stared and the girl and then at Natsuki, who hadn't let go off the girl all this time. Noticing this, a blush soon spread on her face; she quickly laid the girl on the floor.

- "It's not what it looks like!"

- "Really?"

- "Mai…" – said Natsuki in an angry tone.

- "Okay, okay. I'll drop it. But, really, who's this Natsuki?"

- "I don't know…I found her inside before the temple collapsed."

- "Is she one of 'them'?" – asked Mikoto.

- "I don't think so…" – replied Natsuki taking off her trench coat to cover the girl laying on the floor. – "Her clothes. Are different from ours."

- "Maybe it's a new type."

- "Maybe…but I simply don't think she's one of them."

- "How can you be that sure?" – asked Mai grabbing one of her weapons.

- "I just feel it Mai. I…I can't explain it…"

- "Okay, I trust you. If you, the ever untrusting Natsuki, says so." – said Mai putting her weapon back. Natsuki glared at her with annoyed eyes. – "I'll shut up now."

- "I also don't think she's dangerous." – replied Mikoto.

- "And why is that Mikoto?" – asked Mai curiously.

- "Because she smells sweet."

The comment made the other two girls laugh a bit.

- "Well, I think we should get going Mikoto." – said Mai to the smaller girl, who immediately jumped to the girl's back and hung there like a koala. – "Will you come with us Natsuki?"

- "Thanks Mai, but I think this is where we get apart. You need to go back to your homeland; after all you have business to take care of, just like me. Also…" – Natsuki looked down to see the unconscious girl. – "I'd like to know more about her."

- "You're right." – stretching out her hand she said – "It's been good to meet you Natsuki. I hope we can see each other again now that peace has finally come."

- "I hope that too Mai. Take care" – replied the raven haired girl taking the offered hand.

- "Sure, you too."

- "Oh! I almost forgot." – Mikoto said, taking something out from her pocket – "Here Natsuki."

- "Mikoto…this…" – said the girl taking the item.

- "I found it but I didn't have a time to return it to you, until now."

- "Thanks Mikoto. It means a lot."

- "See you Natsuki."

The couple began to walk away in the direction of the woods, heading to where their homeland was.

Natsuki was left there with the girl. The sun was setting and even if there were peaceful times now; she had to find a shelter for them, but she couldn't go too far, especially when the girl hadn't regained conscious yet; the only thing she could do now was gather some wood and start a small bonfire to keep the beasts away. With that idea in mind, she went to look for it, hoping that the girl would be safe while she was absent.

She opened her eyes; blinking a couple of times to focus. It was already night; she could see the stars on the nocturnal sky, also the moon; or more specifically two moons shining with their silver light…

- "Wait a second…two?" – the girl thought. Getting seated quickly she looked at the sky again, then at another source of light on front of her; a bonfire. – "Where am I?" - she tried to cover herself when she noticed the cloth that was covering her – "And whom is this?"

A voice interrupted her thoughts.

- "Oh, I see you're awake now."

A girl with emerald eyes was walking to her with small branches and fruits in her hands. The first thing that Shizuru thought was that she was a goddess; her long black hair with blue shades, her deep green eyes, her white skin; and her clothes made her look sexier. The girl was just wearing a white tank top, black slacks and black tactical boots; and it seemed that the sleeveless trench coat was hers too.

Coming closer to Shizuru, the girl bent down and picked up her trench coat without saying a word and took a seat on the ground across Shizuru. Silence engulfed them, and it was especially uncomfortable for Shizuru, she didn't know how to begin a conversation with a stranger in a world different from hers. Maybe that was a good thing to begin with; ask where she was.

- "Ehm…"

- "Are you feeling better?" – interrupted the girl.

- "Yes, I'm fine now." – replied the girl quickly.

- "Good."

- "Can I ask you something……ehm…"

- "Kuga…Natsuki Kuga….uhm…"

- "Fujino Shizuru. It's a pleasure Kuga-san."

- "Call me Natsuki…"

- "Only if you call me Shizuru."

- "Fine."

- "So…Natsuki, where is this place?"

- "We are currently in the country of Torushina, near the borders of Chesario and Basram." – explained Natsuki.

- "Well, that kind of information is good to know but…"

- "But…?"

- "What is exactly this place? Why are two moons on the sky?"

- "What kind of questions are these? There have been always two moons in Earl…"

- "Earl?"

- "Yes, we are in Earl…where did you think…." – trailed off Natsuki – "Oh…so I was correct, you are not from here" – she looked at Shizuru and asked. – "So where are you from?"

- "From Earth."

- "Earth?"

- "Yes." – Shizuru looked at the night sky and said – "In fact, my planet looks like that moon of yours, the bigger one."

- "No way! That one is called 'The guiding star', well, we know that is not exactly a star but…I never imagined…" – said Natsuki totally perplexed at what Shizuru just had told her. – "But how…!"

- "Ara, Natsuki. I don't think is very polite to fill a stranger with questions." – said Shizuru in a teasing tone.

What she didn't expect was the reaction she obtained from the girl in front of her; who blushed madly and frowned.

- "Tch, but I want to know." – replied the young girl with a pout.

- "Soooo cute!" – thought Shizuru while saying – "Then, what if I answer one of your questions and then you answer one of mine?"

- "Okay, that's fair."

- "I begin." – said Shizuru. Natsuki was about to complain and interrupt her but Shizuru was faster – "How did I end up here?"

Natsuki was taken aback; she wanted to ask Shizuru the very same question. She didn't have an answer. Shizuru noticed how Natsuki kept silent for a while.

- "Natsuki?"

- "Sorry…but I don't know how. I found you in an old temple; you came out from a strange light in an altar of those ruins. That's all I know." – said Natsuki, and then looking directly at the girl's ruby eyes she said – "But don't worry, I'll find a way to return you to your planet."

- "Ara, is Natsuki so eager to get rid off of me?"

- "Idiot! I didn't say it for that!...Whatever…now it's my turn. What are those clothes you are wearing?" – said Natsuki pointing at Shizuru.

- "Ara, does Natsuki find them strange? Do you prefer to see me without them?"

- "What! No!" – screamed Natsuki blushing furiously.

- "Fufufu…Natsuki is so much fun to tease."

- "Stop teasing me and just answer!"

- "Fine, fine. This clothes are a school uniform. In the Earth, at schools usually the students wear the same uniform, but this one is different from the rest. This one is for the Student Council President."

- "You mean you are a president!"

- "Yes, sort of."

- "So you are an important person in your land?"

- "Well, yes, you could say so." – smiled bitterly Shizuru.

- "You look young to have such an important position."

- "That's probably because I'm only seventeen." – replied Shizuru cupping her cheek with her hand.

- "What!"

- "Did Natsuki expect me to be an old hag?"

- "No I just…" – replied Natsuki a bit embarrassed. After all, who was she to be saying that?

- "Now my turn. What is that strange thing Natsuki is holding in her belt?"

- "You mean this?" – said Natsuki holding the object. Shizuru nodded. – "This is Duran." – she took it out from it's scabbard – "It's a gunblade; a weapon from my home country." – she handed Shizuru the object – "You can't find them anywhere else; unless it was a special request from someone."

- "The hilt is a revolver but the rest is a blade. I've never seen something like this before." – said Shizuru with awe, taking the weapon with both hands analyzing it. The blade had a deep shade of blue, embellished with symbols of what looked like a wolf on both sides of the blade; and it was so clear that it almost seemed made of crystal.

- "Don't you have them in your planet?"

- "No, it's only one thing; a revolver or a blade, but never both of them. Can it fire projectiles?" – asked Shizuru.

- "Fire projectiles?" – asked Natsuki raising an eyebrow.

- "Yes, you know, like a pistol."

- "I don't think I understand what you're saying."

- "Mmmhh…so I guess you don't have fire arms here in Earl." – said Shizuru returning Natsuki her gunblade.

- "I think so." – said Natsuki absentmindedly retrieving her weapon; taking a fruit she offered it to Shizuru – "Say, are you hungry?"

- "Yes, thank you." – replied the girl taking the strange fruit.

- "Sorry that I only can offer you this, we are in the middle of Torushina's woods, better known as the Forest of Silence. Here you can't get much stuff."

- "And why are we here? You don't look comfortable in this place." - asked Shizuru with concern.

- "Well…luckily for you, you dropped in Earl now that the first great war has finished." – said Natsuki in a solemn tone. – "Many battles took place here."

- "A war?"

- "Yes. It ended not long ago. The temple where I found you was a base of the enemy. I was inspecting it to make sure nothing was left. That's why we are here now."

- "Is that so. And is Natsuki's home near this land?"

- "Not really, going by foot, Aries is almost five blue moons away from here."

- "Can you tell me more about your land Natsuki?"

- "I…maybe some other time…" – said Natsuki in a serious tone.

- "We have all night…" – insisted Shizuru.

- "Not now okay! I don't want to talk about it" – replied Natsuki with an angry glare in her eyes.

- "I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to make Natsuki angry" – replied Shizuru with an apologetic smile.

- "Why is she apologizing? We don't even know each other that much but…she means it…" – thought Natsuki. Then she replied – "Whatever…you better try to sleep now. The travel will be tiring." – said Natsuki lying on the ground turning her back to Shizuru.

- "Okay. Good night Natsuki."

Shizuru was laying on the floor, beginning to curl in a fetal position to keep some warmth in her body when she saw a piece of clothing falling in her direction; it was Natsuki's trench coat. She was about to thank her but the raven haired girl had already turned her back facing Shizuru again. The chestnut haired girl just smiled at the action and covered herself with the cloth.


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