A/N:So here we go again. This is-in my oppinon-one of the best things I've written. But I wanted to revamp it, make some thing clearer. Also I felt like I had kind of dismissed Torchwood and the ending that was meant to be cool and cliffhangery (of course its a word) in heinsight seems stupid and rushed. I could have just updated the orignal fic but I wanted to leave it as is. So welcome to the Expanded and Extended edition of Impossible Things. I'm going to post the updated versions of the first thirteen chapters one a day starting today. Hopefully by the time they're all up I'll have a good bit of the new material writen and ready.

This chapter hasn't had much done to it. It is pretty much the same as the orignal. It's set after 'Voyage of the Damned'.

The Meddling Truly Begins

He couldn't save them. He had known that he wouldn't be able to but he had tried anyway. Most of them were dead now, Astrid was dead. But he couldn't make himself think about her. All he could think about was Jack.

Jack. That was his biggest problem. Why couldn't he stop thinking about Jack? Actually the better question was why didn't Jack come with him when he had asked?

And why did he care? It was Jack's choice, if he wanted to keep sleeping with the enemy that was his decision.

Is that why you're so upset, because he wanted to be with them instead of you?

It was the TARDIS.

"Get out of my head" said the Doctor angrily. He didn't like it when people read his thoughts, especially his own ship.

I can't. We are connected and I have the right to listen to your thoughts just like you listen to mine. Anyway, you didn't answer my question.

"I'm not upset."

The TARDIS gave a sceptical beep.

"I'm not. I'm just…confused"

You're confused?


I think you know exactly what's going on.

"Sorry to disappoint you but I'm completely in the dark."

You're blind.

"Quite possibly."

You live in the land of denial.

"Well I like it there. The people are friendly and there's an exceptionally good supply of bananas. I like bananas, bananas are-"

You were in denial about Rose. Remember? We had this exact same discussion about Rose. Then, when you finally did admit that you had feelings for her and by the time you had worked up the courage to tell her it was too late. Don't let that happen with Jack.

"That can't happen with Jack because I don't feel that way about him."

The TARDIS sighed, well as much of a sigh as a time ship can give.

Whatever you say. You are lonely though.

The Doctor looked around the control room. It was empty apart from him. She was right, he was lonely.

I know I'm right and I hate it when you're lonely.

"There's Martha, she said she'd come back."

You want Martha?

"Why not, don't you like her?"

I hate her! And so do you.

"I don't hate her."

But you don't like her.

"She's alright. It's better than being alone."

She's so annoying, mopes all the time.

"Well yeah, but-"

She's no fun, takes things far too seriously.

"Would you rather Jack who doesn't take anything seriously?"

That's unfair.

"It's true though."

That was the old him. He has grown up a lot.

"How would you know?"

Trust me.

"It doesn't matter. Look, if you want I can get some one new."

But you don't want some one new. You want Jack.

"I don't want him, he's annoying. He's impossible!" he flopped down in the captain's chair and added "Besides, I don't like taking unwilling passengers."

He's willing. Ask him again and he'll say 'yes'.

"I don't ask twice."

You asked Rose twice and Jack is just as important to you as she was.

"I'm not going back for him. Now drop it. Don't make me get the sledge-hammer out."


She could see she wasn't getting anywhere this way. However, she knew she had to do something. Then she had an idea. She had never connected to anyones mind who wasn't inside her at the time, but it wasn't impossible. She knew this went far beyond her usual meddling but something had to be done. She hated when he got loney.