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"You chose Weasley over me," He spat in her ear, every syllable making her cringe. "This is the life you chose for yourself. I didn't choose this for you." Releasing her from his Legilimens spell, he watched as Hermione's body crumpled to the floor and she pathetically tried to ease herself back to a dignified standing position.

Hermione looked into those eyes, those stone cold, grey eyes. She wished with every word that she might die rather than hear them. "I chose it because that life made me happy. It is the life I wanted."

"I didn't make you happy!" He retorted. "You think, for one second, that you didn't want me! Don't lie to yourself, Granger. I'm sure you remember those nights as well as I do; just you and I, alone by the lake… or in my bed."

She spit at the floor where her captor stood, her eyes full of rage and hatred.

A high pitch laugh, full of mirth, rang out through the dungeon. "She is quite the aggressive one isn't she?"

"Yes my Lord, which is why I have brought her here to you. She is a good ally to have," Draco Malfoy motioned to his chained and shackled captive. "She is driven and does not know how give up. We just have to make her change her ways," He looked toward Hermione again, "Away from being bloody Saint Potter's best friend and accomplice."

Hermione closed her eyes, trying to forget the sounds of water droplets hitting the damp and moss-covered floor where she and many other were held hostage. These were the slave pens. The place where her and her dungeon-mates lived day-in and day-out, praying that they might one day be reunited with their families and loved ones.

This was war, and they were prisoners of that war. A war between the Order of the Pheonix and Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

In her mind, she was captured on the grounds of a forest only a few days ago, far from the safety of Hogwarts. She, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter had been searching for the horcruxes, certain that one was near. Ron and Harry had left her by the tent to guard their location when a rustle behind her caused her to turn and retaliate. She was not quick enough to block the curse that hit her, leaving her in a comatose state for much longer than a few days. Only recently she found out that she had been asleep for nearly four months.

She had had no word on the Order since her capture, but she was sure that the plan was still the same: Find the horcruxes, kill the Death Eaters, and destroy Voldemort. She only wished that Harry and Ron had not given up their search for the horcruxes to save her.

"My Lord, if I might be allowed to watch over her, with your permission of course, I might be able to… uh… persuade Miss Granger to change sides and work for us. With a brilliant mind like hers, we would surely take over the entire wizarding world in your name."

With this notion, Hermione snapped back to her reality. A depressing reality at that. One where Bad was winning, and no good was anywhere to be found in her everyday world. She stared down her captor; metaphorical bullets were aimed towards his nearly non-existent heart.

In front of her a cement chair stood erect, higher than anyone in the room – a chauvinist and narcissist move if you asked her – Hermione watched as Lord Voldemort pondered this idea.

"Yes, I think this is a grand idea. If you, Draco, can prove that Miss Granger here is willing to work for me, and me alone, by the eve of Halloween you shall be rewarded above all others." Voldemort stood from his cement throne and moved toward Hermione.

His pale fingers caressed her chin, his forked tongue scenting her air. "This one has great potential," His eyes moved from Hermione form, looking her up and down – making her feel violated – to Draco's eyes. "Do NOT disappoint me, or there will be consequences." He strode back towards his seat amongst the Death Eaters and the other slaves around him, "Starting with you parents. They have long served me; it would be such a pity to waste good servants. You have six months, Draco. No more."

"Yes, my Lord. I will not fail you." Draco bowed at the feet of his Master, one hand still on the chain that like him and Hermione's shackles, the other clenched in a fit of rage. However, his eyes would not betray his emotions.

Turning back to her, he spoke harshly once again in her ear as he past Hermione, "You will remember what we had and you WILL do as I say. Soon enough Weasel will be nothing to you. Or at least you wish he was nothing to you."

A single tear escaped her eyes as she felt a pained tug on her wrist pull her toward the lighted doorway upstairs to the Malfoy Manor above. With that one tear Hermione wished that she, too, might fall and shatter to a million pieces rather than march unwillingly towards the impending ache that she knew was to come.

Several floors above, Hermione was forced in to one of the many rooms that lined the East Wing of Malfoy Manor.

"You will sleep here," Draco motioned to a single, King-sized bed, covered with jade and emerald green linens.

"Here? With you!" Hermione motioned toward the bed, noticing that this was Draco's room, proven by the fact that it was ornamented with several quidditch pictures of him, as well as the Bulgarian team, zooming around the pitch on their latest model brooms.

Draco smirked at her, knowing that there was nothing she could do or say. He was master of this house, and she had to obey him. "Of course with me, where else would you sleep?"

"Um, I don't know, maybe in a guest bedroom. ALONE!" Hermione practically wanted to rip her hair out. Why did she, of all people, have to go through this surreal situation with Draco Malfoy?

"Do you really think that if you were in my home I would let you sleep anywhere but with me?" The signature smirk once again reared its ugly face. Draco sat on the bed, pulling out his wand and pointing them at the lock on Hermione's cuffs. The manacles fell away, clinking as they hit the floor at her feet.

Rubbing her wrist, she looked back into the stormy grey eyes, her livid brown eyes locking contact. "I would think that for once you might be a decent human and give me some privacy since I've been living in the slave pens for what apparently has been months of my life."

"Yes, about that. I truly am sorry. We tried to renervate you several times, but you were too locked in your protective subconscious to wake up. Apparently your brain understood the trauma you would face if you woke up, so you kept yourself safe and secure." Draco reached for her hands, pulling her to him and positioning her body between his bent legs on the bedside. "Even though, living with me is as safe and secure as you could be."

"I don't need your security, Malfoy." She spat his name out with all the ungratefulness that she could muster.

"Oh, you found the slave pen comfortable, did you?" He retorted, a look of rage coming over his otherwise handsome features. He gripped her wrists tighter, watching her fight his restrains. "Well, why don't I just give you back to the Dark Lord and tell him that you are worthless, that you can't be changed."

Hermione's eyes betrayed a flicker of fear at his words. Damning her self silently, she wished she had not reacted as she watched Draco's lip raise in triumph at her reaction; his grip loosened once again.

"That's what I thought. Now if you would be so kind as to step into the bathroom and get ready for bed, I will be waiting for you when you are done." Draco motioned towards to Hermione's right.

"I am not going to take orders from you, Malfoy."

"And see, that's what I get for trying to be the good guy. Hermione, go to the bathroom and change, and come back to my bed once you are done." This was said as a command, as an order.

Hermione felt herself being tugged against her will towards the bathroom. "You git! You have an obedience charm on me!" Her eyes were wide with terror; she knew the potential harm this charm could cause.

"As I said, I tried being the nice guy, you just had to go and be stubborn. As usual." Draco ran his hands through his hair as he readied himself for bed, too, pulling off his robes as he watched Hermione's form reluctantly walk into the bathroom and shut the door. In his head he saw an image of her body, the image he saw months and months ago, a body whose warmth he knew well and whose scent filled his nostrils as he slept each night.

In the bathroom, Hermione found an emerald green silk night gown with black lace trim. It was loose on her scrawny body; the slave pens had done nothing for her figure. Bread and water every other day has its way of thinning a person down to their skin and bones nearly. Luckily she had not been there as long as others.

She touched her fingertips to her hollowed cheeks. The natural blush was gone, replaced by a paleness that rivaled Malfoy's.

She readied herself and stepped out of the bathroom, wishing for a third time that night that Merlin might strike her dead.

Draco was nearly asleep already, his eyes half-closed and his blonde locks of hair lying askew from their normal position. "Come to bed he mumbled."

Again, Hermione felt her body move against its own volition as she pulled the covers back and climbed into bed with Draco Malfoy. As she laid down a foot away from him, she felt his arms snake around her waist and pull her body close enough to his to feel every bend and curve of his body against hers. "Lay next to me," he mumbled, his hot breath against her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

Another tear rolled down her cheek and fell from the bridge of her nose as he snuggled up next to her, kissing her shoulder as he drifted off to sleep. He was saving her, she knew it, but she wished at this point that she didn't require his heroism.

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