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There was a puff of smoke and a pug appeared. No, a disgruntled pug, Iruka noticed. The pug looked and Iruka and then at Kakashi, and huffed at him.

"Pakkun, I would like to introduce you to Iruka," he gestured a hand at the younger man who smiled politely at the pug, "Iruka, this is Pakkun."

The pug considered the young chunin, and gave a grunt in acknowledgment. He turned back to his master, "I can see why you like him. He smells a lot like you"

"Oh, that would be because we just got through – mmphhn," a cushion from the couch met his face and effectively cut him off.

The pug looked at the chunin a bit surprised before barking out a laugh, "And he's aggressive! I like him boss."

Iruka blushed and looked down at the pug who jumped onto his lap.

Kakashi grabbed the cushion and glared at the pug and the chunin who was trying very hard not to laugh. He sighed and smiled at the pair, that went a lot better than I thought.

2. Love

Kakashi stumbled through the window, his knees giving out once he set foot into the dark bedroom. He heard shuffling and a felt a warm hand gently grasp his elbow keeping him steady. He felt a gentle hand pull down his mask, making it easier for him to breathe He wearily looked up into chocolate eyes and suddenly he felt safe, and relaxed. The younger man smiled softly at him and threaded his fingers through the dirty silver locks, and brought him close for a warm embrace. He relaxed in the warm arms feeling the edge of the mission slowly fade away. He heard whispers of endearments and soothing movements that removed his soiled clothes.

He was cleaned by those gentle hands as he was hardly able to keep his eyes open, the gentle soothing touches coaxing him to relax further. Soft whispers kept him on the border line of sleep and wake, the soft voice making him feel safe.

Strong arms helped him onto the bed, the caring hands never left him since he stumbled through the window. The warm arms wrapped around him and soft lips press against his forehead, he heard the faint whisper of, "Welcome back home, love" and he felt himself smile, the smile that faded as he slowly drifted off to sleep. In his love's arms and warm embrace.

3. Light

Kakashi walked into Iruka's apartment, escaping the storm that was forming outside. He shook off the excess water.

"You are no better than your dogs, you know that?" Iruka tried glaring, but found himself smiling at the wet older man and handed him a towel.

Kakashi took the offered towel and wiped his face, "Thanks," he was about to take a step forward, but felt a firm hand push him back.

"Don't even think about it," Iruka glared at him, "Take those clothes off before wandering into my apartment."

Kakashi grinned, "You want me to strip for you Ruru?"

Iruka blushed, "Idiot," he turned and headed to his bedroom, "I'll get you a change of clothes."

Kakashi looped the towel around his neck and began to remove his soaking clothes. He shed off his vest and dumped it near the entrance, before taking off his shirt, a shiver running down his spine as the cool air hit his skin. He was about to undo his pants when he heard a loud clash of thunder that nearly made him jump and everything went black. He heard a loud thump come from the bedroom.

"Iruka?" there was no answer. He slowly walked forward, a few steps and his foot ungraciously met…something, he cursed softly, why is it so damn dark? He glided his hand along the wall as his eye slowly focused in the dark. He found the first door and walked in, "Ruru-," a body walked into him and slipped on the puddle of water that was forming.

Iruka yelped and felt a hand try to blindly grab him from falling, but that only brought the older man down with him.

"Sorry, are you alright?"

Iruka felt the older man move away and hover above him. He rubbed the back of his head and groaned, "Yeah," he sighed, "that rather lacked grace for a genius."

Kakashi gave an embarrassed chuckled, "Uh, sorry."

Iruka sat up and bumped into cool moist skin. He felt his face heat up, and for once was thankful that the lights were out. He felt a drop of water fall on him and soak through the leg of his pants. He raised an eyebrow and patted in the air. He blushed when his hand met the side of the older man's pectorals, his hand went lower, patting.

Kakashi purred, "Are you trying to feel me up, Ruru?" a pat turned into a swat, "Ooh, rough."

Iruka frowned when he found the waist of the older man's pants, "You didn't take your pants off."

"I can take them off now."

Iruka tried sliding out from under him but firm hands pulled him back, making him drop back to floor, "What-"

"Or you can take them off for me?"

Iruka blushed and wondered when the lights will come back on. Part of him didn't want them to.

4. Dark

(continuation to #3)

Iruka pushed the man off of him, making the older man sit back, his hands kept pushing until the jounin's back met the floor.

Kakashi quirked an eyebrow, "Ruru?" he felt himself blush when timid hands searched for his waistband and undid his pants. The hands tugged off the now heavy fabric, and then patted up his abdominals.

"Where's the towel?"

Kakashi took the towel off his neck and gave hit to the hand on his stomach. The towel dried off his lower half. The darkness hiding both of their blushes.

"You'll get sick otherwise," Iruka said into the darkness as if trying to explain for his actions. Kakashi shivered when Iruka moved away and patted the floor "Where did they do?" Iruka asked, mostly to himself.

Kakashi sat up at the same moment Iruka moved back towards him, making Iruka bumped into his shoulder. Kakashi lost his balance and fell back, holding Iruka on instinct. The younger man fell on top of him and the lights came back on, "Ruru?"

Iruka didn't move, he felt his face burning and their compromising position didn't help. Kakashi pulled him up and peered at him, "S-sorry." He got the dry shirt and straddled the older man to help him put it on. His eyes widened when he felt a hardness nudge his backside.

Kakashi blushed and gave Iruka a sheepish look, why can't the lights go out when you them to?

5. Seeking Solace

There was a soft knock at the door, making Iruka look up confused. He got up from his grading and answered the door to a silver haired jounin with his head ducked down.

"Kakashi?" a note of concern in his voice.

Kakashi walked in without raising his gaze, he toed off his sandals and slowly walked to drop himself on the couch.

Iruka stared at him and closed the door, "Kakashi?" he tried again. No answer. He walked over to the jounin, a slight panic that something happened. He knelt down in front of the jounin, and looked up at him, "Kakashi, what's wrong?" The solemn expression didn't change, the lone blue eye continued its downcast gaze.

Iruka reached up at pulled the mask down, "Kakashi, what is it?" he stroked the pale cheek, trying to make the jounin look at him. The blue eye finally looked at him, the sadness in it made his heart ache.

"I…I lost it…" he said, nearly in a broken tone.

"Lost what, Kakashi?"

He paused, "I lost my Icha Icha volume seven."

Iruka was ready to smack the jounin upside the head, "You're kidding me…you made me worry because you lost your damn book?" Kakashi looked broken than ever, and he had a feeling that this was more than just a book.

"Iruka…," his cracked and dropped his gaze, "It's the volume you gave me…"

Iruka's eyes widened, "Kakashi…," he said above a whisper, "Kakashi, it's a just a book…" The jounin slowly shook his head.

"You gave it to me for our first year anniversary…it's not just a book," the jounin continued to avert his gaze, not being able to look at his lover. He knew how silly it sounded, but that book…it couldn't just be replaced; it was valuable to him, even if it was only sentimental value.

"'Kashi…" he sighed and got up and went to the bedroom and came back with a medium sized box, and placed it on the jounin's lap, "I was going to wait for our three year anniversary…but…I think it'll make you feel better."

Kakashi raised his gaze and looked into the chocolate eyes, surprised, "But…our three year anniversary isn't until three weeks from now."

Iruka shrugged, "I know…go on, open it."

Kakashi looked down at the box and then back up at his lover, he opened it and nearly choked on his gasp. It was the full collection of the Icha Icha series. Not only that, but they were all autographed and specially noted. He noticed that there were even some volumes he's never seen before and realized that they haven't been released yet, "Iruka…" he said in awe.

Iruka smiled at him, "That's only part of your present…" he threaded his fingers into the silver locks, "No more sulking alright?"

Kakashi gave him a small smile, and nodded. The book he lost was still special to him, and hoped that it was lost in the last place he would look in. He ran his fingers over the crisp spines and stopped at one that looked worn out. He pulled it out and gasped, "You…you had it!"

Iruka smiled widely at him, "It wasn't autographed."

Kakashi looked at his found book and then at his lover. He put the box aside and pounced on the younger man.


"I love you so much, Iruka!"

"You love me because I got you porn!"

He nuzzled the younger man's neck, "I love you because you always make things better."

Iruka sighed and returned the embrace, the layers and layers of meaning in that single phrase making him smile.

6. Break Away

Kakashi ran. He ran and felt his legs turning tired, his muscles were beginning to ache. His mission was over, and he found himself desperately wanting to get home. He jumped swiftly into the trees, and saw the village not too far in the distance; he hit the ground again, darting through the trees. The cool air that hit his exposed skin numbed him, numbed the pain in his left shoulder. He kept his gaze forward, determined. The gates came into his vision and waited until they opened. He let the guards check before swiftly leaping onto the rooftops. Barely tapping them as he took off for another. He landed on a specific roof and swung off to the side. He slowed down, and slowly opened a window to a dark bedroom. He lifted himself onto the sill and felt his body finally catch up. He leaned against the adjacent edge to catch his breath. A figure walked up to him, he looked at him, only aided by the dim moonlight and noticed that the younger man was only wearing a loose pair of sweatpants. He tried to lean away from his shoulder but the sudden pain on his shoulder made him gasp and nearly fall off the window sill. A firm hand held him steady and helped him into the apartment. Gentle fingers tugged down his mask and cup his cheek and soft lips met his.

"Welcome back home, 'Kashi."

He felt himself finally give in to his exhaustion, felt the edge finally let go of him and let himself lean into the younger man, "I'm back," he said above a whisper. He felt the hands shed off his clothes and tend to his wounds. Changing him from the infamous Sharingan Kakashi, to Kakashi. To 'Kashi, to the older man the chunin held so dear.

7. Heaven

Iruka woke up in the middle of the night by the sound of harsh wind blowing against his window, making it rattle.

"It's just the wind," a sleepy voice confirmed behind him.

The arm around his waist tightened its hold. He rolled over and faced his lover instead and nuzzled the pale neck. Kakashi smiled and nuzzled back, kissing the tan forehead and smoothing his palm along the younger man's side. Iruka wrapped his own arms around the older man and sighed, closing his eyes and relaxing under the soft touches along his side. He felt the index finger softly write the kanji for love on his hip and a smile tugged on his lips. He sleepily nuzzled the older man's jaw and felt himself drifting back into sleep, wrapped in each other's arms and warm embrace, there could be nothing better.

8. Innocence

Kakashi peered over the edge of his book and over at the younger man who was grading papers, the red pen in his mouth as he read. He image reminded him a lot of Genma's senbon, but the sight was a lot more innocent, the pen wiggled side to side in subconscious movement and clicked as it went in between teeth. Iruka took the pen out of his mouth and wrote the paper he was reading, he tapped the end on his lips as his mouth frowned slightly before continuing his grading. The pen found his mouth again and it continued its innocent movements. Kakashi couldn't help but think the other things those lips and that mouth could do, from sweetly kissing him to doing wicked things in the bedroom. No one would ever think that this academy teacher that was thought of being so innocent, just wasn't so. If only they knew how he behaved in the bedroom. A sudden possessiveness overcame Kakashi at the thought. The younger man caught him staring at him, a light blush crossing his cheeks before a grin grew on lips, the pen wiggled and clicked as it moved, making Kakashi visibly blush.

No, no one else will ever know how this teasing chunin behaves in the bedroom.

9. Drive

Iruka swatted another wandering hand from reaching for the cooling cookies.

"Damnit Kakashi, stop trying to steal Naruto's cookies!" Kakashi pouted in response.

"But Ruru, they smell so good."

"I'll make you your own batch, just leave those alone."

"If you're going to make me my own batch then it won't matter if I take some."

"Yes it does!"

"Why? If you're only going to make more."

"Those are ready and specifically made."

"Are you saying that my batch isn't as important?"

"I'm saying that those are ready and not yours."

"But you said you're going to make more, so no harm in taking one or two that can be replaced."

"Damnit Kakashi! You're driving me up the wall!"

10. Breathe Again

Kakashi stood in front of the memorial. Reminiscing and talked to the ghost from the past. He doesn't know how long he's been standing there, but he figures it doesn't really matter. He felt a familiar presence behind him. It stood behind him, tentatively before stepping forward. He turned his gaze, following the younger man with his lone blue eye and watching him place the bouquet of daisies, honeysuckle and lilies in front of the monument. He bowed his head in respect and silent prayer, before standing next to him. Kakashi took a tan hand in his and gave it a firm squeeze before turning to him.

"Let's go," he felt himself smile genuinely, possibly for the first time ever at the monument.

They turned to leave and the ghost from the past smiled back at them, at the lover's that finally turned away from the past and moved on with each other.