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summary: Haley is pregnant again and it's a girl. Nathan and Jamie are obsessing over March Madness.1 hormonal mother+2 sports-crazed malesnothing but drama.

"Nathan for the last time, turn that game off," a much ticked Haley said, careful not to cuss because of the presence of a certain child in the room.

"But momma, it's March Madness. If we turn the T.V. off, we'll miss out," Jamie cutely pleaded.

"Exactly," Nathan agreed. In that moment, both father and son had the same cute look that they used when they were trying to extort something out of Haley. Haley always had trouble resisting that look. When she was pregnant, it was as if the baby had some kind of power that made her immune to the Scott charm one minute and falling head over heels for it the next. Now, she was fully immune.

"I don't care. I've had to hear about March Madness all day from Quentin and my other students, I want a break from it. Come on, I'm pregnant. Doesn't that count for something?"

"Actually, you're right you are pregnant..."Nathan begins.

"Exactly," Haley replies mimicking Nathan's words from before.

"That means that this is the perfect time to expose our daughter to the finer points of life, college basketball and March Madness."

"No, I gave you a son for these things. Now, it's my turn for a daughter who i can teach about music and shopping and all the finer points of life for a GIRL!!"

"But babe she is a Scott. She needs to be exposed to a little basketball."

"The only reason you're saying that is because you want basketball to be the only thing she will be calm for when she's young. That way when I make you do Daddy duty, you can watch basketball while you're being dad of the year.

Damn, Nathan was caught. He always knew Haley had been smart, but she'd been kind of oblivious when it came to guy tricks. Maybe, after Jamie, she picked up on a couple of them. However she picked up his antics, he was screwed and not in the good way.

"So what if I am? She's my daughter too; she's allowed to inherit some of my likings."

"You're talking to your pregnant wife. I don't need to give any other comeback than that. That's my trump card for this next three months. I know no matter how much you argue you'll give in because you don't want to put stress on me or this precious daughter of yours," Haley stated matter of factly.

Nathan sighed in defeat. His wife was right. If she showed even a little sign of stress, he'd cave. By the look on her face, he could tell that she was more than a little stressed. Nathan may act all macho, but he was still nervous by any sign of an uncomforted Haley showed. He decided to change his course of action.

"Haley, I'll tell you what. I'll take you to our room and get you whatever ridiculous concoction you want. I'll even start up your music so our daughter can be exposed to her Momma's preferences. If I do all that, then can Jamie and I watch March Madness?"

"Okay," Haley said, giving in. "But there are conditions. 1, the volume must stay low on the T.V. 2, No beer for you. And no caffeine or sugar for either of you. I already have to deal with one hyper child; I don't need three. And lastly, no yelling or screaming or jumping around. I don't want to be able to hear you and I don't want to have anything broken."

"Deal," Nathan and Jamie said in unison. Haley had kind of, sort of given in, and with her being pregnant they weren't going to test their luck.

"Good, now take me to my chamber," Haley said, doing her best queen imitation.

"As you wish, my lady," Nathan said and gently picked Haley up to take her to her room. Even though Haley was six months pregnant, to Nathan she was still petite. He could still lift her up with ease, being as fit and in shape as he was.

Nathan took Haley into her room, gently placed her on their bed, and arranged the pillows on their bed so Haley's body was properly supported. Nathan was so overprotective of both of his family. Haley was still amazed by how good of a father he had turned into. In fact, it turned her on just thinking about it. Oh God, here comes yet another sex craving. Those seemed to come more than her food cravings did these days.

"So, what weird foods are my baby girls craving today?"

"It's not food," Haley mumbled softly but definitely loud enough for Nathan to hear.

"You're not serious?" Nathan asked, a little shocked that Haley would even consider asking him for sex when something as important as March Madness was going on. Plus, Jamie was merely a wall away. Normal Haley would never consider this. Apparently, pregnant Haley would.

"Are you saying that you don't want to have sex with me?" Haley asked, her hormones on the verge of a peak.

"What? No, of course I want to have sex with you. You're my beautiful, sexy wife. If I could, I'd do you 24/7. But Jamie's out there, he might hear us, and he's really looking forward to this," Nathan replied, hoping to use Jamie as leverage.

"When we left, he was so enamored in the game he didn't even notice. And plus, you're always talking about how you're so quick."

"I am quick."

"Well then prove it babe."

"You are so sexy when you talk like that," Nathan said, using a Haleyism from her first pregnancy.

"Good. Now, sex me up babe."

"You got it," Nathan said and started by removing his clothing.


"Oh, that was wonderful," Haley said after they had finished their March Madness, well madness. Life was good in the Scott's life, until a certain little someone started screaming about whatever was going on on the T.V.

Haley looked into Nathan's eyes and could tell he was so curious about what was going on. Deciding that he had earned a little S&J (Sports and Jamie), Haley gave a sexy nod, kissed his cheek, and let him leave.

Nathan obliged. He loved and adored being with his wife, but he was a guy, and he lived for March Madness. He would give it up in a second, but his wife letting him have both made her all that sexier.