Our Forbidden Love

Chapter 18: And this is how it ends

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Sasuke carried the still unconscious form of his wife in his arms to the infirmary followed by Ten-Ten, Neji, and Suigetsu. Yumi had been administered for treatment along with the other surviving sound ninja as soon as they entered the village but sasuke refused to let the ordinary doctors examine Hinata. He was taking her to the specialists.

Kicking the door that lead to a secret passage open; Sasuke brought Hinata into a sterilized room that smelled of antiseptics and disinfectants. "De!" he cried out placing Hinata on one of the examination tables. There was a slithering sound as a man comes out from a nearby room. "Yessss Otokage-ssssama?" the man replied.

Ten-Ten and Neji gasped as the saw the man's lower half was that of a snake. "Examine and help my wife" Sasuke ordered shortly. The man called "De" looked down at the unconscious female who was breathing steadily but sweating profusely. "Assss, you wish Sssssasuke." He replied before slithering out of the room. Sasuke nodded and motioned for the others to leave.

The group left and went back to the main part of the infirmary to check on Kiba, Akamaru, and Yumi. All three of them were in the ER ward undergoing extensive care. Looking through the examination window they saw Kiba was in a deep sleep while Karin and other medics used a powerful and difficult jutsu to reattach his arm back to his body. "It's a delicate process and requires absolute focus and chakra control" a medic exiting the room told them. The group turned to look at the young man. "We have to switch medics every so often to keep up a steady flow of chakra. The only one who hasn't been relieved is Karin-sama." He informed them.

Suigetsu looked back through the window at the look of determination and focus on his wife's face. "She knows her limits, she'll stop when she has to." He said with a smile. The medic-nin looked from Suigetsu to Karin and nodded before walking away.

Sasuke, Ten-ten, and Neji left Suigetsu to watch Karin and Kiba while they went to another examination window. The occupant was Yumi. She had many first degree burns, and a few second degree burns. Some of the burns had come from using Rukia's chakra cloak while others had come from Naruto's blast.

The doctors had removed her clothing and spread a healing ointment over her body before placing her in a medical bath tub. She was completely submerged with an oxygen mask on her face. The tub was hooked up to several monitors that kept track of her vital signs.

There was a doctor inside currently checking the machines making sure they were in working order. When the doctor came out sasuke motioned him over. "How is she?" he asked. The doctor looked at his charts reviewing the information. "Yumi is stable. The burns weren't fatal and she has a natural healing ability unlike anything we've seen before."

Sasuke nodded looking back into the room. "How long until she makes a full recovery?" he asked. "At the rate the procedure is going plus her own natural healing, we estimate around five to seven hours." The doctor replied still reading the chart. Neji and Ten-Ten looked at Yumi as Sasuke walked down the hall with the doctor.

"She risked her life for Hinata." Neji stated solemnly staring at the girl. Ten-Ten wrapped her arms around Neji's waist cuddling close to him. "She's a very loyal friend and brave woman" she commented as the couple watched the young kunoichi recover.

Sasuke continued walking down the hall. He had to fill out masses of paperwork detailing the events of Konoha. He was sure that the attack could quite possibly lead to another war and had to prepare himself and his village accordingly, not to mention check up on Hinata and make sure that she was ok.

Walking to his office sasuke sat at his desk and began filling out the appropriate documents focusing on his work. The soft patter of rain outside was the only other sound heard with the exception of his pen.

Land of Iron

The two children walked into the village dragging a man between them. The man was beaten, bloodied, and gagged. He was unconscious at the moment but grunted every so often when his body hits an obstacle on the rough road. The two of them continue walking along the path.

Their blindfolds had been replaced with fresh ones and when they reach their destination, a prison, the boy kicks the door open dragging their captive inside. They make it to the front desk ringing the bell to get the guards attention. "We're here to collect the bounty on one Lord Drago of the Tea country" the girl said softly. The guard looked at the two children and upon seeing their blindfolds sneered.

"Oh, it's you two again. The famous Blind Twin Mercenaries." He spat out their title with venom. The boy looked up at the guard his brows lowering. If the guard could see his eyes he would've seen an ice-cold glare. "Hn, it's not our fault you and your pathetic excuse for a task force can't catch these simple-minded criminals. Just give us the reward money and we'll be on our way." He stated coolly.

The guard glared down at them grunting in reply. He looked down at the man on the floor before looking at the description on the wanted poster. "It says here that he's wanted dead" the guard informed them. The boy looked at the female pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket and showing it to the guard.

It was a copy of one of the wanted posters. "This says he's wanted alive for questioning" the girl told the man. The guard mumbled curses under his breath as he leaves the desk, returning a few moments later with a jingling sack.

"Take your reward and scram, fucking brats." He cursed taking Lord Drago from the floor to lead him to a cell. The twins left the prison and walked down the street. "Well now that we finished that little piece of business it's time to go to Otokagure" the boy told his sibling. The girl nodded as they walked out the village towards their new destination.

Ruins of Konoha

Naruto yelled in agony as the operation continued. There was the smell of burning flesh and metal as Kabuto continued his work. Looking on was Sakura and a hooded figure. Sakura raised her hand looking at the metallic gleam.

"Damn that cousin of yours, his advancement in the gentle fist is second to none. He was able to slice my fucking arm off like it was nothing using only concentrated chakra." She murmured to the cloak figure, which smirked and scoffed. "After our many sparing matches you should have been prepared for anything. "You got careless Haruno." The female voice said from beneath the hood.

Sakura looked at the figure and frowned angrily. "It's not like you would have stood a chance as well Hanabi" she countered and with that statement the younger Hyuga heiress lowered her hood.

Pale violet eyes stared into emerald green ones as the two females stared each other down. They continued to stare at each other for a while longer before turning their attention back to Naruto who had stopped screaming.

The blond Hokage sat up on the operation table and turned to face the two females. His right arm, left leg, and lower left arm were all replaced with metallic artificial limbs. Flexing his fingers Naruto tested his new arms out before standing on the new leg.

He walked over to Sakura and Hanabi placing his robe over his bare body. "Everything is going according plan, except for a few uncalculated injuries." He said as the trio walked through the corridor leading out of the operation room.

"We have suffered major damage and must now start once again rebuilding Konoha." Naruto told the girls. "We will use this attack to rally our allies; Sasuke has launched an attack on Konoha and I take it as a declaration as war. If it's a war Sasuke wants, then it's a war we will give him." Naruto finished as they walked into a room marked "Bio-Warrior"

Otokagure (The following day)

Sasuke left the office walking to the infirmary. He had been working the entire night without rest and was now on his way to check on Hinata. "CHA!" came a yell and Sasuke turned catching the axe-heel kick delivered by a very nude, very wet Yumi. Sasuke's eyes widened at the sight. "Yumi! Explain yourself!" Sasuke ordered.

Yumi bowed and nodded. "I have just completed my recovery and to make sure I was in top shape I decided to test my ability against you Lord Otokage." She said calmly. Sasuke's eye twitched as he focused on her face not trusting his eyes to wander over her body.

"And what about clothing, did that not occur to you?" he asked her. Yumi looked down at herself and gasped blushing deeply before running off to the Sasuke's mansion without giving Sasuke an answer. Sasuke sighed and continued to the infirmary.

Making his way to the secret passage Sasuke entered one of the sterilized rooms finding Hinata clothed in a hospital gown. De was in the room as well watching the monitors that were hooked up to the machines that showed Hinata's vitals.

"How is she?" Sasuke asked. De continued looking at the machines and sighed before answering. "Pregnant, stressed, and probably on the verge of a mental breakdown." He answered the Uchiha. Sasuke grit his teeth and looked at the peaceful looking Hinata in deep sleep.

"There's something else Sasuke" De continued softly. The Otokage looked at the Doctor with interest. "And that is?" he asked with curiosity, but also a sense of dread. "The baby, its-"


There was a rumbling as the room shook. Sasuke's face angered instantly as he activated his Sharingan rushing out the room and back up the passage. The scene he saw in front of him was not what he expected. Yumi and Akamaru were fighting, or to be more specific Yumi was trying to control Akamaru.

The big wolf hound was causing havoc in the infirmary as he looked for Kiba. Sasuke sighed and did a hand seal causing Akamaru to stop and lay down.

Yumi grinned sheepishly scratching the back of her head as she noticed Sasuke. "Sorry Sasuke-sama. I thought I'd be able to control him." She explained quickly petting Akamaru on top of his head. Sasuke just shook his head again before walking over to the two of them.

"How is everyone?" he asked Yumi. The kunoichi stood and smiled softly. "Neji and Ten-Ten are at the mansion resting, Suigetsu took Karin away from Kiba after the operation finished to let her get some rest at their house and went to file some reports after."

Sasuke nodded and began walking through the halls leading Yumi and Akamaru to the intensive care ward of the infirmary. Opening the door he led them to Kiba who was resting peacefully. "Don't be loud and don't disturb the nurses when they come to check up on him." Sasuke told the duo as he left them alone with the Inuzuka.

Sasuke was about to go back to Hinata when a nurse rushed towards him. "Lord Otokage, please come quickly; it's urgent!" she cried out frantically. Sasuke nodded and followed her to the front of the infirmary running through the front door he saw two figures.

They were children, blindfolded and armed. Sasuke's eyes hardened as he tried to figure the two children out. He could sense his ANBU nearby in case something happened.

"Who are you and what do you want here?" Sasuke asked the two of them crossing his arms. The two looked at each other before nodding and undoing their blindfolds. Sasuke held back a gasp as he saw their eyes. "Who the fuck are you two?" Sasuke asked again his Sharingan blazing.

The boy grinned his own Sharingan blazing. "My name is Sora, and my sister is Kira." The boy introduced as he grabbed the hilt of his Zweihander.

Kira followed her brother's example grabbing her Katana blades. Sasuke's eyes narrowed as he reached for his Kusanagi, only to remember that he hadn't brought it with him. Shit he mentally cursed as he looked at the two children who were undoubtedly twins. Suddenly there was a whooshing sound as Sasuke's Kusanagi landed blade first in front of him.

Looking around Sasuke saw Suigetsu grinning and nodded a silent thanks before taking up his blade. Two pairs of Sharingan glared at each other while a pair of Byakugan eyes watched the scene. "You still haven't told me why you're here" Sasuke stated getting into his stance.

Sora drew his blade as Kira drew hers, the twins getting into their fighting stances. "We also didn't tell you our last name." Sora starts "It's Uchiha" Kira finishes. Sasuke's eyes widen in surprise at their revelation. There was another Uchiha-Hyuga Couple other than Hinata and me? He thought to himself keeping his eyes focused on the children.

The air was quiet for a moment as the duo faced off with Sasuke. "As for our reason for being here, it's simple; our otou was killed and now we either avenge his death or live with our last living relative. Sasuke looked at them confused until it dawned on him. "You're Itachi's children?" he asked them.

Sora nodded silently before rushing towards Sasuke with Kira right behind him. Sasuke narrowed his eyes charging towards the twins. There was a clang as all four weapons clashed.

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