Our Forbidden Love

Chapter 1: Trouble

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I had always been there for her. But she was forbidden to my eyes...forbidden to touch or desire...she belonged to another. She belonged to the man I hated the most and there was nothing I could do. Because no one dares to touch the Hokage's wife.But no matter what...I will love Hinata Hyuga and I know that I will always have a place in her heart.

Sasuke looked as his rival Naruto Uzumaki walked down the wedding aisle. When he heard Hinata had accepted his world crash. Hinata had told him that she cared for him deeply but Naruto was the one that she wanted to marry. He had confronted her again and this time used his Sharingan to find out the truth. Her father forced her to marry Naruto and she was extremely happy to be married to her first crush.

But just because she was happy being married to Naruto didn't mean she had stopped caring about Sasuke. Up until the time of the wedding they continued to hang out with each other like friends. Sasuke was a little more pursuing though and he did something that could have ruined his friendship with Hinata.

Flash Back Three Nights Ago:

Sasuke and Hinata had just finished training in the woods. It was raining and Sasuke thought it would be better if Hinata came over to his house until the rain died down since he lived closer to the training area then her. When they get inside each of them are soaked and their clothes are sticking to their bodies. Sasuke looks at Hinata and sees the way her wet clothes outline her petite form. "What are you looking at Sasuke?" Hinata asked walking towards his bathroom. She had been over to his house plenty of times and knew where everything was.

Sasuke shook his head to get rid of the creeping thoughts that where infiltrating his mind. "Hey Hina, are you hungry?" Sasuke asked from the kitchen. No was the reply he heard from down the hall. Sasuke made himself a sandwich and went back to the living room to watch television. Hinata came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but her mesh under armor and sat next to Sasuke. She had taken off her jacket, shirt, pants, and sandals.

Sasuke's gaze wandered from the TV to her. Hinata was lying on her side with her legs intertwined and Sasuke could almost see up the mesh armored skirt if he titled his head the right way. Sasuke was having trouble trying to contain him self. He couldn't control his feelings for Hinata and in a spilt second he was on top of her. "Hinata I love you. I know that you are marrying Naruto but I need to do something." Sasuke said as he lowered his lips to hers.

Hinata didn't try to stop him. She needed to know as well and she openly went towards his waiting lips. The kiss they shared was full of lust, love, and desire. Sasuke was the first to open his mouth with his tongue seeking entrance into Hinata's. She waited a second before opening her mouth. Theirs tongues began a furious wrestling match sliding in and out. Sasuke grabbed Hinata and lifted her up. Their eyes were closed but Sasuke knew the way around his house.

He dropped her gently on his bed and they continued kissing. When Sasuke slid his hand down that's when Hinata broke away. "I'm sorry Sasuke but we can not do that." Hinata said sliding from underneath the Uchiha. Sasuke looked at her. "You know the dobe can never match up to me." he said referring to Hinata's fiancé. Hinata looked at him with hate and sadness. "Sasuke don't ever try anything like that again or our friendship is over." Sasuke just stared at her. "The rain has stopped you can go now."

They both got up and Sasuke walked to the front door as Hinata got dressed. When she left they didn't say a thing to each other.

End Flashback

Since then they hardly spoke to each other. Now it was the day of the wedding and Sasuke was supposed to be Naruto's best man. The sixth Hokage still thought of Sasuke as his best friend even after the multiple betrayals. Sasuke was in the balcony watching. Hinata came down the aisle and his Sharingan flared in sorrow. He caught Hinata's falter and knew that she could feel him.

Hinata and Naruto said their vows to one another and the priest asked the crowd "If there is anyone who thinks that these two should not be wed speak now or forever hold your peace." Hinata looked expectantly towards the balcony, but Sasuke wasn't there. She knew that if he was he would have said something.

"Naruto Uzumaki do you take Hinata Hyuga to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold through sickness and health. Through richer or poor?"

"I do."

"Hinata Hyuga do you take Naruto Uzumaki to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold through sickness and health. Through richer or poor?"

There were a few tense seconds before she answered.

"I do"

"Then by the power vested in me, I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."