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This story's basic plot lineis just like the movie Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, only more of a plot twist. I changed the characters and added new ones. If nobody likes this story or thinks that I am plagerizing a "movie" (Is it call plagerizing when you copy some stuff from a movie or a story or both?) then I'll probably cry all night long. (lol) I put a lot of effort in this first chapter so I hope it catches your attention. Remember that this is a BrendanXMay story.


In the depths of the sea, all was quiet, even the sounds of the strong currents seemed to be absorbed by the vast hollow canyon, leaving a gloomy void of darkness. The eerie silence of the depths gave a feeling of foreboding that something bad is coming. So it was quite a wonder when a shocking blue egg is seen floating by. Such a strange sight indeed.

The blue egg has a small light blue coat, covering it like a shell. Inside of the egg, there is a small red nucleus in the middle of the blue egg. The red nucleus was revolving around in the nucleus, slowly pulsing like a small heartbeat. The egg seemed to be floating through the water like a balloon in the air, slow and unsure of where to go. As the egg continued to move uncertainty, several schools of water Pokemon came by hitting the egg, ignoring it completely. The Corsola, Chinchou, and Cloysters all passed by without even a glance at the egg, as if they know not of the egg's importance. Suddenly the egg was bumped by a passing Mantine, and the egg was lifted closer to the surface of the water, giving off a sea blue glow from the moon light sky.

Suddenly a huge light smashed into the water, completely emphasizing the darkness of the sea. All the Pokemon scattered as if they were afraid of this unnatural beam of light that seemed to focus on the egg. There were three helicopters humming loud sounds that seemed to echo in the night sky. After confirming the data from the computer screen, one of the men in the helicopter muttered orders into his headpiece. Down in the depths of the ocean, a huge mechanical hand shot into the water, grabbed the egg, and pulled it out of the dark water and into the submarine where the mechanical hand came from.

Looking at the screen where the egg is shown, the enormous man in the submarine had a wild and greedy look in his eye. He wore the red clothes in the design that a pirate captain would wear along with the enormous red pirate hat. On top of his hat, there was a small white spiral connected to a diagonal line that pointed to the left side of his hat. He had a long beard, covering half of his face, going down to his feet. The beard is tied by two belts, wrapping the beard around tightly like braids. His clutched his white gloved hands together with excitement, and he moved his feet up and down, making a clunking noise from his boots on the metal hull. A colorful Chartot was perched on this man's shoulder, repeating the words that it heard.

"Captain Phantom," the man, with a forest green bandana with a same white symbol that the red pirate had, said, "the treasure map has been captured successfully." The man punched a few more buttons in front of the computer after the clunking sound of the mechanical hands when it reached back into the submarine's hull.

"Wrak! Treasure map... treasure map," the music bird Pokemon squawked.

"Excellent," the captain said in a raspy pirate voice, "soon the treasure will be ours." The captain got up and with a wild looking grin on his face, left the room to see the egg-"the map to the greatest underwater treasure".

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