Again this story has major spoilers for the episode which airs on the 15th of April, or is supposed to anyway, called "Undercover', brand new, never seen before.

I've read loads of spoilers on this so I thought I'd have a go of getting over the wait and make up my own version. Not everything is based totally on what I've read, I've added my own ingredients, so don't read something and then expect to see it in the episode that airs, it may not happen.

So again, please don't read if you don't want it ruining the episode for you. I don't know how accurate these spoilers are I'm just going off what I found and read.

Summary: Olivia goes undercover in a women's prison, as Katrina Rae Lewis, when their current case shows a prison guard is supplying drugs to the women and abusing his way up to the top, including rape. The undercover stint goes from bad to worse and things don't go to plan, or go to plan too well. The guys soon realize they need to pull Liv out before she too gets hurt, will they convince her she needs to get out or will her passion to save the victims be too strong for her to resist.

This chapter is a jump ahead then things will start from the beginning. It'll make more sense as it goes along, I promise.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Law and Order: SVU and this is just purely for fun.

Chapter 1


Fin and Elliot had ran so fast through the prison that they were both completely out of breath and both felt like they might pass out, but they knew they couldn't. Olivia needed them.

Fin used the keys he still had to unlock the gate, it was late and all the other inmates were already locked up in their cells, so he didn't bother locking the gate back up, not that he even cared if he had left it open with the women able to escape, saving Olivia was his priority.

Elliot followed him as they got to some stairs. Olivia's cell was located on the third floor. They both ran up them, the sound of their shoes slamming down on the iron stairs echoed around the building.

As they ran they both prayed they weren't too late, by the time they made it to the third floor they were both in a full blown sweat. Fin unlocked Olivia's cell and pushed the door open. They both froze when they saw they cell was empty.

They backed out. "Where the hell is she?" Elliot yelled. Pure fear and panic had struck him like a thunderbolt.

"Hey, Hey guard!" They heard a women shout.

Fin ran up to the next cell and pulled the shutter over the peephole in the door down. "Where's Liv… Kat..? He asked forgetting the inmates Only knew her as Kat.

"They took her down to the isolation room, that's where they do it, go help her quick." She shouted to them, even before she had finished they were all ready running back down the stairs.

Fin knew where the isolation room and he knew what happened to the women who were taken there.

- - - - - -

Olivia pushed herself up off the cold, hard floor on to her knees and hands. She tried to crawl away but a heavy boot kicked her hands from under her. She fell flat onto the floor. Another boot was suddenly soaring towards her stomach.

She braced herself but nothing prepared her for the pain she felt as her ribs cracked. She curled into a ball and wrapped her arms around her body trying to shield it from the kicks, punches and strikes from the batons the officers used.

Although she tried not to, she screamed in pain each time she was struck. Her body was bruised and broken.

"Not so tough anymore are you?" One of the officers mocked her.

The same officer swung his baton down on her shoulder. She screamed in pain and she knew he had dislocated it. It was becoming almost impossible for her not to cry.

She was suddenly pulled up from off the floor by one of the officers. He held her firmly in place as the other officer ripped her shirt wide open and began to fondle her breasts.

- - - - - -

Fin and Elliot could hear the screams coming from the isolation room. The anger and fear in both men fueled their increasing speed, they were almost there and know they both feared what they ay find when they got there…


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