Tony walked up a flight of stairs, taking a right at the top, he stepped into a doorway, Ziva was slowly swaying in a rocking chair, breastfeeding a baby.

"How are my two favorite girls?"...Tony asked, moving in front of them, he squatted, running his fingertips over the tiny head of his daughter.

"We are fine."...Ziva smiled.

"Heh. She has my appetite, I see."...He helped cradle her head with his hand.

"Do you want to burp her?"...Ziva pulls the baby away from her chest, handing her to Tony.

Tony carefully took her into his arms and started to rock her, gently tapping at her back..."Am I doing this right?"

Ziva smiled..."Yes."

The tiny girl burped, Ziva laughed..."Another thing she has in common with her daddy, yes?"

"Heh."...Tony held the little girl up, looking up at her..."You're such a good girl, yes you are! A very, very good girl!"...He moved her down, giving her a kiss on the lips, he started making baby noises..."Tali Zoe DiNozzo is getting so big! Yes, she is!"...He opened his mouth wide..."Yes she is!"

"I would not do that, Tony."

Tony looked at Ziva..."Do what?"

He looked back just as the baby threw up into Tony's mouth, he coughed, spitting it out..."Okay, that was just a little...gross."

Ziva chuckled, taking the baby from Tony..."Lets get you cleaned up."


"Not you, the baby."

Tony cocked his head, looking at Ziva as she stood and stepped towards the door..."Hey."

Ziva turned, looking down at Tony, breast milk was covering his upper lip..."Got boobie milk?"...He grinned.

Ziva shook her head as Tali giggled.

"See, she thinks I'm funny!"...Tony smiled.

"She also thinks my nipples are the greatest things since diced bread."...Ziva stepped out of the room.

"Ohhhh, yeah. Heh. She's definitely MY daughter."...He grinned, from ear to ear..."Heh."...He stood quickly, rushing after them..."Sliced, but diced, Zee-vah!"