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It was four months ago to the day when Sakura felt her world crumble, four months to the day she had finally decided to tell him that she loved him, four months to the day when he walked up to her and said " Guess what Sakura-chan! Hinata is officially my girlfriend!"

It had been the hardest four months of her life. After she had finally plucked up the courage to tell Naruto how she feels he drops this bomb on her. Of course after she heard the news she just smiled and congratulated him, pretending that everything was okay. She'd loved him for quite a while now but she kept hesitating to admit it.

It had been 3 years since Naruto had come back from his training with Jiraiya, and during that time they had grown quite close. At times she would let herself flirt with him , and sometimes it got pretty suggestive. She thought he loved her, she thought he would be patient with her. But now as she sat alone in her lonely apartment thinking about what Naruto and Hinata were up to tonight; she couldn't help but mentally bang her head against the wall. If only she had talked to him sooner, just a day sooner.

She knew he still loved her. She could see it in his eyes, and they way he still called her Sakura-chan so sweetly. But she couldn't deny the fact that he and Hinata did look good together. Not to mention the fact that Hinata liked/loved Naruto before she even noticed him. She deserves him more than I do she thought bitterly.

With those thoughts on her mind Sakura began getting ready for meeting her friends at a local bar. She really wasn't in the mood to go but Ino talked her into it.

1 hour later Sakura entered the bar and immediately spotted Ino, Choji , Sai, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Neji and Ten Ten, sitting at a large table near the back.

Good some people are still missing, so I'm not too late. Wait Kakashi's here already? That's strange.

Sakura took a seat next to Kakashi leaving the other seat beside her empty for when Yamato joined them.

"Yo. How ya been Sakura?" Kakashi asked casually though he shot her a worried glance.

"I'm fine thank you." Sakura replied with a slight edge to her voice which clearly told the copy nin to 'back off'!

Kakashi being the genius that he is had long since figured out that Sakura and Naruto were in love with each other. And he was one of the many people in their lives who predicted, that they'd be happy and together by now. It was also Kakashi who had found her lost in the forest and crying hysterically against a tree, exactly four months ago. Kakashi and Tsunade were the only people who knew about Sakura's ironic situation; although she was pretty sure that Sai and Yamato knew what was going on even though they never mentioned it to her.

" Hey Sakura! You there?"

Sakura lifted her head up to see Ino waving a hand impatiently in front of her face. Apparently she had gotten lost in her thoughts for a moment.

" Oh um what?"

"I said what do you want to drink?"

"Oh I'll have a bottle of sake, as she said this she saw Naruto and Hinata walk in the bar holding hands, actually make that 4!"

" Uh what?" Yelled Ino, everyone at the table was also giving Sakura weird looks.

"I said order me 4 bottles of sake please. You see uh…. my tolerance for alcohol is high so… uh I need to drink more."

This of course was a lie. The truth was that she wanted to get shitfaced so she wouldn't have to think about Naruto and Hinata.

At that moment Naruto and Hinata joined the table. Sakura who refused to look at or even acknowledge either of them decided to start a very intense conversation with Kakashi about their last mission. They had already had this same discussion once before but Kakashi knew why Sakura was so desperate to appear busy, so he went along with it.

However no more than a few minutes later she heard Naruto yell out from across the table.

" Sakura-chan! Jeez I haven't seen you in 3 weeks and I don't even get a hello!" He mocked hurt in a playful manner, but inside he was concerned.

Not too long ago he and Sakura had been inseparable, the best of friends. He knew that once he started dating Hinata that he'd be spending less time with Sakura to spend it with his girlfriend. But he'd still expected to see Sakura every day, even for just a minute. He never thought that he would go 3 weeks with out seeing or hearing from her.

Lately Naruto couldn't shake the feeling that he was missing something. Even Kakashi and the rest of the team seemed distant with him. And Naruto for the life of him couldn't figure out what he'd done. A few weeks ago he decided to ask Kakashi about what was going on. Kakashi assured him that he hadn't done anything wrong and that no one was mad at him. But he couldn't help but notice how later at team practice everyone was suspiciously nice and warm towards him, all except Sakura who didn't show up and who he hadn't seen since.

It bothered Naruto very much and he'd been trying to find Sakura for a while to talk about it, but something always seemed to get in the way, and he'd been spending a lot of time with Hinata so his free time was cut short.

" Oh sorry Naruto I didn't see you, cause I'm kinda busy talking to Kakashi, it's nice to see you again though." And with that she turned her attention away from Naruto and began her conversation with Kakashi again, while drinking her sake alarmingly fast.

" Um Sakura don't you think you've had enough to drink?" Kakashi asked after witnessing Sakura drink 2 bottles of sake in less than 15 minutes.

"Hehe nope! Don't worry bout me Kashi. I still have 2 bottles left from my first order hehe! I can still drink more! Slurred Sakura

Kakashi could tell that Sakura was already drunk and if she drank the other 2 bottles he didn't even want to think about what she's say or do. In the past 4 months he'd seen Sakura drink quite heavily several times and it always ended the same way and he didn't want her to do that in front of all these people, acting and doing what she did in front of him, Yamato and Sai was one thing but if she did that here, people would surely start to wonder what's wrong with her.

In the next half hour more of their friends arrived including Yamato. He sat next to Sakura and the first thing he noticed was that she was drunk. He exchanged a concerned look with Kakashi but didn't say anything out loud.

The food began to arrive and everyone was talking and laughing loudly while enjoying each others company, Sakura just sat quietly drinking her sake. Every now and then she would glance over at Hinata and her heart plummeted every time she saw the happy look on her face and the blush which adorned her face whenever Naruto would lean in close to her or touch her hand.

For the past 4 months Sakura had been avoiding Naruto and Hinata as much as possible. Originally she had only intended on avoiding them when they were together, but since they were hardly ever apart she figured it would be easier to just disappear from their radar all together. She'd even gone as far as asking Tsunade to assign Naruto on missions with Hinata's team, so she could go on missions with her usual team minus Naruto. At first Tsunade had been reluctant, but after seeing how much Sakura was suffering she gave in.

Sakura was now finished with her first 4 bottles of sake and she wanted to order more, but there was something that she wanted more than sake. From the corner of her eye she saw Kakashi and as discreetly as possible she looked him up and down and not for the first time wondered what it'd be like to be taken by him.

Kakashi noticed how Sakura(who was very drunk) kept glancing over at him. He sighed. It always ended like this, she would get really drunk and then she'd practically throw herself at either himself, Yamato or Sai. She did it most often with him though. The 3 of them had grown accustomed to Sakura's drunken seductive side, they knew that she was just looking for comfort so they didn't take it seriously, and they never mentioned it to her the next day. However the fact that they were surrounded by most of their friends and teammates meant that if she tried something they wouldn't be able to just brush it under the rug, like they normally did. Kakashi at this point was trying to think of a good excuse to take Sakura home early, to avoid the impending disaster.

"O Kashi!" Sakura breathed in his ear while swaying slightly.


"Yes Sakura? Is there something you need? Some fresh air perhaps?" He hoped she would take the bait so he could escort her from the bar without causing a scene. Naruto may be stupid and dense but even he would notice something was up if he saw Sakura rubbing against him and talking to him seductively.

"Mmm nah I don't need air, unless you wanna go with me to the park to have some fun, or take me to your apartment, that'll work too." She winked at him. Luckily she was still whispering so the only person who could hear her was Yamato and maybe Sai.

Kakashi let out a groan of frustration.

"Sakura… you know that can't happen, you don't really want that to happen, so stop this please." Kakashi pleaded, he could tell she was getting impatient and would probably start yelling soon.

"I should've known! Why would the famous copy nin want to Fuck me when he's got plenty of other more attractive women at his beck and call?" Her voice was louder now and he was sure that Neji and Kiba had heard her, and even Naruto shot him a confused look.

"Sakura, listen you know that's not what this is. Please let me walk you home and we'll talk about it on the way. Okay?" He had his fingers crossed that she would calm down with his words. Usually she would let him walk her home on the pretense that he would satisfy her sexually once they got there. That of course never happened, usually he would just hold her while she cried and once or twice he stayed with her till morning.

"No I don't need you to walk me home! If you don't think I'm good enough to sleep with than just say so ,and I'll find somebody else who actually wants me! This time she spoke loud enough that everyone at the table turned to look at her and Kakashi. Naruto's mouth was wide open and his cheeks were slightly red with anger. Kakashi tried once again to gain control of the situation but it didn't help that now everyone at the table was quiet and listening to their argument intently.

"Sakura listen to me, your drunk and you don't know what your talking about. Don't do this here, can we please go outside and talk about it?"

"Only if you agree to stay with me tonight!" Kakashi could feel everyone's eyes on him, if he said yes to her request he could walk her home and put her to bed safely, but then everyone especially Naruto would probably think he was going to have sex with her. But if he said no…. screw it, he'd explain himself to everyone later, he'd clarify that he took her home and put her in her bed and that he DIDN'T have sex with her, they'd understand, everyone could see that Sakura was very drunk and they knew he'd never take advantage of her.

"Ok Sakura, let's go."Yamato and Sai looked relived, they knew that this argument was a routine that they went through so they weren't worried. Naruto on the other hand was fuming.

What the hell!Why did Kakashi agree to stay the night with her? He knows what she wants! And why does Sakura want that anyway, I didn't think she was that type of girl. Naruto frowned. There was definitely something wrong here. Something was wrong with Sakura. Maybe something happened to here and that's why she's been so distant with me? But she seems to be very close to Kakashi, Yamato and Sai still, did I do something?

As Naruto watched Sakura leave the bar holding Kakashi's arm Naruto realized he had to make more of an effort to find out what was going on with Sakura. He vowed that starting tomorrow he would do what ever it took to find out! He wasn't going to lose his friendship with her no matter what and whatever was going on in Sakura's life he wanted to be there to help her through it.

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