As they ate there dinner Anzu kept stealing sneak peaks at Atem while secretly he did the same

As they ate there dinner Anzu kept stealing sneak peaks at Atem while secretly he did the same. Yugi starting to figure out what was going on started to make a scene. He decided he would become the match maker. He could feel the giddy rising up. Smiling he snick out of his chair with one curious gaze from his father. (And the reason she is eating with them is because Atem likes her which gives her special privileges as a slave.)

Yugi pulled on the hem of her dress making her look down. She smiled and pushed her chair back slightly. "What is it?" she asked, he smiled and leaned up on tiptoe to whisper in her ear. She turned her head so he could tell her. She giggled and nodded and he smiled and went back to his seat.

With curious glances from everyone she smiled and went back to eating her dinner. Atem nudged her foot and she looked up to see questioning eyes. "What happened?" Anzu just shrugged and took another bite. Atem bit hard on his fork and huffed slightly. After dinner Anzu, Atem and Yugi were back on there way to Yugi's room to tuck him in… (Even though he was a big boy… lol)

They walked in and she pulled the cover up to his shoulders and walked out of the room with Atem following but stopped at the sound of Yugi calling them both back. "Big brothers (Atem), Tea are you going to get married?" Anzu giggled as a bright red blush settled on Atem's face but almost choked on his reply "Maybe if she'll marry me." She looked at him as he bent on one knee and held a diamond ring with two rubies on the side.

She gasped and Yugi gawked before standing and cheering on his bed. She felt tears slide down her cheeks and threw her arms around his neck. "I love you Tea" she smiled and whispered through tears "I love you too" and kissed him

The Pharaoh came in with shock on his face, and then smiled "welcome to the family."

But what they didn't know was a pair of deadly eyes watching through the window.

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Yugi: Let's hope so

Me: AWWW I love you (huggles him)

Yugi: c-cant b-bre-breath

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