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Three Years Later...

It was a bright sunny day on the harbor of Petelburgh. A couple of Wingull were flying overhead as a couple of white clouds billowed past the blue sky. One large ship on the harbor was prepared to head out to open sea. The sailors were getting onto the boat and were ready to move out. The harbor was quite peaceful and not a soul in sight... until two teenagers came charging into the scene, obviously late.

"May! We're going to miss the boat!" Brendan yelled running down the pier as the ship blew a loud horn as a signal for departure. Brendan, now 14, tightened his now emerald green bandana that was attached to his cloth hat with his orange fingerless gloves. He had on two matching black with green stripes wrist band on each of his arm. A green one strap backpack was slung over his orange and black shirt with the black collar flipped out. He had long thin black pants under a short black athlete pants. His worn out black, green and orange shoes were skidding along the wooden planks.

"I'm coming!" May yelled back, a couple of feet behind Brendan. She too was wearing a green bandana that was tied neatly over her head. She had the same clothing as before only different colors. She had on the same wristbands as Brendan and same gloves she worn before. Her orange mini dress-like shirt had two white Pokeball symbols at the bottom of it. Her small fanny pack was securely wrapped around her waist. She still had on the short black tight pants. She almost stumbled over her orange and black shoes with black socks. "ARGH! These shoes are too big!" On one of her hands was a small pearl shape ring. The pearl was about a finger nail long.

"HEY!" Brendan yelled. You were the one who wanted it! Knowing you, you'll probably end up so fat again that those clothes will fit." Brendan ran faster as May charged toward him, screaming for him to 'shut up' and that 'he was going to get it.' He looked back and saw the ship starting to prepare sail. The ship has moved away from the harbor and out into the open sea.

If they miss and wait for the next one then it'll take the whole day to arrive to the Johto region. And that would mean one step behind to competing in the Pokemon Leauge and one day behind for May to get ready to compete in the Pokemon Contest. Without a hesitation, Brendan made a dash and threw his backpack on the boat, which surprisingly made it in, before jumping high into the air.

"Kirlia!" The green and white Pokemon popped out and immediately used its Psychic abilities to allow Brendan and itself to float easily onto the ferry.

"Brendan!" May screamed in frustration, angry that Brendan managed to get on the boat without her. Brendan grinned and waved goodbye, which infuriated May even more. She took out a Pokeball from her pack. "Wartotle Go!" The once young Squirtle, now a fully adult size Wartotle, popped out and immediately May jumped into the water, holding on to her Pokemon who was swimming toward the moving ship. When she arrived at the edge of the boat, Brendan grabbed her arm and pulled May and Wartotle up.

"Well you made it," Brendan grinned happily. May slammed her fist into Brendan's face as her thanks.

"You idiot!" May screamed as Brendan was holding his now bloody nose, "Why didn't you use Kirlia to help me?! Now my clothes are ruined and I'm wet!"

"You're fault for sleeping in late AND spending an hour doing your hair and makeup and whatever you girls do these days..." Brendan muttered. The flow of blood was getting thinner.

"Well whatever," May sighed, turning red from embarrassment, and tried to change the subject. "I'm so excited!" May looked over the side of the ship, gazing into the sea. "We're going to the Johto region!"

"Hopefully, Crystal will show us around," Brendan said happily, "She promised us that the Pokemon Contest will be held in the city we're going. Anyways, are you sure Max doesn't want to come with us?"

"Yeah," May nodded, "he wanted to continue his own Hoenn journey. I mean he's already 11, so he should be fine."

"I guess," Brendan shrugged as he stared at the blue and white sky, "Well after we arrive to Johto, we're splitting up right?" May didn't say anything and continued to look out to the sea and Brendan continued. "I mean you're already fourteen. You can take care of yourself, so we don't need to look out for each other... and anyways...."

"BRENDAN!" May yelped in surprise. Brendan turned around and saw May pointing at the water. Feeling curious, Brendan walked over and saw nothing but blue water.

"What are we looking at?" PLOP! Something jumped out of the water before diving back in. "What the-" Suddenly the 'thing' jumped right out onto May's open arms.

"Happy Mommy! Happy Daddy!"

"M-Manaphy!" Brendan gasped, not believing his eyes, but there the little Pokemon was, squealing happily while hugging her.

"Oh! It's been so long," May cried. Brendan sighed and shook his head.

"Seriously," Brendan exclaimed, "we're not 'mom' or 'dad' Manaphy! I'm Brendan and that's May."

"Mommy and Daddy! Love you!" May's tears of happiness flowed from her eyes and Brendan sighed, this time with an air of defeat. He went over and once again, hugged both May and Manaphy. The threesome stood still for a long while. Time seemed to halt just for a while. May stared into Brendan's red eyes. He bent over and kissed her gently on the cheek. The spot were he kissed seemed to burn with exhilarating pleasure. She felt like she was floating in the air. Brendan then smiled.

"Got to treasure the memories."

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