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91. Drowning

Kakashi buried his face deeper into the tan neck in front of him, taking in the scent of his lover. He smoothed a hand over the tan chest and abdominal that were still sticky from their love making. He reluctantly pulled away and climbed off the bed, making the younger man sigh in disappointment as he walked into the bathroom to retrieve a damp towel. He climbed back onto the bed and cleaned his lover's stomach and thighs, smiling when he heard a soft sigh. Once he was done he couldn't help but to lean down and kiss just above the navel and nibbled the taut flat stomach.

Iruka smiled lazily at the older man's ministration, and tenderness of his care. The older man hovered above him and began to plant kisses along his neck, just below the ear, making him sigh and hum in content. He threaded a hand into the silver locks and his free arm pulled the pale body closer.

"Happy Anniversary, Ruru," he whispered against the younger man's earlobe.

Iruka smiled and kissed pale neck, "Happy Anniversary, 'Kashi."

If one were to say that they were drowning in love, he or she would be mistaken, simply because this wasn't a hopeless love. They've gotten past that. This is more than filling the need to be with someone, because they know that it couldn't possibly get better than this. No, they were far from drowning. They had hope.

92. All That I Have

Kakashi collapsed onto the younger man. Panting into the tan neck, as the younger man did the same. They laid there, their sweat glistening bodies shivering with the afterglow of their lovemaking. The sheets were peeling off the mattress from their activities, slightly moist with their sweat due to their physical exertion. He groaned when the younger man flexed around him and rolled them over.

Iruka panted as he slowly rocked his hips against the older man's, feeling the organ become rigid again. Kakashi panted under him, his hands finding purchase on his hips and he began to rock faster. Their sensitive bodies flaring up with every touch and movement, building up their orgasm again. The room echoed their pants of air, their moan of pleasure and the erotic sound of flesh meeting flesh, their whispers of their names following the desperate rhythm.

A pale hand wrapped around the bobbing member, and began stroking in time with the thrust, bringing the younger man closer to his – he had lost count – orgasm. Iruka moaned above him, twitching as his sensitive body flared up, flushing as he came again. He collapsed onto him, as the tan hips jerked against the other pair. Kakashi groaned and pulled the younger man's hips closer, pressing them flush as he came inside his lover.

They laid boneless against each other, spent and sated. Their bodies trembling through the exertion.

"Iruka…," he breathed, his heart finally relaxing, "I…I can't anymore…" he never thought he would ever say that, but he was completely spent, exhausted.

Iruka lazily lifted his head and smiled at his lover, "I don't think I can either…" he admitted. He shifted, rolling onto his side, and was pulled flush against his lover's side. He felt himself slowly drift into sleep, reluctant to clean the mess off of his stomach.

Kakashi felt boneless as he closed his eyes, Now I know what happens when I'm gone for more than three months, was his last thought as his exhaustion finally claimed him.

93. Give Up

Iruka took in a deep breath and let it out, "Ok. Let's try this again," he took an egg from the carton that they specifically bought for this lesson, tapped it against the counter until he heard a small crack, raised it above the bowl, pushed his thumbs in through the crack as he pulled it apart, letting the yolk fall into his bowl, and threw away the shell, "Can you do that?"

Kakashi gave him an uncertain look, and took an egg, tapped it against the counter, apparently a bit too hard, "Heh, I guess I don't know my own strength."

Iruka tried not to glare, really. The jounin was trying, but seriously, you would think the older man would get one out of seven eggs into the bowl. In his attempt not to glare his eye twitched.

"Ok," he said again, and took another egg, "Watch me…" he stopped and looked at the older man, "Kakashi…why don't you use your Sharingan?"

Kakashi looked at him, and blinked, "Oh right!"

Iruka threw his hands in the air in defeat, "I give up!"

"Wait, Ruru! I need you to do it one more time!"

94. Last Hope

When Kakashi finally got the nerve to ask the tan chunin out for dinner, he let himself live.

When Kakashi pulled down his mask for those chocolate eyes, he let himself trust.

When Kakashi kissed the younger man for the first time, he let himself be happy.

When Kakashi made love to Iruka, he let himself love.

When Kakashi became dependant on his lover, needing someone – something after his missions, he let himself.

When Kakashi finally admitted he was in love, he let himself realize that this – this man - was his last hope to become human.

95. Advertisement

Kakashi strolled near the village's bookstore and backtracked when something caught his eye. On the window was a poster, an advertisement for the next Icha Icha volume.

A new volume?! Kakashi's eyes grew in shock, Why didn't I know about this? He walked in and when he found out that it hadn't been released it, not until the end of the week, his excitement dropped and continued his way home. He however bypassed his apartment and went to his lover's and let himself in.

Iruka walked into his living when the older man walked in through his front door, "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Kakashi frowned and slipped off his mask, "What, am I not welcomed here anymore?"

Iruka chuckled, "That's not what I meant. I thought you had training today."

"Ah," Kakashi slipped off his flak jacket, "Talked Gai out of it. Told him to take a day off."

Iruka quirked an eyebrow, "You talked him out of it? Without a challenge?"

Kakashi sighed and slipped off his hitai ate, "I didn't say there wasn't a challenge."

Iruka chuckled and walked to his lover, planting a kiss on an exposed cheek, "Are you hungry?"

Kakashi shook his head, "No, got something to eat before coming here," then he remembered something, "Oh, guess what!"


"I saw an advertisement for the next Icha Icha volume, it'll be out by the end of the week!" he said excited.

Iruka nearly laughed when the older man was acting like a child, "Oh."

" 'Oh'? this is exciting news!"

"For you maybe," Iruka shook his head and made to move away, but arms wrapped around his waist.

"Aw, you won't share my excitement?"

Iruka tried not to roll his eyes, "When a new book comes out, you always seem inclined in trying new things."

Kakashi leered at the younger man, "Are you saying you don't like it?"

Iruka blushed and tried to push the older man away, but the arms around his waist only held him closer. He glared at the older man and began to struggle against the hold, " Let me go you -."

"Now if you keep squirming like that I won't be able to stop myself," he said grinning.

Iruka froze and felt his cheeks grow hotter, "You pervert," he tried ignoring the way his voice squeaked at the end.

"Ah, but you still love me," he sealed his lover's lips in a tender kiss, and in the back of his mind he couldn't wait for the weekend.

96. In the Storm

Iruka glared at the tent's ceiling. They had to camp out on their way back to Konoha, coming back from a information mission, Kakashi as his escort, and now the pattering of the strong rain was not allowing him to sleep. He let out a slow breath and looked to his right, and noticed that Kakashi was having the same problem.

"I hate rain…just a little," Kakashi stated, "especially when it won't let me sleep."

Iruka sighed, and rolled onto his side, scooting closer to rest his head on the older man's shoulder.

Kakashi wrapped an arm around the chunin's shoulders, and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pattering on the tent. Kisses along his jaw urged him to relax, but he opened his eyes when those lips began to nibble. The nibbling then turned into nuzzling, a hand smoothed over his chest to his waist. The younger man moved and straddled his hips. His hands found purchase on the younger man's hips, groaning when they slowly rocked against him. Iruka smiled down at him before leaning down and dealing their lips in a hot kiss.

The thundering rain muffled their moans and cries of pleasure. And the lover's ended up being grateful for it.

97. Safety First

Iruka walked to the training grounds, with a bag with lunch in one hand. Earlier he had a visit from Pakkunn that a note for him.

Meet me at the training grounds (don't worry, I'm not going to make you train. I'm the one doing the training) after school.

-Your 'Kashi.

P.S – Bring food.

Having the pug hang around though, was quiet entertaining, it kept the student in line somehow and he was grateful since they were practicing how to throw shuriken.

Iruka reached the training grounds, slowing down to a stop as he watched Kakashi spar with a wooden training post. He was close enough to hear the punched and kicks land on the wood, faintly wondering if the jounin will be bruised later. He watched as the jounin continued training in his nearly skin tight tank that was attached to his mask and standard uniform pants. He watched as the older man came to a stop and turned to face him.

"You brought food!"

Iruka chuckled, "Hello to you too."

Kakashi removed his hitai ate, revealing his sweat glistening forehead, and slipped his mask to his chin "I'm done training, do you want to have lunch by the lake?" He noticed that the younger man wasn't really paying attention, "Uh, Iruka?"

Iruka snapped out of trance, "…What?"

Kakashi chuckled, "I'm done here, do you want to have lunch by the lake?"

"Oh, sure."

They walked to the lake. The jounin had his flak jacket and jersey over a shoulder, the chunin carrying the lunch.

"Did Pakkun behave?"

Iruka laughed, "Oh yeah, thanks for that. He kept the kids in line today."

Kakashi chuckled, "I wondered what kept him."

"He stayed for no particular reason," Iruka shrugged.

"Ah, he likes you," he shot a sideways glance to the younger, "And that's rare."

Iruka blushed.

They reached the lake and a soft breeze strolled in. Kakashi opened his arms, "Ah, that feels good."

Iruka smiled and sat down, the jounin following suit. They ate lunch in a comfortable silence, enjoying the scene in front of them.

"That was good, Ruru, thank you."

"Hm," Iruka nodded.

Kakashi leaned back on his hands, and looked at his quiet lover, "Are you alright?"

Iruka glanced back at him, and nodded before laying back onto the grass, "Yeah, just a bit tired."

Kakashi looked at his lover with a bit of concern before turning his gaze back to the lake, an idea came to mind, "Ne, Ruru," he looked back at his lover, "Want to go for a swim?"

Iruka looked at the jounin, a look of surprise of his face, "What?"

"A swim," he gestured at the lake.

"Uh," Iruka sat up.

"Come on," he stood and offered a hand to his lover.

"Kakashi…," Iruka looked away, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Kakashi's expression dropped, as so did his hand. He knelt back down in front of the chunin, "Iruka…"

"Why did I have to hear it from Pakkun?" he asked, keeping his gaze away from the older man.

"I was going to tell you, Iruka," he said gently, "I'm not leaving until Friday, that gives me another three days."

Iruka didn't respond.

Kakashi sighed and placed a hand on the chunin knee, "Iruka, I'm sorry."

Iruka sighed and shook his head. He was being silly, Kakashi had his reasons, "It's alright," he looked into the mismatched eyes, "Just…don't let me hear it from your dogs next time?"

Kakashi nodded and smile on his lips. He leaned forward to kiss the younger man but Iruka leaned back, he quirked a questioning eyebrow.

"Uh," Iruka unzipped his flak jacket and slipped it off, "Safety first? Don't want you being poked by anything."

Kakashi grinned, "Ah, but I can poke you with…things right?"

Iruka blushed, but didn't protest. Safety came first…when you want it to.

98. Puzzle

They sat at the coffee table working on a puzzle, mostly because it was raining outside. Kakashi never really liked puzzles, not puzzles that were literal. Not to say that he liked puzzles that were not literal. He sighed and flicked a piece off the table.

Iruka glared, "Do that again and we'll see what happens." He went to retrieve the puzzle piece. He couldn't blame the jounin though. Their plans for the night were ruined by the storm that was only 

getting worse. He felt something tap against his cheek as he turned, looking down he noticed it was another puzzle piece. He picked it up and glared at the older man. Two could play this game, he threw the puzzle pieces much like small shuriken, and he wasn't surprised when the jounin caught them with ease. Iruka sighed and went back to the table.

"Why are we working on a puzzle anyway?" Kakashi asked in a bored tone, resting an elbow on the table.

"Would you prefer something else?" Iruka really didn't have a reason as to why they were working on this puzzle that was looking like a bad picture of a bouquet of flowers.

"Do you have anything else?"

Iruka went to his closet and pulled out a box that contained different types of board games he had collected over the years. He pulled out a deck of cards. Kakashi frowned. Iruka laughed, "These are different than a regular deck," he put the box to one side and shuffled the deck, "This game is called UNO, which means One," he put down a yellow card with a number two, "This game is more fun with more people but it works the same with two people. Anyway, the objective is to get One card in your hand before your opponent, and use that card," he pointed at the card he put on the table, on top of the puzzle they were working on earlier, "But you can only put down a card that has the same color or number," he shuffled through the deck and pulled out two different cards. He put a green two on top of the yellow one, "So you can do this, since it's the same number," he took away the card and replaced it with a yellow five, "Or this since it's the same color. Got it so far?"

Kakashi nodded and watched as the younger man took the card and left the yellow two.

"There are also defense cards like this one," he put down a yellow Reverse card, "This one, in this case, would give you an extra turn, and skip me, if there were more people the direction of the game would reverse," He placed a green Reverse on top of the yellow one, "and if you have more than one, you can put them down, and in turn get rid of your cards."

Kakashi nodded again, attentive.

"There also this one," he took away the reverse cards and replaced it with a yellow Skip, "It does what it says, it Skips the next person, in this case it would give you an extra turn." He took the Skip card and placed a Wild card down, "This one let's you choose what color you want the next person to put down, and if that person doesn't have it, he has to draw from the deck until he does," he put a Wild +4 on top, "this one does the same, but instead the next person has to draw four, and doesn't get to put any cards down," he took the wild cards and put down a yellow draw +2, "This one is just a draw card, the next person has to draw two from the deck, and can't put any cards down." Iruka looked at the attentive jounin, "And one important thing. When you only have one card you have to say Uno before your opponents do. If they say it before you, you have to draw four cards."

"Ok," Kakashi was eager to play, it sounded interesting and a lot better than a puzzle.

They room was soon filled with laughter when one of them had to draw nearly ten cards before getting the right color, cursing when he noticed that he had the right number the whole time. And five rounds later, they were still laughing.

Kakashi's laughter died down to a chuckle, "Why didn't we play this from the beginning?"

Iruka shrugged, shaking with suppressed laughter, "I forgot I had this game, would have saved us from this torture," he flicked off a piece of the abandoned puzzle off the table.

Kakashi laughed, and snorted when another piece went flying.

"I really have no idea why I have this thing."

"As ammo?"

Iruka laughed.

99. Solitude

Iruka rolled over in bed, feeling restless. He smoothed his arm over the empty side of the bed and sighed. He'll be back in a couple of days, he told himself. He stared off into the darkness of his bedroom, his mind thinking, but he wasn't really paying attention. Though, he started paying attention when his mind wandered to his lover. He's been gone for nearly three weeks. Suddenly a pang of longing hit him square in the chest, I've never had trouble sleeping before. He thought about what Kakashi would do, blushing when knew damn well what that perverted jounin would do. He moved his head to one side and looked at the window. He's been gone longer…he tried to make himself feel better, that he's gone longer without his lover next to him, but it only made him miss him even more. His mind wandered to the night before the jounin left, thought about the long love making session they shared. He blushed but he continued remembering, his mind took him to their first night together. His first night. He smiled thinking about the night, how he wasn't nervous even though he should have been. He trusted the jounin, he still did. He moved his gaze back to the ceiling feeling his body shiver. The memories that began to flood his mind making his body warmer. He felt his cheek grow hotter and closed his eyes as he reached under the covers, dipping his hand into his sweatpants. He groaned when he brushed his fingers along his hardening shaft. He tugged his sweatpants and covers past his hips, freeing his member. His mind supplied enough fuel, making his stroke his hardening member, trying to mimic his lover's pale hand.

"'Kashi," he whispered, his free hand pulling his shirt up as he teased his nipple, "'Kashi." He pumped his hand faster, rocking his hips into his hand.


He quickened his hand, moaning as he felt the familiar tightness in his stomach, Kakashi…

"Come for me, Ruru…"

Iruka moaned again, his free hand smoothing over to his stomach, "Kakashi…" he panted for air, his hips rocking faster into his hand.

"Come for me, Love…"

Iruka gasped, crying out his absent lover's name, his orgasm nearly taking him by surprise. His hips jerked against his hand, spilling his seeds over his hand and stomach. He laid on his bed, panting for air, his eyes still closed, his heart beating franticly in his chest, "'Kashi," he said softly.


Iruka snapped his eyes open, whipping his head to the now open window, the silver head jounin perching on the ledge. He froze with embarrassment, blushing furiously, "Ka-Kakashi -."

Kakashi grinned and stepped into the bedroom, closing the window behind him. He undressed, his eyes never leaving his lover. He climbed onto the bed, hovering over his blushing chunin. He smiled down at him, before locking their lips in a passionate kiss, "I'm sorry I made you lonely, Ruru," he whispered against his lover's lips. He smiled, "Let me make it up to you."

Iruka looked up at the older man and pulled him close, wrapping his arms around the pale neck, "Welcome back, Kakashi," he nuzzled the older man's neck, "I missed you, 'Kashi," he.

Kakashi smiled and returned the embrace, "I missed you too, Love."

Iruka didn't feel so lonely anymore.

100. Relaxation

Iruka sighed in content as a breeze strolled in and made the tall grass sway. He relaxed further against the strong body behind him, his hands resting on the raised knees next to him. His head ducked forward as if it was deboned, giving full control to the strong, yet gently fingers that were massaging his temples. He moaned when the fingers began to massage behind his ears, how that could feel so good, he had no idea.

Kakashi smiled, "How's your headache?"

"Hmm…what headache?" he said lazily.

Kakashi chuckled and moved his hands to the tense neck, and began to knead and work on the tight knots he found there, "We should do this at least once a week, to help you relax."

"Hm…" was the only response Iruka gave.

Kakashi smiled again and continued his massage and began to work on a rather tight knot, making Iruka gasp and moan at the feeling. Kakashi swallowed and tried not to allow those sounds go southward.

"Oh god," Iruka sighed.

Kakashi unintentionally growled, "Keep making those sounds, Iruka, and I won't be able to stop myself."

"Finish what you're doing and I'll let you go loose," he grinned, even though his lover couldn't see it.

Kakashi grinned and twisted harder into a knot, making the chunin moan again, "If we had a bed, I could give you a full body massage," he purred into the younger man's ear.

Iruka leaned his head back against a shoulder and smiled at his lover, "Lead the way."

Kakashi made the hand seal for the teleportation jutsu faster than ever.

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