General Information: The Ciliaon are a recently discovered race, living on a small planet with surprisingly varied whether on the very edge of charted space

General Information: The Ciliaon are a recently discovered race, living on a small planet with surprisingly varied whether on the very edge of charted space. Their technology is already quite advanced, and with the new resources from Citadel space, they are making steady progress.

Unlike the humans, they had possessed the technology to travel in space without discovering and adapting to that of another species. Their studious, but almost ruthless nature prevented any exploration for many thousands of years. It is thought that their race was first born not long after the Protheans became extinct.

As they become more comfortable with the other races and planets, it is expected that the Ciliaons will be sighted more often and lend their extraordinary skills to help all of the planets and races in times of need.

Appearance and General Nature: The Ciliaons are considered quite beautiful, their looks similar to the 'vampire' myths that filled human novels and films. All of them have unusually large, red eyes with feline irises and pale skin as well as a slightly larger amount of teeth compared to humans, every tooth much sharper. Hair colour varies. The women are curvy but still rather slight in figure, their pregnancies, birth and fertilisation almost identical to that of humans. They are average to tall height compared to humans.

They enjoy physical contact, which is a large part of their society. Holding hands and embracing are normal things between friends, families and even strangers. They rely less on expression, making some species think that they are unsociable and cold. In battle they are ruthless, doing whatever necessary to get the job done – but they always protect whoever they are with, unless they're a hated enemy.

The Ciliaons can live for more than 10,000 years, their average life span is still unknown but obviously very vast. Once they reach full maturity, around eight hundred human years old, their facial features etc don't change, likewise to the Asari.

Skills: They have a natural ability like the Asari to harness biotics. They are better at close, hand-to-hand combat using weapons like swords and daggers, though they are also proficient at using more up to date weaponry. They are not so good at hacking and decryption, better at more close quarters combat. They can communicate telepathically, and those particularly gifted at it can learn to read minds, but only the Sacred Seven have been able to in their history.

They have night-vision, and can see a lot further than any other race. Their hearing and other senses are only slightly above average.

Political Status: Their amazing technology and polite nature has urged the council to offer them a seat, causing anger from the races who have been waiting for one for much longer – such as the humans. However, the council sees them in a better light than the humans, and the Choosing ceremony is taking place on their home planet.

Notes: Ciliaons enjoy music, from classical and old fashioned to loud rock and dance music. Many carry small devices to play music, like the humans created many years ago.

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