The Caldermume Dictionary

Caldermume Singular Caldermume, (aquatic race)

Caldermumairn(s) – Plural of Caldermume.

Diy'na – the main religion of Caldermumairns.

Diya – Book of main principals and morals of the Caldermumairn

Fishel-Randol – this is the name of the Caldermume gene that allows them to grow scales in 0.5 seconds if threatened.

Dolshel('d) – A shortened variant of Fishel-Randol, but used as a verb for the actual action of the scales growing.

Paytah-su – A paytah-su, sometimes shortened to 'tahsu is the Caldermume name for a traitor, liar etc.

Amitanata - The most celebrated festival in their 'religion', more of a way of life than religious belief. It celebrates the never ending circle of life and the glory of what they are. Large feasts, presents and lots of dancing and music are involved in the lively celebrations.

MR-Suit – (Moisture Retaining suit) Developed by scientists to allow Caldermumairns not have to Dolshel.

Caldermumairns have dark blue skin, their hair the same colour. Their skin is almost glossy and very smooth. It is almost completely hairless without nipples. Their eye colour ranges from light grey, to blue, to violet. They rely on moisture to keep them alive, and scientists of the Citadel believe that they extract the oxygen from the air/water. If they Dolshel, (grow scales, same colour as skin; completely covers them, excluding head hair.) the moisture is kept in. Special suits, a skin-tight and flexible design have been created to let the Caldermumairns not have to Dolshel constantly. The scales are incredibly strong – blades break and most bullets either ricochet or get stuck in the scales. Only bullets from things with a large kickback (such as shotguns) or Hammerhead (or similar purpose rounds) rounds can break through. Also, continuously firing at the same place (though almost impossible unless the Caldermume in question is crippled or otherwise unable to move) can also be effective. The Caldermumairns are incredibly flexible and amazingly light, though when Dolshel'd they're also very strong. Caldermumairns are a thoughtful, clever race and easily adapt to new situations. They are exceptionally loyal as well. As long as they have their MR-Suit on, they can remain outside in a hazardous environment without being too affected, unless the climate is very hot – the MR-Suit's moisture will run out quite quickly.