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After they stopped kissing Naruto grabbed Sakura's hand and led her to where he knew her bedroom was; once inside he closed the door, turned on the small lamp and looked towards Sakura. He noticed that she looked a bit nervous, and he too couldn't deny that he was starting to feel slightly anxious. In an attempt to calm her nervousness down he, swiftly pulled her towards him and kissed her lovingly and chastely. When he pulled back he saw that she looked calmer.

"Sakura-chan if you're not sure about this then please just tell me, we don't have to do this now."

"No! I mean I really want to do this, but I will admit that I am a bit nervous."

"Haha don't worry Sakura-chan, I'm nervous too. But believe me you have nothing to be nervous about, if at any point you want to stop just tell me and I'll stop."

Sakura couldn't help but feel reassured at his words, Naruto always put her needs above his own so why should this be any different? Smiling Sakura pulled Naruto right against her and it was her who kissed him this time.

Naruto could feel Sakura's eagerness in the kiss, so he decided that it would then be safe to take things a step further.

Sakura was wearing a red pyjama top and matching shorts, and Naruto couldn't help but notice that they would be very easy to remove. They were still kissing; Sakura's hands were around his neck and Naruto's hands made their way to the hem of Sakura's shirt. He lifted the shirt up only a little bit and when she didn't protest he slipped one of his hands under the material and gently caressed the firm skin of her abdomen. Although Naruto's touches were fairly innocent so far, Sakura couldn't help but be affected and her need and desire for him grew.

"Naruto." Sakura whispered while breaking the kiss.


"You can take my shirt off, it's okay."

Naruto didn't say anything; instead he wasted no time in lifting the small yet obtrusive garment up and over her head and dumping it on the floor before turning his attention back to the now blushing Sakura.

Even though she still had a bra on to cover her chest, Sakura felt very exposed and nervous. Will I be enough for him? I'm not flat, but most other women that Naruto knows have bigger boobs then I do, like Hinata or Ino, I hope he doesn't try to compare. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Naruto once again pushing his lips down on hers.

This kiss Sakura noticed was different than the others. He seemed more demanding and forceful ,but Sakura found that she rather liked the change then her thoughts were wiped clean when she felt Naruto guide her tongue into his mouth and gently suck on it. She couldn't hold back a loud obviously aroused moan; it was embarrassing for her that she was making these sounds but Naruto seemed to enjoy hearing them.

Parting from their long kiss Sakura managed to pant out;

"Why am I wearing fewer clothes then you Naruto?"

Naruto shot her a wide grin before slipping out of his jacket and pulling off his shirt.

"There, is that better?"

"... uh yeah. Sakura was amazed at how good he looked; she'd seen him shirtless many times before but never in such a personal setting.

Sakura ran her hands up and down Naruto's chest and stomach; she could feel his gaze on her as she touched him. Finally when she stopped and looked up at him, he bent down to kiss her again while his hands made their way to the clip on her bra. Before she could protest or do anything he had swiftly exposed her and she was now standing there completely topless with a horrifying blush, that didn't seem to want to disappear.

Naruto noticed her embarrassment but he couldn't help but stare at her in wonderment. She was beautiful; her breasts were nice and full and would probably fit nicely in his hands, her nipples he noticed were already deliciously hard and it made him want to devour her. A short but hard smack to his head woke him out of the dirty thoughts that now plagued his mind.


"Naruto you idiot! Don't stare at me like that damnit!" Sakura brought one of her arms to cover her chest to stop Naruto from further scrutinizing her.

"But Sakura-chan...hey wait don't cover yourself up!"

"Sakura-chan, you're beautiful and I'm sorry if I was staring too much but that's only because you look so good naked... well almost naked here, let me take off your shorts." He couldn't help but grin widely as he saw the blush on Sakura's face intensify.

Sakura had half a mind to smack him in the head again for his comment, but at the same time she couldn't help but feel flattered by his compliment. At least he wasn't staring cause he thinks I'm ugly.

Naruto gently stroked Sakura's cheek and brought her mouth up to meet his for another mind numbing kiss. During the kiss he slowly removed Sakura's hand that was covering her modesty and this time instead of looking at her he felt her with his curious hands.

Cupping her breasts made Sakura sigh in his mouth, while playing around with her nipples made her moan and grip his hair tightly.

Breaking the kiss Sakura decided to even things up slightly.

"Naruto", she breathed breathlessly in his ear.


"I'm sorry but your pants have to go."


But before he could say anything else he looked down to see Sakura playfully removing his pants, not that he was complaining, but the sight made his already tight boxers even tighter.

After the removal of his pants was done, Sakura took to removing her own shorts and Naruto was slightly disappointed when he saw that she still had panties on underneath. Damn, well at least I get to remove those for her, even though she does look good with them on.

Figuring that they would be needing a comfortable surface soon, Naruto lead Sakura by the hand to her bed and motioned for her to lie down. He lay down on top of her covering her small form with his larger one. In an attempt to get comfortable and without really thinking Naruto positioned himself so that he was in between Sakura's legs with his arm on either side of her head. Her eyes widened slightly at his choice of positions but she didn't object. We were gonna find ourselves like this anyway so I guess it doesn't matter that he's being so forward.

Naruto on the other hand was surprised that she didn't hit him; he didn't mean to lay on her like he was but it was the most comfortable position he could think of.

"Naruto, how long do you plan on just looking at me like an idiot? Do something already!" She said with a small pout, she was getting impatient though she knew it wasn't all Naruto's fault. They were both inexperienced but she was too shy to try and initiate anything between them so she figured she'd just let Naruto handle it.

Naruto didn't want to rush anything, he wanted to take his time in exploring Sakura's body but he could feel the need arise within himself so he figured 'to hell with slow'.

Without warning Naruto attached himself to Sakura's neck and chest; nibbling, sucking and licking her tender flesh not leaving a single part of her untouched.

Oh god. It feels really really good. Shit I hope I don't lose it before we even start.

When Naruto reached her nipples he quickly descended upon them and took one into his mouth, while gently caressing Sakura's currently neglected breast.

"Oh god Naruto, mmmmm whatever you do just don't stop." Sakura's managed to say between moans.

Wanting to feel herself closer to him she made him stop touching her and instead she kissed him, while pressing her body tightly against his, nothing would fit between them now. And for the first time that night while they were kissing she could feel Naruto's hard arousal pressing against the inside of her thigh. Instinctively she ground her hips up to meet his, pressing his covered arousal over the center of her now soaked through panties.

Naruto felt like he was dying a slow death. All he could do was groan while Sakura continued to grind against him.

"Shit... oh god Sakura s-stop that! Y-you need to stop that!"

"mmmhhm? Why, you're obviously enjoying it." Then she gave him the most seductive smirk he ever could've imagined.

Oh god at this rate I won't be able to control myself for much longer.

"Sakura- chan I'm serious no more of that yet, instead let me..."

He trailed off but she could feel his fingers lightly tracing the waistband of her panties. Her already rapid breathing grew even faster but she didn't say anything. She just waited in silent anticipation to find out what Naruto was planning next.

After he was sure that she wasn't going to pull away he slowly and deliberately inched her panties of her waist and down her legs; until they were completely off and he tossed them on the floor.

As soon as they were off he immediately smelled the strong musky scent of her arousal that permeated the air.

Sakura was trying very hard not to look at him; she was highly embarrassed that he was staring at her so intently. She knew that her being aroused was a natural reaction from her body but somehow she was still self conscious.

Naruto gently ran a single finger down the slit of her sex, and watched as Sakura's legs almost immediately spread further apart giving him better access. He took this as a good sign and he continued to touch her softly not wanting to hurt her.

Sakura's initial embarrassment left her quite quickly when she felt Naruto's fingers touch her. All her restraints left her and she continuously moaned and gasped at his touch, which only encouraged his movements further.

"Mmmmm Naruto , you...mmm oh god... you can do more.. i-t's ok."

"If I hurt you tell me."

Sakura quickly nodded her head, not being able to think properly and her body swimming with need.

With that Naruto crawled down Sakura's body even further until his head was between her legs. For a moment Sakura went to close her legs but Naruto caught her in time and kept them open with his hands.

"Relax Sakura-chan, don't be embarrassed I already told you I think you're beautiful and that applies to every part of you."

Sakura immediately relaxed though she wasn't sure if it had to do with what he said, or the way he was gently massaging the inside of her thighs that he was now holding apart.

She meant to reply, meant to thank him for making her feel comfortable but at that moment she felt one of his fingers swiftly enter her, and her reply turned into a small scream of pleasure.

As Naruto continued to move his finger inside of her she gripped his hair with her hands and this in turn made Naruto groan out loud.

Since Sakura was currently lying on her back enjoying his touches, Naruto took the opportunity to look at her more closely. What he saw made his heart skip a beat; Sakura's back was slightly arched, her legs spread widely apart and his finger was still going in and out of her now dripping wet sex. It was only one finger yet he could still feel her inner muscles contacting tightly against him. She was perfect, she was beautifully clean shaven, except for a small patch of adorable pink hair left behind. Naruto didn't know much about shaved or not shaved nor did he really care that much but now that he was looking at her, he marvelled at how gorgeous she looked so exposed to him.

Oh god. She's so tight. Hmm I wonder what reaction my tongue would get?

With that in mind Naruto bent his head forward and began softly lapping at Sakura's clit while continuing to draw his finger in and out of her. Her reaction was immediate; the grip on his hair instantly tightened, her moans grew louder and more frequent and above all she began bucking her hips with the pumping of Naruto's finger and the stroke of his tongue.

Geez I didn't think it would feel his good. But still he's only using one finger, and a penis is much bigger then that...

"N-Naruto, stop for a...mmmmmmm s-s-second!"

"What? Sorry Sakura-chan but I'm not quite ready to stop yet."

"But... I mmmm..need...oh god... talk!" Those were the only words she managed to pant out because Naruto still hadn't stopped licking or touching her.

"Keep talking Sakura-chan... I'm listening but I'm not stopping." He grinned evilly knowing how difficult it would be for her to do that.

"S-since this is my...oh god mmmmmmmmm, f-f-first time, its mmmmm its going to hurt s-so could you use your...ah... fingers more?"

"Ah, so that's what this is about, well why didn't you just say so?"

Carefully Naruto started pressing a second finger in with the first, he noticed Sakura stiff up and her body offered some resistance but because she was so wet he was able to stretch her passage to accommodate the intrusion.

"Sorry, did that hurt?"

"It stung a bit but that's ok keep going."

Sakura was amazed at what a huge difference one finger made, after she got used to it her pleasure doubled and Naruto continued to pump his fingers in and out of her while completely devouring her with his tongue.

She was close to her first orgasm of the night; unable to form words anymore she let Naruto know that she was about to lose it by further tightening the grip she had on his hair and screaming his name in between moaning loudly.

"Oh god mmmmmm...Naruto! mmmmmm...please uh...mmmm don't, oh no mmmm s-st-op!"

Naruto felt her spasm rapidly on his fingers, and as evidence of her high spilled out of her he was there to clean it up. He decided then and there that his previously favourite flavour of ramen was quickly being replaced by the taste of Sakura.

Still breathing heavily Sakura looked down at Naruto whose head was still between her thighs. She motioned for him to get back up and he wasted no time in positioning his legs in between her own while kissing her deeply on the mouth.

After experiencing Naruto touching her and licking her in that way Sakura was feeling much more eager and confident. So before she lost her nerve she quickly pinned Naruto down on the bed so she was straddling him and promptly removed his boxers, exposing his hard length to her curious eyes.

They stayed there in silence, Sakura taking in the naked form of Naruto, and this time it was his turn to blush.

Although Sakura had never been with a man and had never seen a man in a state of arousal, she was still a medic-nin and she knew how things worked and what to expect and she knew just from looking at Naruto that he was big, bigger than most men and the thought both scared and excited her.

"Sakura-chan, now you're making me nervous by staring!"

"Well at least now you know how it feels! Geez, don't worry I'm staring for all the right reasons"

"Huh? Wha..."

Naruto never got a chance to finish his question because at that moment Sakura began to stroke his rigid flesh and Naruto let out a loud moan that pleased her greatly.

" Oh god. Okay that feels really fucki... ahhhhhhh," before he could finish speaking Sakura bent down between his legs and lapped at the precum that was dripping from his tip.

When she had finished tasting him she took as much of him into her mouth as she could and promptly sucked.

Naruto was in heaven, for the first time in his life he was speechless, only able to form sounds and the occasional indiscernible word.

He looked down to see the sexy sight of a naked Sakura sucking at him greedily and to increase his plesasure she would stroke whatever she couldn't fit in her mouth. Her freakin hot sexy mouth, he thought with a slight smile.

Several minutes later Naruto felt that he was getting close to cumming, but he really didn't want to come in her mouth the first time. It took all the willpower he possessed to reach down and slowly pull Sakura away from him, and when he saw his cock drop out of her mouth with a wet pop he almost came on the spot.

"S-Sakura-chan, as much as I enjoy what you're doing, I'd rather... y-you know inside of you."

Sakura understood perfectly, the time she had been anticipating yet dreading had finally come. The pain before the pleasure she had heard so much about from some of her friends, she knew it would be unpleasant but it was necessary.

In response to his indirect request Sakura traded positions with Naruto so she was once again on the bottom. He quickly positioned himself between her legs again and the friction this contact created made them both moan out loud in beautiful agony.

Naruto could see the nervousness in her eyes and could tell by the way she held on to him that she was still feeling apprehensive and scared.

"Sakura-chan don't worry I'll go slowly and I'll try not to hurt you too much. If you don't want to do this, if you change your mind it's ok."

Sakura's looked up to see the tender look Naruto was giving her and her heart swelled with happiness. I want this, I don't care how much it hurts I want to be with Naruto.

"It's ok Naruto. It's going to hurt no matter what we do. But I really do want this... I won't change my mind."

Naruto shot her a relieved smile before he reached forward and pressed his lips onto hers, kissing her passionately. During their kiss Naruto reached down between their bodies and properly aligned his throbbing manhood to her wet and ready opening.

Breaking the kiss Naruto looked at Sakura's flushed face, kissed her lovingly on the forehead and breathlessly said "I love you Sakura-chan."

Her breath caught in her throat with the way he said it; so romantic so sincere.

"I love you too Naruto." She managed to whisper back before she let her emotions spill over.

Satisfied with her genuine response Naruto began to carefully and slowly thrust his hips forward, he could feel himself gradually entering and being accepted by Sakura's sex. He wanted more than anything to moan and drive himself deeper into her, but as he looked down he saw that she was in biting her lip in pain so he held in his urges.

After what seemed like an eternity he reached Sakura's virgin barrier and with one last quick kiss he pulled back swiftly before pushing forward all the way. He could feel himself going deeper into her and he closed his eyes trying to will himself not to come yet.

Sakura on the other hand felt as though her body was being ripped apart, she tried very hard not to scream in pain but when she first felt the pressure against her barrier she couldn't prevent the whimpers and sounds of pain that erupted from her.

Naruto shot her a worried glance; he knew it was hurting her more than she led on but he continued to slowly push himself forward until he couldn't go any further, at which point he stilled himself inside her to give her time to adjust.

"Sakura-chan, a-are you ok?"


"uh... yeah I'm fine. It hurts like hell but I'll get over it."


And in an attempt to distract her from the pain he began showering her face with gentle reassuring kisses and slowly making her way down. When Naruto wrapped his warm tongue around one of Sakura's nipples she instantly felt a heat rise within her and go straight to where she was now joined with Naruto.

Sakura could feel some of the pleasure return and the pain slowly subside.

" Okay Naruto you can move now."

"Hmm..sure?" Was all he managed to say.


Naruto began to slowly pull himself out of her only to slowly draw himself back in. He heard her wince in pain but she only encouraged him further; saying something about if they didn't get on with it they'd be here all night.

After several more thrusts on Naruto's part Sakura found herself moving slowly against him and the friction caused her to involuntarily arch her back and moan.

" N-Naruto...mmmmmm... wow."

"I take it it's s-stopped hurting?"

"Mostly, yeah...faster?"

Naruto couldn't help but be extremely relived at her request, even though what they had done so far had been pleasurable he felt that if they didn't go faster soon that he would die from restrained pleasure.

The newly increased speed made both of them desperately cling on to each other, and the usually silent room was filled with their moans, grunts and the occasional small scream.

Damn this feels so good, but I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold on.

Looking down at the beautiful woman beneath him, he saw she was continuously arching her back and moaning his name and as he hit a particularity sensitive spot within her he felt her nails painfully dig down on his shoulders.

"Mmmmm Sakura-c-chan...I .. oh god, damn I don't t-th-ink I can...mmmmm"

He didn't get to finish his sentence because Sakura chose then to speed up their movements. And who was he to deny her her silent request.

"M-ore...mmmmm..yes like that... harder!"

They were both making alot of noise now, not just them but the bed was also creaking at the movements they were creating.

Knowing that he was seconds away from cumming Naruto reached down and frantically rubbed Sakura's clit, while his thrusts increased in both speed and penetration. It was enough to send Sakura over the edge.

" Oh my god! Mmmmmmm N-Naruto!"

Naruto watched fascinated as Sakura's back once again arched up off the bed, her head feel back against the pillow and her mouth released a series of loud moans not to mention the way she screamed his name as she came.

Down where they were joined Naruto could feel Sakura become wetter as her inner muscles contacted tightly around his manhood, desperately trying to milk him of his seed. Naruto never was one to disappoint and he quickly felt himself giving into the pleasure that being with Sakura brought.

Finally Naruto felt himself slip up and a series of moans escaped his lips before he began to frantically pump himself in and out of sakura at a much higher speed; he was desperate to come now.

Now it was Sakura's turn to watch him as he succumbed to waves of pleasure. She could see the look of pleasure on his face as he came, and when she heard him scream her name she couldn't help but feel slightly proud for making him act this way.

The real surprise came when she felt the unmistakable warmth of the hot splash of Naruto's cum. It felt very satisfying to know that she was the only person who would ever get to have Naruto like this, and feeling him come inside her only solidified those emotions.

After coming Naruto promptly pulled Sakura towards him and rolled, so she was now on top laying her head on his chest with him still inside her.

"I'm sorry that it hurt for a while Sakura-chan."

" Oh yeah well that's ok, it was definitely worth it in the end."

Naruto smiled down at her but not really sure what to say. They had established that they love each other then they effectively proved it, but what happens now?

Almost as if reading the question currently on his mind Sakura spoke up.

"Naruto I love you, you love me so let's not think too much anymore ok? I'm seriously done thinking too deeply about these things, let's just be together."

" Okay Sakura-chan, you're right, this is a long time coming and we should just enjoy it and each other. Although um... can you promise me something?"

"Hmm? What's that?" Sakura felt sleepiness taking over and she didn't feel very much like talking now that they got the basics out of the way.

"Um.. please don't kill Kakashi. I mean he was just trying to help and let's face it I'm an idiot and without his interference this may never have happened, well at least not tonight."

Sakura couldn't help but laugh out loud at his request, and she did owe Kakashi one after all, she had put him in very awkward situations over the past 4 months.

"Okay Naruto I promise I won't do anything bad to Kakashi."

"Good, thanks."

Almost immediately after Naruto feel asleep, but Sakura stayed up for a few minutes more just watching him sleep. She couldn't believe that just a few hours ago she was moping around convinced that Naruto was in love or falling in love with Hinata. She was more than happy that this wasn't case and before she to drifted off to sleep she made a mental note to buy Kakashi the new Icha Icha book that came out in a couple of weeks.

The End!

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