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Momentary Normality

The next few months after that were pure heaven for both of them. Even though Jack was still guilt ridden about leaving his friends, he could honestly say he'd never been happier. He and the Doctor travelled through time and space stopping disasters, righting wrongs and generally saving the day. This became their normality until one day Jack said

"Doc lets take the day off. Park the TARDIS in the Time Vortex and relax a little."

"That sounds perfect." smiled the Doctor, although he knew that a relaxing day with Jack was actually going to be quite strenuous. He wasn't complaining though.

For once it seemed that their reclusive plans might actually work as they had gone three hours without having to be heroes. But then, of course, the TARDIS gave a shudder and started hurtling through the Time Vortex. However neither of the boys was in the control room at the time as they were having some fun in the shower. They felt the TARDIS shake though.

"What was that?" Jack asked, although he wished they could just ignore it and go back to what the Doctor had been doing with that talented tongue of his.

"We're travelling through the Vortex." said the Doctor, jumping out of the shower, grabbing some clothes and running towards the control room. Jack sighed and did the same.

By the time they got there they had landed, as the TARDIS had decided to be unhelpful and move the bathroom further away from the control room then it had been earlier. When Jack got there the Doctor was shouting her

"What was all that about?!"

Jack looked at him. He was bear footed, wearing only his trousers and a light blue shirt. His hair was wet and sticking out at even stranger angles then usual. He looked perfectly edible. But Jack decided that maybe now wasn't the best time to shove him up against the control panel and do unspeakably dirty things to him. Jack sighed and pulled on trousers and a t-shirt. He too was bare footed.

The Doctor came over to him and snaked his arms around his waist.

"So where are we?" Jack inquired, not really caring because the Doctor was nibbling on his ear.

"I don't know, she won't tell. She's locked me out of the controls."

"Again?" he remembered the last time she had done that.

The Doctor smiled, remembering too. "Only one way to find out."

He pulled away from Jack and went over to the door.

"I'm just going to tell whatever big bad alien is out here that we're terrible busy and we'll foil there evil scheme some other time."

Jack smiled and leaned back against the railing. But when after ten minutes the Doctor hadn't returned Jack decided to go after him. He stepped out into what appeared to be 21st Century Earth. The TARDIS had landed in the middle of a load of run down looking tower blocks. The place looked ominously Fermillure. The Doctor was just standing there staring at the building directly in front of them.

"Where are we?" Jack asked, moving to stand beside the Time Lord.

"The Powel Estate." he said simply.

"Where Rose lived?" Jack unnecessarily asked. He knew now why the place looked fermillure. He had been here once or twice, watched Rose grow up. Why would the TARDIS bring them here?

The Doctor said nothing. A single tear rolled down his cheek. Jack couldn't stand seeing him like this. He would be having serious words with the TARDIS later. He took the Doctor's hand and kissed the tear away.

"It's like you said, Doc" Jack whispered to him "She's safe. She's happy. She's got her Mum and Dad. She's got Ricky the Idiot." the Doctor smiled at this and Jack continued. "She's fine. You said she was going to get a job at Torchwood. She's probably running the place by now. Can you imagine a Torchwood run by Rose?"

"That would be good." he agreed. He let go of a shaky breath "She's probably forgotten all about the two of us."

"Speak for yourself. I happen to quite a memorable character."

The Doctor laughed, "You certainly are." and kissed him.

Jack lead him back to the TARDIS all the while telling him that Rose was having a great life in the parallel universe.

They entered and Jack closed the door behind them. The Doctor still looked a little out of it. Jack kissed him on the cheek.

"Come on, lets go to bed." he said it without any innuendo in his voice, simply offering comfort.

But the Doctor continued to stare at a stop right to the control panel. Jack looked. There was a girl standing there. A blond girl. She was standing there with tears rolling down her cheeks. She seemed too over come with emotions to speak.

Jack stared at her in disbelief. "Rose?"

"Jack?" she asked in return. She turned to the Doctor. "Doctor?"

And then she promptly collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Jack ran to her seeing if she was okay. The Doctor remained standing by the door. He was frozen to the spot, confused, amazed, overjoyed, and worried. Finally he regained the power of speech but all he could think to say was

"That's impossible."

But he need not have been shocked. For as we all know, impossible things happen all the time.