Hello Readers,

I'm incredibly sorry to be telling you all this, but as of now, this story is postponed. You may have noticed by the extreme lengths of time between chapters that despite the fact that I planned out this entire story before posting, I'm having an incredible and unavoidable case of writer's block. This is not to say that I'll never get back to this story, just that it may be a while before I get there. I really loved writing "Tell Me", but this, so far, just doesn't have the same appeal. The characters are tired, so I'm trying to give them a little rest to get creative again before I pick this back up. Haha.

Have no fear. Chances are, it will happen. But it may take until the long days snowed in at home during winter break for it to finally hit me. I'm pretty sure that's how "Tell Me" got started, anyway. In the mean time, if anyone has any requests or good ideas, please message me, as I'd love to here them.

Please check out my other stories. I'm in the middle of a few Harry Potter oneshots and am considering starting up a few stories for other medias. I also have about seven notebooks full of "Wouldn't this make a fantastic novel if I ever got around to writing more than thirty pages?" ideas. It's a slow process...

Again, my innumerable apologies. I hope to posting again soon.

Much love,